The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!

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The Democrats are attempting to divert attention from the interesting WikiLeaks revelations by claiming this is all Russian interference in our election, and that Russian hackers are behind this.  Let us assume for the sake of this post that this is all true.  I don’t like an unfriendly power attempting to interfere in our electoral process.  However, there is an aspect of this situation that most people aren’t getting.  Security is so lousy in the Obama administration and the Democrat party that Russian hackers have had a field day.  I assume that they aren’t showing us the juiciest stuff, or the most damaging to our security, because they don’t want to reveal their methods. Stumbling into this happy hunting ground for enemy hackers, the candidate for the Democrat party, Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State, insisted upon using unsecure civilian e-mail servers in order to protect her ongoing business of selling influence and access for cash through the Clinton Foundation and her speech giving “hubbie”.  According to the FBI she was using these servers on the soil of unfriendly powers.  The stupidity and obliviousness is shocking.  That alone makes her unfit to be President, WikiLeaks revelations be hanged.

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  1. But there’s a bigger comedy to this that hasn’t really been pointed out yet. For 99 years we have heard from the Democrat Party that we have nothing to fear from Russia. That includes a spectacularly overplayed moment in the 2012 presidential debates. Now, with the Soviet Union gone, the Russian economy mostly in shambles, the Russian people disintegrating as a population, the threat according to the entire establishment has never been greater. I’m exhausted just from whiplash.

  2. Interesting clip from a good movie. Makes you glad that the Anti-Federals insisted upon the Second Amendment among others. This scene could be played out sooner than we think. And maybe not with Russian soldiers but American?

  3. A segment from Fox news with Judge N. mentioned that HC’s mishandling of her communique’s have jeopardised the CIA, via names of operatives.

    How he would know this, or weather this is just speculation is anyone’s guess, but if she was privy to that information and sloppily disclosed it without proper safeguards, I wouldn’t doubt her former intelligence agents might want her to loose the election more than any Ruskie, including Vlad.

    She is hazardous waste!

  4. Bullies be damned. Senator Harrison Williams went to federal prison for two years for influence peddling in ABSCAM. Hillary Clinton gets to be the Democratic nominee for president of the United States with Christopher Stevens, murdered in Benghazi after Hillary Clinton betrayed his whereabouts, as one of her constituents. Hillary has promised to eradicate the First and Second Amendments and later the Ninth.
    The Democratic platform refuses to acknowledge God, our “Creator”. Can unalienable rights endowed by our “Creator” to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness be far behind?

  5. Focusing on the Russians as the alleged source of the leaks reminds me of a kid yelling at her parents for “spying on her” when she gets caught doing something wrong. Clearly an admission that she has done something wrong, only regretting she has been exposed. When Clinton demanded Trump denounce the Russians for hacking her emails and interfering in our election, I would have told her “Lady, if exposing your corruption, cheating and lies is interfering in our election, I would not denounce them; I’d award them the Presidential Medal of Freedom.”

  6. Revealing that Russia is the source of the hacking is inexcusable from an intelligence standpoint. It is like “Special Intelligence.” The very fact that we know is a highly guarded secret. We should have played dumb. Then we could have fed the Russians disinformation, and protected our real secrets. To confirm Russian intelligence just lets Russians say, “Okay. That avenue has been compromised. Time to go to plan B.” Also Trump seems to have an instinctive understanding that perceptions among world leaders matter. Hillary seems wonkish and – I worry – liable to make a misstep out of a perception that she needs to be “tough.”

  7. The Russians didn’t do this (at least not the government), it’s more likely the Clinton campaign using proxies to draw attention away from Wikileaks’ validity.

  8. With regard to Russian interference in our electoral process, I don’t think Wikileaks is the biggest threat. The biggest threats IMO are: 1) potential or actual hacking that could interfere with tabulation of election results, or expose the personal information of registered voters, and 2) the “troll army” that floods the internet, particularly Twitter, with fake/sockpuppet identities spewing propaganda, threats, and false or distorted information.

    The threat of hacking serves to call electoral results into question and, if voter databases become subject to hacking, could discourage people from registering to vote; the “troll army”, meanwhile, aims to discourage real discussion of issues by more or less shouting down everyone who disagrees or intimidating them into silence. In both cases the ultimate aim is to exacerbate the divisions among the American people and thereby weaken the nation.

  9. In normal times I’d agree, Bear, but they’re being “80s movie villain” level obvious– Russian intel is going to be trying to figure out if she actually knows it’s Russia (not being official and all) or if she’s guess guessing from them being so dang obvious, or if she’s trying to scare his supporters, or if she’s playing into the archetype (it’s in bleeping TV commercials, All Hackers Are Russian) ….
    I’m with Elaine in being more worried about actual interference, rather than attempts to influence.
    Our system is…well, there are areas that give the appearance of being designed to make it easy to commit voter fraud. Says the woman whos area keeps having boxes of ballots appear every time there’s a close election, and they always favor the same side.

  10. Funny thing is, I think that Russia actually does not want Trump to win. For all that Trump seems to have a man-crush on Putin, I think he only admires the similarities. That won’t be as useful for Putin as having a woman who actively hates the military and alienates those working for her.

  11. FWIW, here’s Garry Kasparov, former world chess champ turned pro-democracy advocate, explaining why he believes Putin wants to mess with the U.S. election:

    “Putin wants… global chaos. He needs it, because as a dictator who wants to use foreign policy, his aggressive foreign policy, as a staple for domestic propaganda, he needs to weaken the European Union, NATO, and of course, you know, the biggest prize of all is the United States.

    “If Putin can demonstrate to Russians and the rest of the world that elections in America are rigged, (that) there will be riots, even violence… that will justify everything he did against democratic institutions in Russia. And Trump is a perfect agent of of the chaos…”

    And speaking of the troll army:

    “I’m reading (the) Russian press. You know, Putin-controlled press. I’m attacked by Russian trolls, those in English and Russian on Facebook, and I can see these unanimity of the arguments. Proving that American election is rigged, and America will be swamped with this civil unrest. That’s the biggest prize for Vladimir Putin.”

  12. And let’s not forget this blast from the past:

    The consensus at the time seemed to be that this “expert” who predicted a breakup of the U.S. into at least 6 separate nations that would fall under the influence of, or be absorbed by, other countries (with Alaska, of course, returning to Mother Russia) was projecting his experience of the dissolution of the Soviet Union onto American politics. Of course this didn’t happen, but there are probably a lot of people in Putin’s inner circle who think it’s still possible and are doing everything they can to foment it.

  13. Let’s not forget that Snowden has been and is in Russia. There seems to have been a run on traitors these past couple of years, unfortunately. Then there’s Herself providing classified emails. I’m with the Bruin, some things are better, safer left unsaid.

  14. Thanks Elaine.

    Extremely interesting synopsis of Putin possibilities. It is interesting in that the climate is perfect for full scale infiltration; civil unrest is already near boiling point, unsatisfactory presidential candidate’s, E-mail debacle, Military weak…to a certain degree…
    most incredible paradigm.

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