Fifty Points

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Best ad of the campaign thus far.

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  1. There is a simple explanation: She is corrupt, incompetent, and a shameless psychopathic liar; and she controls insufficient numbers of misinformed, unaware and compliant idiots.

  2. To me, the real question is why isn’t the Republican candidate fifty points ahead?

    Possible causes (unranked and not mutually exclusive) are:

    2016 Republican candidate is not a choice but an echo, Ms. New York Values versus Mr. New York Values.
    2016 Republican candidate violates the public expectation that the Republican candidate has more personal integrity and morals than the Democrat.
    2016 Republican candidate (figuratively) shoots someone on New York’s Fifth Avenue every day–himself, in the foot.

  3. T. Shaw.

    I pray your right about the “insufficient” numbers of idiots.
    Come November we will know without a doubt. The contemptible breach of ethics by media outlets has, in my opinion, lead to a grotesque cult. This cult will use any means to capture the nomination for it’s communist leader,

    As noted in previous threads, the weakness of the Catholic Church allowed the contagion to spread for the past eight years. The continuation of a weak Church will, unfortunately, help spread errors from the oval office down into city governments.

    Because of the poor choices made by our Holy Catholic Church, millions more lives of the innocent will be exterminated.

    Poor leadership = progressive liberalism to flourish.

    Why on earth didn’t the Church take measures to spell it out to Catholic Politicians that they would be the recipients of Canon 915 if they didn’t change their positions on non-negotibles? Agian, in my humble opinion, this lack of teaching and implementation has made America worse. It has helped to create the current illusion that you can be Catholic and vote pro-death.

    Shame on US.

  4. Micah, Trump won because the other GOP candidates were worse.

    The Church in the US has been weak for decades. Canon 915 is not enforced because the Bishops don’t want to enforce it. They are Democrats, and I suspect not a few of them are homosexuals. They ALL want federal government money to fund Catholic Charities and their refugee settlement programs.

  5. Penguin Fan-As current research shows it is more correct to say “those who voluntarily engage in homosexual sex acts” than to say “are homosexuals.” It is like those who voluntarily choose their gender, no matter what their bodies say. And it is like those, more now “coming out,” who, once having chosen one gender, are now choosing another. The “are” verb assumes that the principle of noncontradiction holds; but for these folks you cannot tell a lie, since the stardanrd of truth is the principle of nonnoncontradcition: a thing can at the same time be and not be. By the way folks, it is over, the machines have already made her the winner, some will be saying “President Clinton,” as if she were validly elected; and the APIC, the Assault-Penis-In Chief will, like the Terminator, be back in the Lincoln Bedroom. Maybe Barbra Streisand will visit again? And get ready-fairly soon-acording to the DNC plan to legally remove and incompetent, you will be saying President Kaine. Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas

  6. Surprising support (in a degree) for Trump and also the simultaneous disproving of the parade of accusations against him comes from former Dem CA Speaker of the House, ex-SF Mayor, and bona fide lefty, Willie Brown, in an article appearing in yesterday’s SF Examiner-Chronicle (10/16/16):

    Willie Brown observes that in the many years he has known Trump, he never observed him as the “touchy” type that the chorus line of accusers allege him to be—in fact, just the opposite.

    No media org has picked up the story, since it counters the pre-established “narrative”. But who cares about that, let’s have more attention-“grabbing” headlines.

  7. I have to wonder why some very intelligent and knowledgeable people continue to support her or at least ignore her wickedness while railling against Trump for being an order of magnitude less wicked. I can understand why Trump merits criticism and given his behavior and language, one would be remiss to withhold such criticism. But to ignore the far greater diabolical nature of Hillary Rodham Clinton is unfathomable.
    I am convinced that liberals are suffering from a mental defect or disease that blinds to truth which contradicts their world view of social justice, the common good and peace at any price. Their self-righteousness in their pet causes is an illness of the mind for which radical excision is required.

  8. PFan, rest of the GOP field were worse? You can’t believe that, can you? Rather, a vocal arm of the GOP, which in no small way came out of the Tea Party folks, reacted in a way to as to create utter chaos that unfortunately has lead us to this ….

