First Vice Presidential Debate

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The first Vice Presidential debate occurred almost forty years ago on October 15, 1976, and like all subsequent Vice Presidential debates it was soon forgotten.  Perhaps the most remarkable feature of this debate now is that both the participants are still alive, with Bob Dole being 93 and Walter Mondale 88.  Both men would go on to end their political careers with unsuccessful Presidential runs, with Walter Mondale coming briefly out of retirement in 2002 to suffer the humiliation of losing a Senate race in his home state of Minnesota.

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Keeping a Promise

As faithful readers of this blog know, I was a very reluctant, and late, supporter of Donald Trump in 2016.  I grudgingly


  1. LQC is right. “Both VP Candidates are superior to their respective Presidential running mates.”

    Both Presidential candidates are the highly flawed embodiment of their supporters emotionally felt ideology or, in many cases, the least worst alternative. Surrounded by such bad choices is a sure indication we have lost our way. It is time for a renewal of America’s original vision of individual opportunity, responsibility and a belief in God. Maybe the time is ripe for this to occur as the perception of our current failing of state of mind is widespread.

  2. it is hard for me to make a case for Kaine- but – maybe so.
    I will certainly watch tonight. Donald McClarey can prob tell us about the vicissitudes of vice presenting and that some have had more or less influence during their terms. I have the feeling that Mr. Pence’s voice will be heard in the “kitchen”

  3. Trump Pence……Trumpence…. Trumpets!

    Sophomoric connection but this era is ripe for a harvest of sorts. Trumpets will sound, the seven trumpet plagues will sound, but when?

    Maybe when the Harlot becomes more well known…mother of prostitutes, the abominations of the Earth. Babylon the Great?
    Instead of America…it might be the woman who chimes, stronger-together. The Harlot of Revelation. (Cain) Kaine is another interesting coincidence.

    Like I mentioned earlier… sophomoric connections.

    Hillary is an abomination before God and man.

  4. Pence did quite well sticking to the issues and policy for a Trump/Pence administration. Kaine was interrupting often and fixated on the old tax return.
    Pence introduced his pro-life, anti-abortion beliefs toward the end of the debate. Bravo, someone who isn’t afraid! Kaine in response had a weak argument in support of Hillary’s pro-abort stance on federal funding of abortions.
    Kaine kept bringing up his Catholicism, his mission work with the Jesuits. Pence mentioned his Catholic upbringing, but from then on called himself a practicing Christian. How many stupid Catholic voters will be sucked in by Kaine?
    I watched the debate on FOX news, but flipped to PBS and CBS to verify what I saw;
    Kaine’s face was better lit; the camera was closer to Kaine so as to make him look larger than Pence on the split screen; Kaine’s mike was set louder than Pence’s. All very subtle. I’m surprised they didn’t shorten Pence’s chair a la the North Koreans at Panmunjom. I called a friend in the west and she noticed it too.

  5. Kaine played the role of yappy attack dog while Pence remained calm under fire, not allowing Kaine to drag him into useless argument. Pence obviously has more patience than I have. Kaine seemed to squirm at Pence’s discussion of abortion, and well he should.

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