Trump’s Letter to Pro-Lifers: My Personal Rubicon

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725 Fifth Avenue · New York · New York · 10022 ·
September 2016
Dear Pro-Life Leader:
I am writing to invite you to join my campaign’s Pro-Life Coalition, which is being spearheaded by longtime leader Marjorie Dannenfelser.
As we head into the final stretch of the campaign, the help of leaders like you is essential to ensure that pro-life voters know where I stand, and also know where my opponent, Hillary Clinton, stands.
Hillary Clinton not only supports abortion on-demand for any reason, but she’d take it a step further:  she wants to force the taxpayers to pay for abortions by repealing the bi-partisan Hyde Amendment.  Hillary Clinton also supports abortion until an hour before birth. And she will only appoint Supreme Court justices who share this view.
She doesn’t even try to hide her extremism. When asked on Meet the Press when unborn children have constitutional rights, Clinton bluntly responded, “The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.” She is so committed to this view that she proclaimed in a speech that “religious beliefs…have to be changed” in order to advance her abortion agenda.
Hillary Clinton’s unwavering commitment to advancing taxpayer-funded abortion on-demand stands in stark contrast to the commitments I’ve made to advance the rights of unborn children and their mothers when elected president. I am committed to:
Nominating pro-life justices to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Signing into law the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would end painful late-term abortions nationwide.
Defunding Planned Parenthood as long as they continue to perform abortions, and re-allocating their funding to community health centers that provide comprehensive health care
for women.
Making the Hyde Amendment permanent law to protect taxpayers from having to pay for abortions.
Your help is crucial to make this contrast clear in the minds of pro-life voters, especially those in battleground states. Together we can form this vital coalition so that Mike Pence and I can be
advocates for the unborn and their mothers every day we are in the White House.
Donald J. Trump

As faithful readers of this blog know I have extreme doubts about whether Donald Trump has had any change of heart on abortion.  However, I have absolutely no doubt that Hillary Clinton if she is elected will be a fanatic pro-abort as President, and will do her worst to wipe out the pro-life cause.  With that fact constantly before me, I reluctantly conclude that those like me who view the fight against abortion not as an issue, but the issue, have no choice in this election but to support Trump.  I think he will be a bad President and I fear I will regret this decision.  However, one of two people will be chosen as President on election day, and in regard to those of us who treasure the life of the unborn, Trump, God help us, is the better choice.

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  1. Well said. The “orthodox Catholic” Bishop Chaput wrote there was no difference between the two candidates. This is the same man who invited lots of pro-abortion political leaders to participate in the World Meeting of Families. “Spineless” is being kind. I truly believe most Bishops are not pro-life.

  2. Bing News had a blurb yesterday quoting the USCCB as saying that Amoris Latetia (sic, I am not looking up the spelling) is a great gift to American Catholics.
    What crap.
    The USCCB is to be ignored. It is nothing but an I formal gathering of American bishops who have no authority to govern anything as a body.

  3. Make Donald Trump sign a pre-nuptial agreement that is a pre -constituent agreement that if he, the Donald Trump dumps Marjorie Dannenfelser, he will recuse himself from the office of president and free the citizens from the constituency to a fraud, a liar and a perjurer, one who takes an oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the people only to deny our Founding Principles and disavow our Constitutional Posterity.

  4. Penquins Fan: The Pope is infallible only when he, the Pope, speaks and teaches ex-cathedra” in union with all the bishops of the Catholic Church (except those who self- excommunicate themselves by heresy). Some bishops try to make the Pope look good but only exacerbate the heresy. Why don’t our bishops realize this truth? They have all been seminary educated. Now, must we return to ignorance?

  5. Trump needs to overturn Roe. v. Wade as the greatest miscarriage of Justice since human sacrifice. One does not kill another human being to serve God nor man. Roe never met the burden of proof that the newly begotten had no human, rational soul and was not a sovereign person, a legally and morally sovereign person whose innocence is the standard of Justice for our nation and who institutes the state by his very existence. Meet the burden of proof or change the denial of our Constitutional Posterity and the violation of our Founding Principles.

