Venom and the Pope

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I always like it when Pope Francis departs  from his prepared texts because it is then that we get true insight into the man.  Such insight was gained this week:

Breaking away from his prepared remarks, the Pope said told the ecumenical group that he is appalled by “the contradiction of those who want to defend Christianity in the West, and, on the other hand, are against refugees and other religions.” He also spoke of his distaste for proselytism.

“It’s not right to convince someone of your faith,” the Pope said. “Proselytism is the strongest venom against the path of ecumenism.”

The visiting German group was composed of Catholics and Lutherans, making a pilgrimage together to visit the Pope. In his prepared remarks the Holy Father described their visit as “a beautiful initative,” and remarked that Lutherans and Catholics “are journeying together on the way from conflict to communion.”

What really gets the Pope’s juices going is the thought of Catholics who wish to convert the world to Catholicism and Catholics who believe that dumping millions of muslims into Western nations is idiocy.  In short, the Pope hates Catholics as that term was understood prior to the onset of his kidney stone of a Papacy.  He is leader of the Faith, God help us, but he will never be a Pope (father) to us.

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  1. I suppose he would be just as intolerant of those original proselytizers, the apostles. I mean, the Book of Acts is quite clear that the Twelve believed it was “right to convince someone of your faith.”

  2. I wonder if he hates the people who behead others just after saying “convert or die.” May our Lord come much, much sooner than later.

  3. Reminds me of FDR pointing out that it would be nice if we could fight the war without being stabbed in the back; (by our own press)

    Not a father, you say?
    Would that be because fathers don’t stab their own sons in the back?

  4. Trump who I hoped would win ( who by November 8 will have 1000 groping victims in the media) and Pope Francis ( who already has 1.2 billion nonsense victims…us) are now the two debacles that just keep on giving every day.

  5. It’s interesting that in the odd subculture of the religious orders of the Catholic Church, you get the psychological phenomenon the disreputable Mr. Sailer calls ‘leapfrogging loyalites’. Most people’s loyalties and affections are concentric. There’s a certain sort of bourgeois who actually despises people nearer to him and favors more distant (often quite hostile) people as a weapon against those nearer. Francis is a particularly lurid example, but for decades orthodox Catholics have known their bishops and many (most?) parish clergy were irked, bored, and impatient with them. It’s just that the bishops and parish clergy are more tactful because they want the revenue stream.

  6. Francis hate “prosyletism” because he is such a FAILURE at it. It’s like the high school drop out hating math.

    The proselytizers are promoting the Catholic faith, not the social work profession.

  7. Apparently spreading the good news of the gospels is less important, perhaps even suddenly undesirable, than agreeing with the many heresies for the sake of dialogue and ecumenism. It’s as if “unity” is of more value than “truth.”
    Whatever happened to wiping the dust from that house from our sandals and woe be to them?

  8. I read an article in the American Spectator that Pope Bergoglio, as a Jesuit, likes everyone’s religion but his own. Jesuit influence in Latin America is very deep. Apparently, so is German influence in Latin America, as the German Church helps fund the Latin American dioceses….such is their influence at the Vatican.
    To say I don’t care for this Pontificate is an understatement.

  9. Whatever happened to “Go forth and make disciples of all nations?”
    Here are two examples of oxymoron: “liberal conscience” and “liberal Christian.”

  10. Re: “liberal Christian” his true religion is progressivism. These rats are masquerading as Christians. It’s smoke and misdirection employed to advance the nefarious agenda.
    Keep deplorable my friends.
    Vote Trump that your children may worship God.

  11. Boy, if you were ever one who tended towards putting your trust in princes, this papacy and this presidency is THE cure. With daily herxing. We’d be better off with no shepherds at all, than such tiresomely bad ones.

  12. A different article had this more palatable passage:

    “The last thing you should do is ‘say,’” he emphasized. “It’s not licit to convince them of your faith. You must give witness of your Christian life.”

  13. “It’s not right to convince someone of your faith,” the Pope said. “Proselytism is the strongest venom against the path of ecumenism.”

    Sure can try to convince U.S. Citizens how to vote:
    Pope Francis Slams Donald Trump’s Notions of ‘Radical Islam’

    “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not the gospel,” the Pope told journalists who asked his opinion on Trump’s proposals to halt illegal immigration.
    (notice how NYTimes & CNN have same headline)

    Now the bishops are all prancing around saying Trump demeans women–but nothing about CLINTON RAPING WOMEN for 24 years now. Remember when CBS quashed the Gen Flower story… what lies! But it is now the Catholic Republican Paul Ryan (following in the steps of Boehner (no wonder a drunk!) who is working for the Democrats to trash the Republican candidate. Joined by the Catholic Steve Burke president of NBC…

    Venom is an understatement for these sicko perverts who work for the cold blooded baby murderers and yet call themselves “good” — may God humble them soon.

  14. Pope Francis has a point. Why would he or anyone try to convert someone to a religion they don’t believe in themselves. Pope Francis is clearly not a Catholic. Christ said to covert all nations. Pope Francis says, in effect, that Christ was wrong. Do we need any more proof where Pope Francis stands?

  15. “Christ said to covert all nations. Pope Francis says, in effect, that Christ was wrong.”

    He not only says that, he says, in effect, with his belief in so called “global warming,” that God didn’t know what He was doing when he created all life based on carbon dioxide and oxygen. The more carbon dioxide, the more green plants; the more green plants, the more oxygen. Funny how “greenhouse gases,” i.e, increased carbon dioxide in the air to grow plants inside a glass building, are so dangerous but nobody is going around outlawing greenhouses.

  16. How sad a time this is for us Catholics who respect the Catachism . It does not say we have to admit persons in here whose religion and culture say that Christianity has to be defeated!! And who have been trying to do that in every nation they have conquered since the time of Mohammed! I have never had such disrespect for any priest , bishop or Pope than this socialist joke we have now

  17. Do not go, do not spread anything, certainly do not, in the name of God, spread this Gospel to anyone. For more corrections, editings and rewrites of God’s Word, google New Truth at site Catholic Stand. Guy McClung

  18. Till now I gave this pathetic Pope of modern times the benefit of a doubt; this diatribe now decides his character: alea iacta est. May Christ return soon.

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