Vote Fraud? What Vote Fraud?

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People who complain about vote fraud are more correct than they can possibly imagine.  That this is ignored by the media, is because vote fraud almost always benefits one party, the party that members of the media overwhelmingly belongs to.  Trump speaks a lot of rot, but when he says the system is rigged he is on target.

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  1. “Who’s going to pay for it? You are! Your going to pay for it. Your tax dollars.”

    How long?
    When will the people have said, enough!?
    I came across a story about an electrician finding boxes of ballots stored in the warehouse where the man was working.
    He opened the boxes and found graveyard ballots filled out, Democrat of course, and ready for the count. This was in Ohio.

    Confirmation of the story hasn’t been completed, but I would not doubt for a moment that it is real.

    Many of the left camp are ruthless cheats that couldn’t find a conscience if their life depended upon it…and it does! Their eternal life.

  2. Some issues concerning validity of the election:
    1. Identification of voters
    2. polls open for months
    3. partisan staffing of polling places
    4.voter intimidation
    5. computerized voting/hacking

    At one time I think it was only taxpayers who voted- those who had a vested interest in the running of the country–now you don’t have to be a taxpayer, and you don’t even have to be a citizen since no one will ask you to verify that.

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