  6. Individuals, such as Hillary and the head of PP disenfranchise themselves of citizenship when they disenfranchise the unborn sovereign person. The Golden Rule: do unto other as you would be done unto. Time to abort Hillary from the presidency and time to abort PP.

  7. Basically there are three issues where Trump’s professed positions tilt the scale in his favor for me:

    1. Abortion – still a significant chance he is playing us, but Hildebeast is certain disaster;
    2. Immigration – again, could be played or little he could actually accomplish even if sincere vs. Hildebeast certain disaster
    3. Russia – he, at least, does not seem to be going out of his way to poke the Russian Bear v. Hildebeast certain disaster.
    Did I mention Hildebeast = certain disaster?

  8. Father of Seven wrote, “Bishop Chaput wrote there was no difference between the two candidates.”
    Perhaps, like Talleyrand (once Bishop of Autun) he believes that “Governing has never been anything other than postponing by a thousand subterfuges the moment when the mob will hang you from the lamp-post, and every act of government is nothing but a way of not losing control of the people”

  9. I have come to the same conclusion. I have no illusions. I doubt he will change the fun dental problems we have with government. He is likely to be quite comfortable throwing away our liberties.

    But she is an unadulterated monster, in league with evil.

    I pray every day for her defeat and the conversion of Donald J. Trump.

    I can’t bring myself to let go of our country and give up. My kids are still so young..I worry about them.

    And I appreciate you admitting this change. You live in a state where it won’t matter. But your bully pulpit does. Thank you.

  10. All this talk about why voting for Trump because of the slim-to-none chance he might actually mean what he says is preferable to the no chance whatsoever that comes with voting for Clinton has me wondering whether or not what’s really needed at this time is a decidely and explicitly Christian political party.

  11. I would prefer a populace well informed on (and formed in) Christian principles. The rest would take care of itself. Seek ye first, etc.

  12. Mr.McClarey, I am in complete agreement with you about mixing religion and politics. The radtrads who seek restorations of Catholic monarchs never fail to amaze me.

    Religion is guaranteed a voice in the public forum in this nation. Having that voice does not mean that religion runs government

  13. Assuming, as Orwell wrote, that politics are “essentially coercion and deceit,” Hillary and her mafia (I insult the mafia) are consummate politicians. Ergo, politics and religion cannot mix. Politicians, and heterodox/heretical bishops subvert religion for nefarious political ends.
    We know that Hillary’s religion is power (and the tens of millions of dollars she has taken therefrom) and progressivism is the path to money and power.
    Anyone who believes that Madame Secretary is competent, honest, or sane (not a sociopath) is delusional. The unnecessary Hells she will create, or expand, will make Obama and Carter by comparison seem competent.
    Trump is a goof-ball and he is the only hope for the survival of our way of life.

  14. Ernst Schreiber wrote:
    “…has me wondering whether or not what’s really needed at this time is a decidedly and explicitly Christian political party.”
    It’s called the Constitution Party. Here are its platform and resolutions:
    There is not a chance that there is any hope of its candidate Darrell Castle winning the Presidency. The choice is therefore clear:
    A murderous pathological liar
    An unprincipled, thrice married, foul-mouthed gambler.
    I am NOT voting for the murderous pathological liar.
    Trump to victory! Let’s hear the godlessly wicked liberal progressive Demon-craps howl and weep and wail and gnash their teeth in utter defeat!

  15. T. Shaw wrote:
    “Trump is a goof-ball and he is the only hope for the survival of our way of life.”
    Perhaps in permitting this situation, God has a sense of humor – a goof-ball being our only hope. That would be so fitting for this reality TV, Facebook meme generation.

  16. If I lived in a battleground state, I would snap a pair of vice grips on my nose and darken the circle next to Trump’s name. But I live in CA, a state Hillary will carry by a wide margin, just like Illinois. So, I might as well vote for Joe Syphllis as a write-in. It won’t make a dime’s worth a difference. Another concern I have has to do with the rather cozy relationship Trump enjoyed with the Clintons in the not so distant past. A relationship that could very well make its presence felt in a Trump Administration. In war, getting betrayed by your own generals is worse than being defeated by a true enemy. And that, boys and girls, is a very real possibility with a Trump presidency.