  9. @Guy McClung.

    Demonic is not hyperbole.
    To support and help others to commit abortion, and or to coerce tax payers into funding abortion is from Satan.
    The camp that truly believes abortion to be protected and paid for by society is non other than from Hell.

    This is the separation and definition of pick your retirement home. People are separating from Church and family. They are defining their eternal home by the choice they make on this extremely important topic.


    Are they humans?
    Are they protected?
    Are they made in the image of God?
    Are they deserving of torture and death under the disguise of “Woman’s reproductive healthcare?”

    Let them choose a killer like themselves.
    Give us the courage to stand up and say..NO MORE! No more licence to kill the babies!

  10. I hope everyone watches the new James O’Keefe video. He has gotten the several operatives on camera talking about all the dirty tricks Democrats have been using for several decades now while maintaining plausible deniability. Furthermore, it is corroborated with Wikileaks that at the very least Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook, is aware of the practices of bird-dogging, like in this e-mail:

    I apologize if this is thought of as off-topic. I think it important that this gets around because it is not only disturbing but also the first time I am aware that we’ve confirmation from the donkey’s mouth, so to speak, of these sorts of election tricks. At the very least, Hillary should be asked why her campaign manager is talking about bird-dogging the Trump campaign and if he was in coordination with the people in this video.

    O’Keefe has promised a part 2, supposed to be posted tomorrow- here is Part 1:

    The real question is, who remains to clean up this mess?

  11. Trump won because the other GOP candidates were worse.

    More precisely, he tapped into an ignored constituency and his opponents had no ready way to counter that and draw from that same constituency. Ted Cruz would be the qualified exception to that assessment. RM Kaus kept saying ‘steal his issue’ in late 2015, but Rick Santorum was the only one who made an attempt.

  12. You can’t believe that, can you? Rather, a vocal arm of the GOP, which in no small way came out of the Tea Party folks, reacted in a way to as to create utter chaos that unfortunately has lead us to this ….

    I think true, but here’s a question: what alternative did they have? Did Scott Walker say, “I’ll build that wall”? Ted Cruz did in an equivocal sort of way, but he was building his campaign on other issues. The fall of Eric Cantor telegraphed nothing to the GOP leadership.

    I’d point out something else about Trump (which applies in some measure to Newt Gingrich): he is able to proceed without responding with his tail between his legs to the sort of pseudo-controversies the media gins up. If you’re going to take on soropshere rent-a-crowd, the press, the federal judiciary and assorted lawfare artists, that’s a good skill to have (and one Paul Ryan does not have). It would be agreeable to have someone with Gingrich’s or Trump’s pride and sparring skills conjoined to someone who knows policy and believes what he says.

  13. Art as usual has it 100% correct. The 99% dishonest media is Big Sister Hillary’s ministry of truth. They supplement the Clinton Crime Foundation and battle-tested war room/machine and are 24/7 doing all in their power to silence discussion of the issues confronting America but smear a good man, just as they did to a dozen or so of Slick Rapist Willie’s victims.
    Bottom line: they did similar to McCain and Romney. And, if Bush or any other establishment GOP candidate were inflicted with this, they would cave and Hillary could ahead by 50 points.
    Finally, If Jeb had been nominated, that would make it (1989 – 2009. and 2017 – ?) what 24 of the past 32 years (plus eight years with Zerobama wrecking the republic) with either a Bush or a Clinton in the White House.
    Do you believe you are citizen of a republic? Think again.
    Zerobama set the example: ignore unconstitutional (e.g., contra Second Amendment) and illegal executive orders, laws, regulations and rules which we find “troublesome.”
    Keep deplorable my friends. .
    Big Sister will never be my president.

  14. I feel like I am missing something, but, assuming the Ruskies are behind the email hacks, isn’t Hildebeast’s gripe with the Russians that they are interfering with an American election by exposing the truth about the Hildebeast? If that’s interfering, I am all for it.

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