Some Pictures Do Equal a Thousand Words

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Keeping a Promise

As faithful readers of this blog know, I was a very reluctant, and late, supporter of Donald Trump in 2016.  I grudgingly


  1. Kurt Schlichter, “You’re deplorable. You’re irredeemable. With a wave of her limp, clammy hand, this sick old woman dismisses you from the company of those whose opinions have value, whose interests matter, who have any moral claim to participation in self-governance. You are less than nothing. You are vermin to be, at best, driven from society. Will Hillary Clinton ever be your president? No, and she makes no excuses and offers no denials that a Hillary Clinton presidency means the division of the country into those people she considers worthy and those people she does not.”

  2. She is the best of what the left has to offer.
    The best!
    This epitomizes the lefts agenda, and if that’s not enough for any sane man or woman of voting age to run from the Democratic party than they too are delusional, illogical and sociopaths.

    This is the look of the Democratic Party’s skipper.

    This is the look of an America void of soul.

    This is the look of the new Socialist Party of Amerika.

    A stink so foul is encapsulated within that poor face and heart. I almost feel sorry for the wretch.

    Prayers for her soul and her guardian angel.

  3. Yep they were there Paul because Trump made a hefty donation to the Clinton Foundation to buy influence from them. Trump has been quite open about this to the dismay of conspiracy theorists everywhere who really need to loosen their tinfoil caps.

  4. Thanks, Donald. I hope Ann Barnhardt is wrong. While I read her blog quite often, sometimes she strikes me as more paranoid than even I am, and that’s going some!

  5. LQC – AB – does not = A Bear. With you. I think you can tell a lot about people from their Youtube videos. Or maybe it’s just that Bears don’t really feel comfortable with intense humans.

  6. Is the Hildebeast the worst American Presidential candidate ever? I think so.
    It takes a lot of work to make her opponent look good ( to some people) and somehow she manages it.

  7. Hillary has abruptly canceled fund raisers this week in North Carolina and California without explanation. Either she is completely focusing on debate prep, or whatever malady that afflicts her is preventing from attending even such low stress events,

  8. “Nurse Ratched.” Phillip

    Good pick.
    She was chosen to minister care to her patients, yet her contempt for them was her dominant application.
    So too with the beast.

    She doesn’t hold the interests of the ones that she is to serve, she has contempt for them.
    Her hatred for them is only second to her self hatred.

    Good pick Phillip.

  9. Re Mel Gibson – young girl friend and baby a sign of male menopause. At least he appears to have sobered up and out of the death spiral. He is a talented man. His movie on Christ after the the Passion should be a classic….of course, controversial for some.

  10. Give it a rest Kyle. Nothing is going to be accomplished through legislation so long as Obama is President. Congress is about to override Obama on his veto of a bill allowing 9-11 victims and their families to sue the Saudis. It will be the first time one of his vetoes will have been overridden. So long as the Democrats almost always vote in lockstep, the only cure for this problem is to defeat Hillary Clinton in November.

  11. I wrote because Catholics are the largest vote block for Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is devoid of humanity and is possessed by the devil.
    The Unanimous Declaration of Independence of the United States of America, ratified by every state and the will of the people to be free and our Constitution, ratified by every state and the voice of the people to be free and governed under God, are America’s founding Principles.
    Our Founding Principles are WHO WE THE PEOPLE ARE
    Our Founding Principles are not liberal nor are our Founding Principles conservative. America’s Founding Principles are the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, so help me God. The violations of our Founding Principles are so profound as to stymie any challenge and render any conservative movement inoperable.
    When the Supreme Court for the United States abdicated its function to deliver equal Justice to all living human beings being disenfranchised of their innate human rights and their constitutional freedom, Dred Scott and our unborn constitutional Posterity, among others, the Supreme Court ceased to fulfill its purpose. When the Supreme Court for the United States refused to advocate for the wards of the Court, Dred Scott, all newly begotten human souls, and all future generations facing American genocide, the Supreme Court became an accomplice to miscarriage of Justice. The judges no longer may be called “Justice”. The Department of Justice became non-existent and the citizens became taxpayers without representation.
    When the Supreme Court for the United States of America and the lower courts refused to acknowledge the sovereign personhood of their constituents and abdicated its role as guardians of the wards of the court, as in the case of Terry Schindler Schiavo, Americans became a people without a country.
    Any violation of our Founding Principles is a miscarriage of Justice. The Supreme Court and the lower courts are convened to dispense equal Justice. The Supreme Court and the lower courts are not convened by the sovereignty of the American citizens to redefine the human being as having no rational, metaphysical soul, nor conscience, nor to redefine marriage as bowel sex, nor to redefine human sexuality. The Supreme Court and the lower courts are convened by the sovereignty of their American constituents to acknowledge God as “their Creator” and the people designed in the image of God, in sovereign personhood, free will and intellect as the wards of the Court.
    The innate human right to self-preservation and freedom become the human person’s civil rights enumerated in our Founding Principles. Our Founding Principles are not liberal nor are our Founding Principles conservative. Our Founding Principles are WHO WE THE PEOPLE ARE. This is equal Justice and the civil right to enjoy equal Justice.

  12. “…..the Supreme Court became an accomplice to miscarriage of justice.”-Mary De Voe

    “Amen,” from the soul in the last pew.
    Mary, you are right on target.

    What is it going to take to return to Justice?

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