  17. Perhaps, like Talleyrand (once Bishop of Autun) he believes that “Governing has never been anything other than postponing by a thousand subterfuges the moment when the mob will hang you from the lamp-post, and every act of government is nothing but a way of not losing control of the people”

    Isn’t that an elegant remark? Michael, did it occur to you that that statement is nonsensical as a description of the daily life of the Mayor of Kalamazoo or of the Premier of Nova Scotia? It’s nonsensical even given the mulligans you’d extend for illustrative hyperbole. Talleyrand was a repellant operator in a decadent system and then in a chaotic one. If he was in danger from the mob, it was because he had earned it. He has nothing to teach anyone.

  18. Greg, I live in NY, so I’m in the same situation. I’ll vote Trump and see what happens.
    LDQ: Your comment reminds me of Thomas Meagher’s (Irish patriot, later a B/G commanding the Irish Brigade during the American Civil War) statement on his sentencing to be hanged, drawn and quartered, “I shall go, I think, with a light heart before a higher tribunal – a tribunal where a Judge of infinite goodness, as well as infinite justice, will preside, and where many of the judgments of this world will be reversed.” And, earlier “My lord, this is our first offense, but not our last. If you will be easy with us this once, we promise, on our word as gentlemen, to try to do better next time. And next time —sure we won’t be fools to get caught.” Note that Meagher didn’t say “infinite mercy.”

  19. “Religion is guaranteed a voice in the public forum in this nation. Having that voice does not mean that religion runs government.”

    Religion must inform government. Otherwise government can be only evil. There is no such thing as a law that is not pushing one’s values/moral beliefs/religious values on others.

  20. “I am completely opposed to mixing religion and politics. Such mixtures tend to be bad for both.”

    I am ever amazed anew by my Protestant friends & family who tell me that being Catholic means that I believe the pope should be the head of all works governments. HUH?!?

  21. Greg, and that is why we all must continue to pray for our flawed candidate. Also pray that he continues to choose conservative, pro-life, savvy, decent advisers.

    The letter printed above is a big surprise, a welcome surprise. Maybe it was prayer; maybe a calculated political move; maybe the recent birth of his 8th grandchild; or who knows, but Trump has committed himself to paper.

  22. God chose Cyrus, the pagan King of Persia to defeat the Babylonians and so release the children of Israel.
    He also chose Senacharib to sort out the Northern kingdom of Israel and Samaria for its idolatry and take them off to exile as punishment.
    But when Senacharib claimed that it was all his own doing, and out of pride and avarice attempted the same against the kingdom of Judah and Jerusalem, God smote him and condemned him.
    And so it will happen to all those who, though unbelieving, whom God uses as His instruments, they too will be dealt with with Divine retribution.

  23. Thanks Donald. Good move. I agree on your entire position including your evaluation of Trump.

    Religion and politics are mixed whether we like it or not. Let us be sure our religion transcends our politics which doesn’t seem to be the case with our Bishops where politics transcends religion.

  24. What is at stake in this election is the Constitution of the United States. It is pretty clear that if Hillary is elected she will load the court with more people who don’t believe in our Constitution. There are 4 on it already. That being the case, that is the end of America as it was formed. That also means the Court will dictate to religion what it must believe and teach, and Congress won’t be needed anymore.

    Google Fr. Michael Orsi Call to Action, on YouTube. That 9 minute talk earlier this September to a small pro-life meeting makes it pretty clear what will happen to the Church if the right person isn’t elected this November. That talk should be broadcast far and wide so that Catholics, particularly, know and understand the risk of continuing to vote the wrong way.

    Except for God and His Church, nothing is more sacred than our U.S. Constitution. This election is not political, it’s spiritual, and in that case can be talked about and discussed in every church, at any time, without fear of the state.

    Any candidate who supports our Constitution as it is written should direct the voters to that talk if he or she wants to guarantee their election – and its FREE!

  25. Re: stillbelieve

    “What is at stake in this election is the Constitution of the United States. It is pretty clear that if Hillary is elected she will load the court with more people who don’t believe in our Constitution. ”

    Brilliantly stated ‘stillbelieve’. This is THE secular transcending issue and religious one, too.

