Yeah, It Was Just Pneumonia

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As resolutely as most of the media attempts to ignore it, signs continue that there is something seriously wrong with Hillary’s health:

‘We love you, Hillary!’ an audience member shouted, giving her time to recompose herself. ‘Thank you!!’ Clinton replied.

She coughed once more and cleared her throat three additional times before she fully recovered. 

At the end of her remarks, as she was headed for the exit, Breitbart News noted that Clinton had to reach out for her lead Secret Service agent’s arm and steady herself for a moment before she descended down the steps.

It was the second time this week Clinton lost the struggle to control her voice in public. Since developing pneumonia, she’s had coughing fits several times and observers have noticed strangeness about her gaze. 

Go here to read the rest.  If Trump was having such health problems, coverage about it would be round the clock, with endless calls for him to level with the American people about his health and/or drop out of the race.


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  1. It’s no coincidence. This is public humiliation of a public figure who on record is slapping God in the face continually. No respect for human life in the womb. No apologies for covering up Benghazi, nor admittedly owning the breach of fiduciary responsibility. No owning up to destruction of server. On and on it goes. The worst thing! Chelsea Clinton. Sad. So very sad. What her parents have done to her soul. Shame on the Clintons.
    Shame and prayers for their souls.

  2. Not that we should wish such a thing, but maybe she will die before the election. Yes, for her repentance we should pray, but whatever God has to do to get her to repent should be done. As for her health, may God’s justice for the damnable and mercy for the unborn prevail.

  3. As T. Shaw reminds us her mental sickness is even worse. This is a sickness that comes from putting your faith in Man and not in God.

  4. “..but whatever God has to do to get her to repent should be done.”

    Most times it’s self induced. So too for HC.
    In her case, the negative forces that she has built her life upon are finally destroying the flesh and bone. Breakdown and reset.

    May the reset be true conversion.
    May the breakdown be beneficial for some to understand that God will not be mocked. Not forever.
    In His Mercy may the end of political correctness be replaced by moral correctness.
    The compass isn’t busted. The driving force behind the liberal progressive mentality has abandoned the compass altogether.
    May we receive a captain that steers the ship true. God, please help us.
    Set us on the course that pleases you. That will lead us to your safe harbor.

  5. Philip, the Clintons NEVER apologize. The ends are worth the means to them. Everyone who thinks of standing in their way is crushed.
    The people of Arkansas put Clinton in power and he was abysmal. The people of America twice elected him President despite his lies and sleaze. New York elected Hilary to the Senate twice. Her sleaze mattered not to the Five Boroughs or Westchester County. Obumbler, elected twice, made her SecState..and she was the worst SecState ever.

    We solve the problem by throwing the Clintons out.

  6. PF.

    I understand.
    Throwing them out is possible, but the filthy trash that love to visit their own vomit will be doing everything legally and illegally to keep her in the game.

    This is good… today’s readings at Mass gives us reassurance that patience will prevail!
    God will bless our patience, and the foe, the conspirators with the Satanic Legion…they will be at home in Hell. They are choosing Hell as we text. They couldn’t stand the idea of Holiness while they cheated, lied and murdered…so they will feel right at home with like minded individuals who too choose Hell over Heaven. So be it!

  7. Go here to read the rest. If Trump was having such health problems, coverage about it would be round the clock, with endless calls for him to level with the American people about his health and/or drop out of the race.

    The NYT, the WaPoo, and CNN are all flogging a story about DJT’s 1995 tax returns (which incorporate no irregularities). They so busy. I suppose that’s a marginal improvement over the WaPoo’s feature story about Mitt Romney pranking some unfortunate sod he’d gone to school with ca. 1964.

  8. Lung and brain cancer? A relative of mine had lung cancer, went through radiation and chemo, and honestly, except for the hair loss (which was covered up by a hat), you’d never know he had it. After a few years later, though, it did go to the brain, and that could not be hidden- although we did not know what it was initially. He had eye and balance issues which we figured was cataracts, which he did in fact have.
    It almost makes me wonder if at this point, she is just running simply to be elected. She’ll resign, And then Kaine will take over. He’s of the same ilk-and she’d still go down in history as the first elected female Pres of the US.

  9. Mary De Voe.

    Why not?
    If ever there was a time for the 60M souls to
    overshadow her now would be the perfect time. Grace.

    If she becomes President you can count on Federal and Supreme Court Judges who will support the demise of the unborn. Sixty years possibly….so much is riding on this that Heaven will interven. Proof? Nope. Hyperbole…to a certain degree yes..but the unseen works of the Almighty do manifest.
    Regarding HC’s health….I wouldn’t doubt it one bit. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh.
    He has the final word.

  10. Hillary Clinton has moved to eradicate the First Amendment, The Second Amendment and the civil rights of fathers to have the state acknowledge their parental authority over their children. Kidnapping by the state. Communism

  11. DJH, You’ve got something there. Have the campaign coffers filled to brimming; put all your cronies and contributors in high places; sell stays in the Lincoln bedroom; then resign.
    Go down in history as the first female president. If her timing is off have a state funeral that far surpasses that of the Camelot funeral.
    BTW at least one grocery store tabloid’s cover is Hillary’s pneumonia is lung cancer cancer cover up.

  12. I apologize in advance for the absence of charity. Don’t get your hopes up. Only the good die young.
    If Hillary is critically sick, her persistence in campaigning is stark evidence of her mental illness, which in itself should disqualify her.

  13. T. Shaw, if she is critically ill, then I think campaigning makes even more sense. Perhaps her prognosis is not good. As Pres, she’d have the #1 health care in the world. If she dies in office, as noted, the State funeral would be epic. No one would talk about her scandals. History would largely remember her as the first woman Pres. It is unusual to speak ill of the deceased. Indeed, she stayed in the race, delaying her critical health care, needs to save the nation, the whole world actually, from Trump. The woman is a heroine.
    Kaine would succeed her, and probably get most of what Hillary and the party would want with minimal fighting. Heck, the GOP will probably propose her agenda just to be liked.

  14. Not likely lung cancer, unless her cigarette smoking is well concealed (as was Pat Nixon’s). i doubt she’s spent much time in radon-infested basement apartments, either. The latest speculation is that she has a Parkinson’s-induced swallowing disorder. The Parkinson’s thesis is at least baseline plausible.

  15. in addition Grace Coolidge, Eleanor Roosevelt, Bess Truman, Mamie Eisenhower, Jackie Kennedy, and Laura Bush all supposedly had an occasional cigarette, tobacco cigarette.

    In Hillary’s case perhaps it was exposure to second hand smoke from her husband’s joints. Pot smoke is supposed to be more unhealthy than tobacco.

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