October 25, 2016: Newt Gingrich v. Megyn Kelly

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TV doesn’t get better than the confrontation between Fox News host Megyn Kelly and Newt Gingrich last night.  Kelly has had a vendetta against Trump since their clash early in the campaign.  Rumors are rife that she is leaving Fox soon and is now basically auditioning for a slot at CNN or MSNBC, and is tailoring her show to reflect the prejudices of her next employer.  Newt Gingrich, love him or hate him, never suffers in silence media bias and he let Kelly have it yesterday.  (It should be noted that while Gingrich supports Trump he has been forthcoming about problems in the Trump campaign and has publically criticized Trump on numerous occasions.)  Note that while she was ready to call Trump a sexual predator how defensive she became about rapist Bill Clinton.  Bravo Mr. Gingrich!

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  1. God bless Newt. The only thing he should have added is that there is no “if” when it comes to Bill Clinton, and Hillary bullied and threatened her husband’s rape victims. Just more inconvenient truths for the Megan Kelly’s of the world.

  2. One redeeming value: She is strongly pro-life on her show.

    Her ego had to have the last word: telling Newt he needs to work on his anger issues. That’s a feminist mantra when one is losing an argument or been caught in faulty reasoning or lies.
    Newt is the voice of reason in this campaign. Hope he will be Trump’s Chief of Staff.

  3. hah! ” when one is losing an argument or been caught in faulty reasoning or lies.” I have recognized that in myself upon a few times! … but Megan was wrong to throw “sexual predator” out there. She has been given quite a pulpit and needs to be responsible to it. From 39 Psalm “I said, ‘I will guard my ways
    that I may not sin with my tongue; I will keep a muzzle on my mouth as long as the wicked are in my presence.’”
    Good for Megyn, me and Trump!
    I am voting for Trump not because he is so Good, but because he is the best choice given what we have to work with.

  4. I never registered that there was such a person as Megyn Kelly up until a few months ago. Evidently she’s a lapsed lawyer (as is, I believe, Geraldo Rivera). Her next employer should insist she quit using Tammy Faye Bakker’s make up artist, wash the Crisco out of her hair, and quit coloring it.

  5. The discord between men and women in America was on display here ,as well as a generation gap. Kelly wants to get in the ring with an experienced pol like Newt Gingrich, but when he disagrees with her labels vehemently, she basically tells him he needs counseling. As a male, I say to women,you can’t have it both ways. If you want to fight it out in politics with males, then you can’t pretend like you are the man’s wife or girlfriend and start demanding he get psychiatric care when he uses emotion (supposedly YOUR forte) to express his views. Megyn Kelly needs to go to her safe space.

  6. “The women of America. . .”
    Can’t say I much like that phrase. As if we were all the same. I know some who are voting Hillary; I know quite a few ladies who are voting for Trump. A number of them just don’t know what they are going to do.

  7. Newt is correct.
    The Americans that are paying attention;
    HHS mandate-
    Obama’s bathroom policy-
    Tax dollars funding PP-
    “Religions must change their views on abortion” HC.
    Just to name a few….oh, and the e-mails BS.

    My prayer is that come November 8th, the tea floating and half submerged in the harbor is a signal to main stream media that America is not going to feed from the Ellen show, the Whoopie’s, the Barbara Streisand’s nor the so called News from ABC-CBS- NBC- CNN- MSNBC… and segments from Fox.

    Media in general is in need of a douche.

    Newt is simply “setting the record straight,” so to speak.

    Spin that on your Hillary moral player you Clinton thugs.

  8. Says the man on his third wife, the one who resigned as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives while he was accusing then POTUS Bill Clinton of lying about sexual misconduct as he was having an affair on his second wife with his now third wife. The one who served divorce papers to his first wife who had cancer (she was in the hospital at the time). For his second wife who had MS, at least she was not in the hospital when the divorce papers were delivered. The one who then magically makes all this go away by becoming a Catholic and getting an annulment before marrying his third wife, the one he was having an affair with on his second wife. Finally, the one who loves to speak about the “sanctity of marriage.” He believes in it so much it took him three times and a magical formula to give him permission to attack others about their sexual morality or conversations about such. Why is this guy given any semblance of credibility when it comes to subjects such as this? No, really, why?