  26. “Religion and politics are mixed whether we like it or not.”

    Religion gives us general principles that of course guide us, or should guide us. However, the application of those principles is often tricky and that is where mixing religion and politics produces bad religion and bad politics. I would argue that much of contemporary leftism is a substitute religion that is attempting to be imposed upon the country. Thus we have such manifest absurdities as men seeking to use female toilets and being treated as females. Such a departure from physical reality is nothing more or less than a religious belief in a threadbare secular garb.

  27. you pretty much have clarified for me my position. I just have not yet reached your conclusion on whether or not I should pull a lever.

  28. Donald. Welcome aboard!

    Healthy skepticism is ok, but don’t pronounce this a bad Presidency “before the fact”. None of us know that Donald Trump will be either a good President, or a bad President, yet. We should be hopeful that he is a good one.

    Like you, I cannot abide abortion. Neither can I abide the corruption of the Clintons. The decision is easy, and so we should be hopeful… Trust, but verify…eh?

    One of the things that makes me hopeful is the absolute desperation of both parties, the liberal news media, and the bureaucrats to deep six him. This is an indicater that this man is needed, and that there is great fear amoung the establishment that he will expose what has been going on.

    To correct course will require the support of the American people. We, the people, need to have a firm and steadfast resolution.

    I expect the assassination of his character to be extreme, and daily dosed out. I am hopeful that he, and we, can stand up to it, and do what is right. I hope you are ready for that. I know that I am.

    Best regards

    John Robison
    Oklahoma City

  29. “I am completely opposed to mixing religion and politics. Such mixtures tend to be bad for both.”
    The sovereign person acknowledges God in his relationship with “their Creator”. The sovereign person who is a citizen institutes the state with his sovereign personhood endowed by “their Creator Separation of church and state. To remove the acknowledgement of God , “their Creator” removes the acknowledgement of the human person into a beast of burden to the state. All men ,created equal, will have passed into might makes right and hillary is the most powerful beast on earth. The state does not tell an individual citizen who institutes the state how to have a relationship with his Creator. The religious person tells the state how to relate the First Amendment to our Law of the Land.To deny the soul of the sovereign person, the citize,n is to impose atheism on our First Amendment. With Atheism running our nation no individual has any unalienable human rights endowed by God, no innate human rights and no civil rights. “The rights the state gives, the state can take away”: Thomas Jefferson. The UN and International law says that the state grants human rights…yeah

  30. Healthy skepticism is ok, but don’t pronounce this a bad Presidency “before the fact”.
    One can make a confident, informed opinion based on his history. I have a skepticism Trump will do anything to advance the pro-life agenda.
    Nominating pro-life justices to the U.S. Supreme Court.
    I find it appealing for a candidate using Supreme Court nominations like a gun to my head. “Vote for me or the court gets it!” Trump is not about convincing he’s the right man to nominate justices. He’s just saying what he believes will close the deal.
    Signing into law the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would end painful late-term abortions nationwide
    Even if Trump signed this, courts will probably strike it down. Even if they didn’t, the exceptions are broad enough anyone wanting to get an abortion could get by it.
    Defunding Planned Parenthood…
    Republican presidents far more conservative than Trump did not get this done. We just had a GOP congress provide full funding for PP again, and that’s after the investigation exposed their body parts trade! Do we really believe Trump will do something different?
    Making the Hyde Amendment …
    Liberals find a way around it or ignore it. Funds are fungible. I wish the GOP could perform a national fundamental transformation on the issue abortion like liberals did with nationalized healthcare insurance and homosexuality. They know how to play the long game. Find the battle even if you lose. Your cause has entered the conversation and minds of the people and lives to fight another day. Be the persistent widow (Lk 18:1-8).

  31. Donald R McClarey wrote, “”I am completely opposed to mixing religion and politics. Such mixtures tend to be bad for both.”
    That is true and it is usually religion that comes off worse.
    “Governments” wrote Lord Acton “restrict the liberty of the favoured Church, by way of remunerating themselves for their service in preserving her unity. The most violent and prolonged conflicts for religious freedom occurred in the Middle Ages between a Church which was not threatened by rivals and States which were most attentive to preserve her exclusive predominance.”

