How to Argue Like a Theological Liberal

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From those wonderfully twisted folks at The Lutheran Satire.

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PopeWatch: Trolling

PopeWatch suspects the Pope is just trolling us now:   Vatican City, Feb 14, 2019 / 05:41 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Francis


  1. The primary logical principle of liberals, from Jorge B on down is the principle of nonnon contradiction-a thing can simultaneously be and not be. For example: a person can at one and the same time be an adulterer and not an adulterer; or a person can, at the same time, sin by choosing to engage in homosexual sex actions and do an act of virtuous love by choosing to engage in homosexual sex actions. And get ready for this theological argument: Jorge B declares the Jubilee Year Of Service and that the episcopacy is the summit of service, priesthood a lot of the spectrum of service, service a gradual thing from laity up to Poper, and -drum roll- deaconesses will now be simply be wonmen who do not have the fullness of service, but a real part of the ideal of service. Having part of the spectrum, – louder drum roll please-of course just as it has been declared that adulterers can recieve Holy Communion, women can – loudest drum roll-be ordained priests. Now that is liberal theology. Guy McClung, San Atnonio, Texas

  2. Drip, drip, drip, drip and suddenly the pail is full and overflowing. “Jubilee Year of Service”. I can see it happening.

  3. CAM-the “dripdripdrip” is so on point. WE can have some fun disclosing what exactly is dripping. And imagine what they will then do with the Jubilee Year Of Belief. Any denomination with a du-inity-only God the Father and God the Holy Spirit- instead of a trinity will be said to have part of the ideal of trinity and, therefore, be part of the one true holy catholic apostolic church. Any church that preaches only two last things- death and heaven-will have part of the true belief and will be declared part of the one true holy catholic apostolic church. Wait a minute-!- that has already happened with the Mercy Heresy proclaimed by the Mercy Bully, there is no condemnation forever; so there are not 4 last things, Death, Judgment, Heaven, Hell. Praise the Lord! Since they are getting ready to issue the Martin Luther Holy Cards, St. Arius and St. Margaret Sanger cannot be far behind. Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas

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