PopeWatch: Mosul

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Pope Francis spoke out about the fighting in Iraq:





As a military operation in northern Iraq fights to wrest control of areas held by retaliating Islamic State forces, Pope Francis criticized the “cruelty” and heinous violence waged against innocent civilians.

He invited people to pray with him, asking that “Iraq, while gravely stricken, might be both strong and firm in the hope of moving toward a future of security, reconciliation and peace.”

Speaking to visitors in St. Peter’s Square Oct. 23 for the Angelus prayer, the pope said, “In these dramatic hours, I am close to the entire population of Iraq, especially that of the city of Mosul.”

“Our hearts are shocked by the heinous acts of violence that for too long have been perpetrated against innocent citizens, whether they be Muslims, whether they be Christians, or people belonging to other ethnic groups and religions.”

He said he was “saddened to hear news of the killing, in cold blood, of many sons and daughters of that beloved land, including many children; this cruelty makes us weep, leaving us without words.”

The pope’s remarks came as Iraqi government troops and Kurdish fighters backed by a U.S.-led coalition were seeking to retake control of Mosul, the nation’s second-largest city. As the so-called Islamic State lost control of a number of villages, it has stepped up attacks in other parts of the country.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights verified reports that IS militants were forcing residents of surrounding villages into Mosul — presumably to be us used as human shields. 


Go here to read the rest.  All the sadness and weeping in the world won’t make a dime’s worth of difference to the people living under a cruel regime unless the military power exists to liberate them.  That is the hard reality that the Pope seeks to avoid acknowledging.

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  1. Could you imagine an actual father saying this about his actual children and doing nothing more? Tragedy does not begin to describe it. Those Christians have been abandoned.

  2. I’m not as up on my history as I wish. But wasn’t there a Pope who saved Rome from the invading hordes by walking out and raising his crucifix and telling then to repent or some such?
    Perhaps the Pope should go to Mosul, armed with a Rosary and lead a procession if he does not like the way secular governments are trying to deal with ISIS.

  3. Pacifism is not the way. The story I heard is that Attila saw St Peter and Paul in the sky with swords and that is why he didn’t fight. Of course Peter and Paul were at that point with ” no skin in the game” literally!

  4. Christ said something along the lines of if people (the disciples) only had the faith of a mustard seed, they could tell a mountain to get up and move…and the mountain would oblige. Since we are to take literary his mention of needing to eat and drink his blood, and divorcing/remarriage is adultery, etc, why not take him at his work here? So, yeah, surely the Pope ought to be able to stop the fighting with a Rosary Procession, no?
    No pacifism isn’t the way, but I don’t think fighting is either. Muslims must be converted to Christ. Of course, I am not entirely sure how that is to be done. The Church, for whatever reason, has failed to do that for centuries. Possibly because of the Arian Heresy way back when? And then the split with the Eastern Church and then the Protestant Reformation, and then whatever it is that future historians will call what is going on today . . .
    Christendom is not united and the Vatican appears unsure of itself (herself?). I’m sure Lucifer is well able to take advantage of that.
    I have no desire to see anyone die, and I am not sure the Church approves of seeking martyrdom, but if some well known bishop were in fact to go to lead a Rosary procession or some such in Iraq (or Syria, etc) without his body guards and let the chips fall where they may, would that make a statement to people? Would some in the Muslim community then look at that and say “See? What belief this man has? He has no fear of death.” Would that make an impact? Would some convert and eventually see “Submission” to “Allah” for what it is?

  5. Fighting IS the answer. Islam understands force. Administer it harshly enough and they will get it. History shows this to be true.

  6. ” leaving us without words” Pope Francis said ….and he did seem to shut up and to omit his usual liberal ideology about war merchants being responsible for ISIS e.g. shooting three women and three children for trailing 100 meters behind other villagers ISIS were marching to a new town. They were lagging behind because one child was disabled. He years ago threatened the mafia with hell but I guess Muslims are off limits due to ecumenical projects with the Egyptian Al Ashar university….the media spotlight and the Noble peace prize must not be risked….the latter jury will let him threaten the Mafia but not a third world demonic group with hell…

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