PopeWatch: One Picture

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The perfect symbol of this papacy:  the Pope passing a statue of Martin Luther he had placed in the hall of Paul VI.  Let us pray that next time the Cardinals elect as Pope someone who likes Catholicism.

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  1. Hard to chose what is more symbolic, that hammer and sickle crucifix or the Martin Luther sculpture.

    Shepherding is now multicultural I guess.

  2. Let me see if I understand this. Someone gave the Pope a gift of a staue of Martin Luther. He, himself put, or had a member of his staff put, the statue in the hall of Pope VI?

  3. That is bizarre. The statue is bizarre, the scarf is bizarre, The placement in the hall of Pius VI (who has surely suffered plenty already)…
    I’m remembering cardinal George’s comment about the future bloody death of Catholic fighting for the faith, but I wonder if it isn’t just going to be a major rolling over and sighing.
    Think of Peter’s and Pius V and Leo X and and Calvins and Henry 8’s reactions if they could blog today. And Shakespeare 🙂

  4. Is the statue of Martin Luther conferred with a pallium, the symbol of bishop, cardinal and pope? Martin Luther married. Married priests are not permitted to become bishops, cardinals or popes. Francis behaves as though he is the church. Pope Francis is the Vicar of Christ on earth. Pope Francis is Not THE CHURCH. Any pope who believes that he is the church is a fraud, an imposter and a liar.
    It appears as though Pope Francis has self-excommunicated himself and took the church with him…not so.

  5. Well….Luther caused perhaps millions of divorces….one reason he gave for divorce was for sexual denial and he saw the death penalty as one solution for that among others like divorce and remarriage. So Pope Francis who loathes the death penalty favors Luther who would use it on spouses who deny sex:

    ” “The third case for divorce is that in which one of the parties deprives and avoids the other, refusing to fulfill the conjugal duty or to live with the other person. For example, one finds many a stubborn wife like that who will not give in, and who cares not a whit whether her husband falls into the sin of unchastity ten times over. Here it is time for the husband to say, “If you will not, another will; the maid will come if the wife will not.” Only first the husband should admonish and warn his wife two or three times, and let the situation be known to others so that her stubbornness becomes a matter of common knowledge and is rebuked before the congregation. If she still refuses, get rid of her; take an Esther and let Vashti go, as King Ahasuerus did [Esther 1:12‑2:17].

    Here you should be guided by the words of St. Paul, I Corinthians 7 [:4‑5], “The husband does not rule over his own body, but the wife does; likewise the wife does not rule over her own body, but the husband does. Do not deprive each other, except by agreement,” etc. Notice that St. Paul forbids either party to deprive the other, for by the marriage vow each submits his body to the other in conjugal duty. When one resists the other and refuses the conjugal duty she is robbing the other of the body she had bestowed upon him. This is really contrary to marriage, and dissolves the marriage. For this reason the civil government must compel the wife, or put her to death. If the government fails to act, the husband must reason that his wife has been stolen away and slain by robbers; he must seek another. We would certainly have to accept it if someone’s life were taken from him. Why then should we not also accept it if a wife steals herself away from her husband, or is stolen away by others?”

    Martin Luther, “Living as Husband and Wife” (1523)

  6. Bill Bannon: Our Constitutional Eighth Amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment, The punishment must fit the crime. Death for denying sex. Justice? Was the wife allowed to slay her husband for denying her her marital bliss? Martin Luther had a problem when he forgot that he worked for God and in charity. Spouses are permitted to set aside marital relations to give themselves to prayer.
    The German hierarchy ought to know better

  7. Good picture. Says it all. Pope worships Luther. Statue of Luther is red. Red is the color of Hell. Draw your own conclusions.

  8. Re the Estonian Reformation exhibit, Warped! About as warped as I’ve ever seen. Especially with a child using it. Wonder who thought it up? At least Mapplethorpe’s stuff wasn’t interactive.
    How would that go over or even be set up in the first place if it were the Torah or the Koran?

  9. From the Catholic Encyclopedia.

    “The importance of this Scriptural expression is chiefly derived from the fact that in Matthew 24:15, and Mark 13:14, the appearance of the “abomination of desolation” standing in the “Holy Place” (Matthew), or where “it ought not” (Mark), is given by Our Lord to His disciples as the signal for their flight from Judea, at the time of the approaching ruin of Jerusalem (Luke 21:20).”

    It’s just hard NOT to think of this as the A of D….

  10. I’ve stopped praying for PF’s intentions and started praying for his conversion to Catholism.

    Some had done this far long before my decision to do so. To them I say, sorry.
    I should of started earlier.

  11. Bet the statue was a gift from the Lutherans in Scandinavia on the occasion of his State visit. Surely there is a basement warehouse in Vatican City.

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