  9. You know, one would think Mega-ego Kelly would look inward a moment and admit she can’t possibly outwit and outduel a Newt Gingrich — yet such is hubris.

    There were two dumbfounded dead-stops in the exchange, each initiated by Newt when he clearly penetrated her armor:

    First, when he skewered her fascination with the newfound conga-line of Trump accusers (“You’re fascinated by sex.”): she was momentarily speechless —because it was tranparently true (besides subtly reminding everyone of her hypocrisy); then, at the conclusion, when he directly challenged her to simply state an established fact: [Gingrich:] “Say, ‘Bill Clinton, sexual predator.'” (She would not.) Why not, Megyn? Pray, tell, explain.

    Kelly, you are through—on this sense: Everyone has now seen right through you.

  10. “Why is this guy given any semblance of credibility when it comes to subjects such as this? No, really, why?”

    A better question Lezzie, since Newt Gingrich is not running for President, is why should Hillary Clinton be given any semblance of credibility as she has been her rapist husband’s shield throughout his long career of preying upon women? That is the issue that Gingrich was raising and that Kelly did her best to dodge.

  11. Lezzie, none of what you wrote changes the fact that Megyn Kelly would NOT say Bill Clinton is a sexual predator. And what about Megyn’s 2nd marriage though she calls herself a devout Catholic? And what about the risque photos she had taken for GQ magazine and others? Such photos epitomize objectification of women as sex objects. Her photos encourage machismo objectification. I even found one of her barely covered in a black negligee. A Playboy audition perhaps?
    Maybe Gingrich repented after his 3rd wife. Kelly’s behavior however shows her far from repentance.

  12. DJH-in context my “women of America” phrase referred to my view that men and women in the US, and abroad for that matter, have a real problem communicating, It was not a reference to who they favored in the election.. I suppose this issue has always been the case to a degree. My opinion: Viva la Difference. But studies show that more and more young men and women are just giving up on relationships and pursuing careers or hobbies. As a male I partly blame the acceptance by many of the views of RADICAL feminism for this. I do consider myself a feminist. I have daughters and I want them to have as much opportunity as men. But in this interview, to reiterate, Kelly came at Newt with “get some help with your anger issues”, which sounded to me like something a woman would say to her man in a bad relationship. In that respect, Kelly is the queen of misandry.

  13. Timothy wrote:
    “As a male I partly blame the acceptance by many of the views of RADICAL feminism for this. I do consider myself a feminist. I have daughters and I want them to have as much opportunity as men. ”
    I understand what Timothy is saying. But I think words mean everything. So I do not use the word feminism or feminist except derogatorily. Today’s feminism tries to make women equal to men in function – “see, you can have sex just like a man and not have a baby” – and thus removes all that is noble and virtuous in authentic womanhood.
    Obviously Timothy isn’t referring to that when he says that he wants his daughters to have the same opportunity as men to succeed in the real world. But because of what a women is and what she can do, success for her may often be different than success for a man. Equality in dignity is therefore what we should be seeking, not equality in function (can any man here conceive and bear a child?). Feminism is therefore the opposite of femininity. Indeed, female feminists tend to look more and more like men (why is it Megyn Kelly prefers pants suits and short hair?). And male feminists tend to look effeminate and emasculated.
    No, I hate feminism, but I love femininity – true, authentic, real, noble, virtuous, honorable womanhood.
    And for the record, I work with men and women on my job at Neutrons ‘R Us. Indeed, the best nuclear power engineer with whom I ever worked was a woman some 20 years ago. She was my plant’s emergency diesel generator engineer while I was at that time the plant’s configuration management engineer. She and I fought like cats and dogs about almost everything. And I would never hesitate to help her no matter what she might need. We had an odd relationship because on many technical issues we disagreed. But she was smart, dedicated, hard-working and honest. If she thought I was messed up, she would tell me straight to my face and often did. But by golly, when we got the job done, it was done right, and we followed the Regulation. And best of all, she was feminine – a real woman. She left the plant for greener pastures and the diesels never did work right after she departed.
    But my point in all this is that you don’t have to be feminist. Real equality is related to dignity, not function, and I adored that engineer because she had a dignity about her that most women in today’s working environment do not have. Instead, they’ve been taught to be like Megyn Kelly. Yuck!

