As Hillary Reaches for the Smelling Salts

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Bill Clinton’s deposition on Monica Lewinsky.  A good thing to remember when Hillary rants tonight about how outraged she is about what Trump said.  Ah for the halcyon days of that Clinton’s presidency when parents had to shoo kids out of the room when the news came on, and when oral sex and the oval office became synonymous.  Trump is a pig, but having these characters act morally outraged over Trump is truly nauseating.

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  1. Trump is trying his hardest to lose my vote. It was grotesque, exploitative and ignorant to make an issue out of Hillary’s criminal defense work. Unless of course she did twirl her moustache and taunt the complaining winess after a not guilty verdict.

  2. Hillary’s mantra is “for the children”, unless you are Kathy Shelton or a baby in the womb. Trump called her the devil tonight.

  3. I am as qualified as anyone to speak on criminal trials. I never turned down a case. It was not my business to decide someone was unworthy. It is a job, but more importantly, a profession.I practiced only criminal law. I prosecuted a death penalty case all the way to dp. I defended one all the way to jury acquittal. All the others got de-deathed before trial always after my hard work. Then there were far more non-dp murders. I am proud of my career which lasted until 2011 when dp was abolished. By then I was running the downstate dp trial assistance office. I have read the allegations, and it looks to me that Hillary (whom I despise) acted as a zealous advocate. She laughed about the unreliability of polygraphs (someone should have let her know they are excellent interrogative tools, but garbage for detecting lies). I see social media in an uproar over things like “she knew he was guilty!” Well, of course he was guilty. Most defendants are.The public should not find anything sinister in someone getting the vigorous defense they would want for one of their loved ones. This ain’t good for baseball. But there is a rule: a liberal is a conservative whose college son has been arrested for rape. Oh, the $$$ they are now suddenly willing to part with so l’il darlin’ doesn’t go to prison. Flat fee felony, and I know the case is never going anywhere. Work hard enough, those never did. Hammer witness credibility. Fair inquiry and nearly always paid off. My opinion has not changed about Trump’s anti-sixth amendment little show.

  4. We will have to agree to disagree my bruin friend. Just the fact that she was talking about the case in a way in which the Defendant could be clearly identified strikes me as a violation of his right to attorney-client confidentiality and highly unethical. A mantra of her campaign, until Bill’s sordid history was brought up, was that every victim of sexual assault deserves to be believed. Hypocrite is too mild a term for her.

  5. Hillary will be reaching for the smelling salts if she views former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne’s comments on the Oct 10th Hannity show. I was hoping I could find a link so I wouldn’t have to describe them. Byrne’s assignment was outside the Oval Office. It was his duty to dispose of the towels and tissues the Navy steward brought out of the office after the president’s “interviews” with women. Gross.

  6. Feminists diving for the fainting couch should be an Olympic sport.

    Scratch a feminist “strong woman” and you’ll find a Victorian girl swooning to the floor.

  7. A direct line connects the scandal of Catholics voting for Clinton in the 1990s to Trump’s candidacy today.

  8. Scratch a feminist “strong woman” and you’ll find a Victorian girl swooning to the floor.

    No, you’ll find one of two types: (1) a lesbian head case who is nearly unemployable off a college campus and despises your male guts or (2) a woman whose worldview is characterized by the assumption that women have options and men have obligations, and who articulates no true principles, merely engaging in forensic improvisations (of a sort you might see in a pitiless domestic argument).

  9. I don’t disagree with you, Mr. Deco. IME the scolds and shrieks of the campus “lesbian head case”* are little more than shaming ploys birthed from–wait for it–her neo-Victorian female sensibilities. The Temperance movement, America’s first female political movement, was a very Victorian age thing. So is the head cases’s habit of flinching at all hint of such a thing as male-female reproductive sex. (The females of Orwell’s Junior Anti-Sex League wore red sashes as part of their uniform, just as the suffragettes did.)

    The second type of the member of the “take away reason and accountability”** sex that you describe is neo-Victorian in her quaint views of the chivalry** she expects from men. Like the “lesbian head case” her feminism amounts to “I stand with the female, no matter what”. If it weren’t for their double standards, feminists would have no standards at all. This applies to all species of feminists (sorry, Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers, there is no such thing as ‘nice’ feminists).

    Speaking of their double standards, feminists who excused bill clinton’s behavior even if not to the point of pledging allegiance to him on their kneepads have outed themselves as hypocrites by getting into a tizzy over Trump’s private remarks. (I’ve heard plenty of females say even coarser words and behave worse when they thought they weren’t being overheard.)

    Remember, misogyny is to irrationally detest human females.

    * Typically these are LUGs, lesbians until graduation. As you wrote, Mr. Deco, females have “no true principles”.

    ** Melvin Udall, As Good As It Gets (1997)

    *** The “chivalry” that females expect is another way of stating Warren Farrell’s “women have options and men have obligations” maxim.

  10. To The Bear:

    There are many things that go on in court rooms that may be legal but are still unjust–job or no job.

    Also, the problem is that Hillary hurts victims for two reasons. 1. They stand in her way 2. She enjoys it.

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