Bird-Dogging Democrats-Part 3

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Part III of James O’Keefe’s look at the criminal machinations of the Democrats.  In this video we see Aaron Black, Deputy Rapid Response Director for the Democrat National Committee, plotting to incite violence at Trump rallies.  Go here to view part 1 of the series and here to view part 2.

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One Comment

  1. It amazes me that there is no private individual who has not filed a court case over this. I know it needs a shitload of money, but here anyone can file a prosecution against anyone, provided they have proper evidence.
    I would have thought that someone over there could have done so – do politicians have immunity – or some such other safety net which makes them immune?
    Frankly, it staggers me that this sort of corruption can go on, and no-one challenges it in the law courts.

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