  32. On the matter of keeping religion out of politics. This is impossible when political issues impinge on our religious beliefs and politicians use these issues to solicit votes.
    I agree with Fr. Michael Orsi that the Catholic Church should involve itself, particularly now when our Constitutional protections of Religious Freedom and Free Speech are at steak. Note this great video and please pass around.

  33. “This is impossible when political issues impinge on our religious beliefs and politicians use these issues to solicit votes.”

    Wrong. The Church always pays a price for political involvement and it usually involves the Church kissing up to the powers that be. The Catholic Church in this country has long been in bed with the Democrat Party. That is why almost all Democrat Catholic members of Congress are pro-aborts without boo from the hierarchy in this country. Those seeking to enlist the Church in political battles do the Church no favor, nor does it do a favor to those fighting to keep the mits of government off the Church.

  34. Donald R McClarey wrote, “Those seeking to enlist the Church in political battles do the Church no favour”
    One recalls the sort of “political Catholicism,” like that that bedevilled France from1870 to 1959 and that reached its zenith in l’action française and the Catholic atheism of Charles Maurras; this was “civic religion” with a vengeance.

    Nor is the danger only on the Right; Le Sillon’s attempt to align Catholic Action with the labour movement was equally dangerous and was also roundly condemned by the Holy See in Notre Charge Apostolique.
    The danger arises whenever loyalty to a political movement is seen as, not merely compatible with, but demanded, by the Faith itself. It also manifests itself in a denial of the legitimacy of any political authority that refuses to accede to its demands.

    The spiritual mission of the Church was gravely hampered, during that period, by the open hostility of most Catholics to the Republic, which neatly matched the anti-clericalism of the bouffeurs de curé.

  35. Michael D, – thank you for posting the YouTube of the Fr Orsi talk. Every Catholic should watch and hear his blunt and accurate analysis of the dangerous situation the Church is facing because of Christians voting “the wrong way.” That is particularly true with Catholics. Not all Catholics, just that large number who endorse with their names and actions the only organization attacking God’s two greatest gifts – Life; and the Sanctity of Marriage. Oh, they really don’t support that, they say. But what difference does that make if they still vote for the party, that not only supports that, but is the main source and force behind attacking God’s “will on earth?”

    Catholics are the largest single group in the D party, giving it the electoral power to continue the partys’s attack against God’s laws. I’ll be posting another comment dealing with the history of pro-life as I experienced first hand starting out as a Democrat Catholic born and raised in south Chicago my single digit years, and in Joliet, Ill, next door to Chicago’s Cook County, my double digit (propaganda) years, and then after moving to CA becoming active in the pro-life movement mid ’70s (because I had a year of embryology including lab work in college; I knew when life began, I experimented with it using chick embryos.)

    My experience and study leads me to believe the U.S. Catholic Church’s adoptions of Cardinal Bernardin’s new meaning of “pro-life” is responsible for enabling Catholics to remain in the Democratic Party and holding a morally superior attitude. That is the reason we don’t have a RTL constitutional amendment some 31 years after Bernardin’s new “pro-life” was adopted by the U.S. bishops.

    I also believe much of the screaming and crying of those told to stand on the left side of Jesus, when He returns, will be coming from those Catholics including the clergy at all levels. That is half of the reason I want all Catholics to see this video. The other half is to save the Constitution and country as it was founded. because the Democrats only need one more appointment to the Supreme Court. If they win they will fill Scalia’s seat, and the court will then dictate whatever the Democrats want, and certainly, silencing people like Fr. Orsi and the Church in general on women’s ‘reproductive rights” is at the top of their list.