  14. The one who served divorce papers to his first wife who had cancer (she was in the hospital at the time).

    This is a libelous meme which never dies. The two of them were separated prior to the time she underwent cancer treatments. He dropped off some paperwork related to their divorce proceedings when he went to pay her a visit to the hospital. (She lived another 30-odd years and died at age 77).

    Marianne Gingrich did not have multiple sclerosis at the time she and her husband separated.
    Gingrich is such a problematic character that you’re not going to run out of material to work with; no point in making up things.

  15. I do consider myself a feminist. I have daughters and I want them to have as much opportunity as men.

    I’d remind you that Margaret Thatcher called feminism ‘poison’. The most succinct definition I’ve see was offered by Dr. Helen Smith: a habit of looking at human relations with the assumption that women have options, and men have obligations. There are some subsidiary points, such as the notion that women have the option of ruining a discussion of public affairs by making use of gamesmanship of a sort you see in unproductive domestic arguments (yes MeAgain Kelly, I’m looking at you). Another would be that all discussions of how men and women differ must be met with indignation unless you adopt one of two frames: either that the masculine is pathological or that the conventionally discussed masculine advantage is a ‘myth’. Another is that its an unjust assault on a woman to hold her accountable for anything. Google the name “Mary Winkler” if you want an example of an extreme application of such a precept.

  16. “Gingrich is such a problematic character that you’re not going to run out of material to work with…”
    Perhaps the same could be said of most of us. I certainly have many problematic things in my past (my 12 step sponsor told be that if I didn’t have defects of character, I probably wouldn’t have character – ha! ha!). Fortunately I am an unimportant cog in the wheel of neutrons ‘R us that no one cares. But what of Lezzie’s problematic things? A hand that points one finger forward has three pointed back at the pointer. Real easy to accuse Gingrich.
    Oh yeah, that’s that “judge not lest ye be judged” thing which is invariably ignored when it’s a liberal accusing a conservative, but is shoved down a conservative’s throat when the conservative makes a valid but embarrassing observation about a liberal.

  17. Timothy, sorry, I was not referring to what you wrote, but what Megan Kelly said. She implied we (American women) are all alarmed at Trump’s behavior. I know a few, who are quite “yes, sexism is a major problem,” who are Trump supporters.

  18. Drudge has it today that Megyn wants $20 million in her new contract at Fox. Now someone who is making Fox sound like NBC this ridiculous. If Trump loses he will create some sort of new populous/conservative network that will take Fox’s audience do in part to folks like the liberal feminist and probable Democrat Megyn. Trump and Gingrich will have the last laugh.

  19. Michael Dowd, good observations: but Trump is not going to lose: his campaign is full of energy, is rising, and the other side looks as listless and flaccid as the physical condition of their candidate. Michael Moore’s analysis bears a big impact with people in Michigan for one thing (not your standard “Repub” clientele, either); the black vote isnt interested in supporting HRC; and Wikileaks keeps drip-drip-dripping.

    As for “Lezzie,” the talking points about Newt Gingrich were too rehearsed and too coordinated to be believable, and likely taken from 4 years ago on DNC websites: but those comments about Newt are also monumentally irrelevant.

    All to keep attention off of putting Bill Clinton back in the White House. “Lezzie” probably is one of the several thousand paid operatives for Hillary’s crowd trolling the internet to dis-coordinate opposition to Mao-in-a-Pantsuit.