    “Pro-Life” was a term created to counter the pro-aborts calling themselves “pro-choice.” “Pro-life” meant “opposed to abortion AND support for a Constitutional Right-to-Life Amendment.” That meaning lasted up to 1985 and was gradually producing more and more pro-life candidates getting elected to Congress and state legislatures, defeating incumbent pro-aborts. I was South-Chicago born into a Catholic Democrat family, middle child of 5, with high-level connections to Notre Dame. I became a pro-life activist in ’74 and was instrumental in helping Republican Dan Lungren of Long Beach CA defeat 2-term incumbent Democrat on his second attempt in a Democrat majority district. All pro-life candidates I was helping as a Democrat were Republicans. While I learned first hand Republicans were nothing like I was told growing up, when I registered out of the pro-abortion party, I couldn’t register as a Republican because of the negative propaganda residual I was l still contaminated with – I registered Independent. When the Republican Party adopted a RTL Constitutional Amendment plank to their platform a year or so later, I registered Republican in support of their principles – going against the tide because pro-choice was the popular thing to be.

    Ronald Reagan defeated Carter for presidency, handily, because of what were called “Reagan Democrats.” Reagan trounced Humphrey to be re-elect 4 yeas later winning 49 out of 50 states. Republicans also won the House of Representatives, I believe, for the first time in decades. All of that caused considerable irritation within the party, behind the scenes, towards the Church because of its support and promotion for pro-life and a RTL amendment. Ultimate things happened within the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, important leaders died suddenly, while the hierarchy were preparing to launch a new program, causing the President of the NCCB to quickly appoint a new leader. That is the situation that resulted in the Cardinal of Chicago (Chicago, a city run by a Mayor and 50 City Councilmen called Aldermen – The Mayor and all 50 Aldermen were Democrats) accepting the appointment but only after the President agreed with the changes Bernardin wanted to make in the “Pro-Life” movement. That is how the “Seamless Garment,” aka the “Consistent Ethic of Life” came into being.

    Was that a spiritual development within the Church in the U.S. or a political one? You decide. Here is what his biographer, a 30+ year good friend of his, wrote about why Bernardin wanted to change the meaning of pro-life 12 years into the movement . He wrote about first on pg 228, “Bernardine was convinced that, if the pro-life agenda was to move forward successfully, the other threats to the supreme value of life had to be linked in solid and informed fashion to the central task of opposing abortion. A believing Catholic, in Bernardin’s judgment, must promote life organically, preserving and enhancing its profound significance positively, and defending it against all negative threats to its sacred character. Otherwise, the pro-life movement MIGHT seem distorted and could come under the control of the EXTREME RIGHT WING OF ANTI-ABORTIONIST ACTIVIST.” (my emphasis) “That would cripple its political appeal in the struggle for a constitutional amendment to overturn Roe v. Wade. In addition, the task of raising the consciousness of the country about the values of life depended on an intelligent broadening and deepening of the basic philosophical and theological foundations of the pro-life position.”

    The reason for Bernardin wanting to change the meaning of “pro-life” was expanded upon on pages 243, 244. ” In addition, the pro-life activities of the bishops would founder if they could not be made more appealing to the vast array of priests and others who served in the front ranks of pastoral work. A more cohesive and consistent position that recognized a spectrum of pro-life issues, ranging from peace through capital punishment, would energize the priests, clergy, and laypeople in direct contact with the Catholic population in a positive way. Not only would this move gain greater support from Catholics and others but it would KEEP THE PRO-LIFE MOVEMENT FROM FALLING COMPLETELY UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE RIGHT WING CONSERVATIVES WHO WERE BECOMING ITS DOMINANT SPONSORS.” (my emphasis) The later, in the judgment of many, maintained a narrow focus that excluded linkage with any other issues, thus alienating large numbers of people who, although pro-life in their convictions, were convinced that the problem had to be placed in a richer context of moral concerns. Such people felt, for example, that you could not be against abortion without being against activities, some of them government sponsored, that endangered innocent civilians in he cause of destabilizing central American governments.”


  36. stillbelieve–

    Wow, you have had quite a challenging road of faith to follow. On Bernardin, I think the seamless garment was cooked up as a rationale to keep Catholics voting Democrat. It was a move inspired by the devil. Barnardin was one of the bad guys in the Catholic Church along with his infamous sponsor John Cardinal Dearden of Detroit where I am from. Trying to raise our 11 kids Catholic under him as a nightmare.

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