  20. Perhaps the same could be said of most of us.

    Few people don’t need the confessional. That having been noted, he’s on his 3d marriage and cheated on both previous wives. (He also wasn’t the first married man Marianne Ginther ever rolled with – sometimes what goes around comes around). Callista with the snap-on-hair benefits from the effects of age on the Newt. In re professional settings. William Paxton interviewed some time ago offered that he decided to leave Congress when it came to him after a plane ride with Newt that he’d been working for a man who had issues denominated with terms which have the character string ‘-path’ in them. It’s a pity because he has real and unusual skills, and, for all the trouble he is, he was a more capable caucus leader than any other in recent decades (at least according to the criteria a Republican voter might use, not what a Capitol Hill denizen might use).

  21. How anyone who thinks Newt got the better of this exchange is beyond me. Kelly correctly pointed out how prior to the first debate, Trump’s numbers against Hillary looked good. Then his abysmal performance in the first debate (I would say Trump’s performance in all three debates were horrible, albeit a little less than the first, but I digress), the Machado trap, and the Access Hollywood tape where Trump brags about being a sexual predator (btw, Megyn Kelly didn’t say Trump was a sexual predator, she said “if”) caused his numbers to tank. Which they did. Newt’s attempt to deflect the discussion by falsely accusing her of media bias was a sorry one, to put it mildly. Megyn Kelly has her flaws, significant ones, but media bias is not one of them. In fact, one or two segments after that one she lit up a Clinton surrogate for trying to a stunt similar to the one Gingrich did. As for her vendetta against Trump, while the way she questioned Trump in the first primary debate left much to be desired, Trump’s attacks on her have been far more vicious than the other way around. As to why she wouldn’t call Bill Clinton a sexual predator in that discussion, it wasn’t relevant to the discussion at hand. It was another attempt to deflect by Newt. And she wasn’t having it. And as she pointed out, she has reported on Bill Clinton situation. She has interviewed Kathleen Willey etc. Newt Gingrich’s sorry performance against Megyn Kelly was another example of him jumping the shark and getting eaten alive in the process. Bravo Megyn Kelly!

  22. Well, well. I’ve heard so much about this interchange but didn’t bother to look it up, so disinterested am I in anything Megyn Kelly. I’m not surprised. Newt is obviously boiling, never seen him like that. She is force to be reckoned with- just pushed & bullied and lobbied til she could give full impact to the allegations against Trump as forcefully as a sledge hammer driving them home without interruption. Well done, Megyn. But I think it’s reprehensible, and you are a vicious snake! I stopped watching Fox about half an hour into the first round of Repub debates because of Megyn Kelly. Never looked back.
    Maybe she will marry Rachel Madow. Now that would be a couple!

  23. Well, Christine, that is probably true about Mega-whine (“Maybe you can deal with your anger issues [Newt]!”) Kelly.
    I think Michael Dowd has the best explanation about her angling for a big contract with a competitor network. This is just to burnish her pro-Moveon.org credentials.
    Yet, her furious [and furiously ridiculous] attack on “Sex-Predator-Trump” really has to have backfired, because 1) it is doubtful any undecided voters watch Fox and 2)to refuse to call Bill Clinton a sex predator with the same willingness is a mind-bending exercise. It has however certainly endeared her to the Clintons, no doubt.

  24. By the way, an interesting article about the proliferation of the paid internet operatives of the Clinton Campaign (specifically in this case, the Clinton group oxymoronically named, “Correct The Record”, or CTR) and the counter-efforts against them in this most liberal city (San Francisco) appears in The Daily Caller yesterday:

    Even Reddit users are annoyed by the efforts to obstruct the release of Wikileaks dumps at one of the topical sub-sites, subreddit/r/Wikileaks (and other sub-sites).

    So it is not a surprise when someone appears here on this venerable site re-hashing the same old untruths in an ad hominem attack against Gingrich (effectively Hindenburg’ed by Art Deco above). The Dark Riders must search all Middle Earth until the ring is secured.

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