Pat Condell Makes the Case for Trump

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I have never seen a stronger case for Trump than that made in the above video by internet celebrity Pat Condell.  An Irishman, and former comedian, living in England, Condell is an outspoken atheist.  I used to watch his Youtube videos to find out what the New Atheists were up to.  However, over the years, on politics, I found myself agreeing more and more with Condell.  He recognizes the danger from radical Islam and understands that the current days of welfare state liberalism are drawing to a close.  He values freedom above cant, and in that, above all, we are in hearty agreement.

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  1. By far, the best clip laying out all the cards on the table and calling it as it is.

    He is right. Two parties aginist Trump and all the more reason to believe that this fork in the road is our decision for recovery or destruction. What a great analysis.

    As always, thanks for the post Donald.

  2. Trump was built by the media and protected by the Republican party. As Michael Moore and others said, the media loved him before they hated him. Isn’t that a sign of what’s going on behind the scenes? As Wikileaks revealed, the DNC and its PR firm, aka the media, wanted Trump because they knew he would be the easiest to beat. Fox News wanted Trump for different reasons. Murdoch and Ailes figured he was one of them, a rich New Yorker with moderate ways. Now Trump wants to complain about the media? Live by the media, die by the media.
    Ditto for the GOP which has been protecting him. No more evident than at the convention. Remember when Trump was bragging about winning so much we will be sick of winning? That’s about the time he bragged about the establishment coming to his side, e.g. phoning him with support. Now they are working against him? No. They are just embarrassed by what a horrible candidate Trump is. Not just scandals, but his non-ground game and horrible fund raising performance. Hillary is such a terrible candidate, Trump should be at least +10 in the polls.
    I wish the whine fest would end. “Everybody’s against me!” Every pro-Trump commentary has it. (They follow their leader who makes sure to take a portion of his speech to whine.) Trump should have spent more time laying the philosophical groundwork for his vision in Act I, broadcast his vision with specifics for Act II, and make positive, conservative principle affirming, patriotic closing arguments for Act III. This all requires principles and some knowledge of history and current events, areas where Trump is shallow on both. But hey, doing those things might interrupt opening a new hotel or starting a new media network.

  3. The GOP establishment was in favor of Trump? Do you have any evidence to support that, Kyle? Or is it like most of your observations lately, pulled out of thin air? For sometime now you have taken on the role of self-appointed gadfly of the blog and you do it poorly. You bore me and I suspect you bore the readers of TAC. I am putting you on moderation. Push me some more and you will be banned from this blog. I am sure there are other blogs awaiting your insights with breathless anticipation, and I do not wish to delay you for an instant. This blog has always been in favor of robust debate, but I will not tolerate a commenter who simply wishes to argue for the sake of argument, especially when the commenter does it poorly. If you are going to comment in future come loaded with facts to support your argument. Ipse Dixit statements do not cut it on this blog.

  4. …”what is going on behind the scenes”. Trump was being used by bad guys on both sides and now it is backfiring on them all. He is repetitive with his slogans and refrains and that seems to be working for him. He is not great but he is what we have now.

    The red herring refrain that we are getting sorely used to from the Clintons is: “it is the Russians!”

    We still are in that vale of tears, and we keep trying.

  5. Condell is on the mark here….somehow i find myself praying this is all a dream and the Real American candidate in Reganesk form will emerge. But alas we do have a clear choice on November 8th 2016: Freedom and Liberty, or socialism. As for me, i pledge my sacred honor, my fortune, and my life to preserve the liberty granted me by God and fought to the death by many. let us pray that will not be necessary again.

  6. Pat Condell has it totally right. Donald Trump is a godsend to America. He is truly the voice of the people in all their vulgarity and braggadocio telling all the Republican and Democrat politicians to go to hell. I like it. I like Trump for doing it. Hopefully he will win. Let us pray that he does for everyone’s sake. “You could do worse” is an amp comeback from a Trump supporter.

  7. Thanks for this post Donald. I see Trump for who he is, but that means I see him more and more as the right guy for the moment. While I have no illusions about him, I also don’t know who else in the Republican party had the spine to stand in and take the attacks and keep his composure and keep his sense of humor. I was a Cruz guy, but I don’t think he could have weathered the same MSM attacks as Donald, and he would have surely gotten them. Finally, I think the loss of civility in this country is to be mourned, but Donald Trump is not even in the top ten reasons why it’s disappearing. For years, Republicans have gone into a gun fight armed with a knife. The Left uses the mantra of civility to silence the truth. Finally, someone called Bill Clinton a rapist. Finally, someone stood up to the bullies. I think Trump will govern differently than he campaigned. I know Hillary would be the same person as president as she has been her whole life.

  8. Hillary will be at her worst if elected. Although we’ve only had rare, very rare glimpses, Trump will be at his best if elected and he has Pence at his 6.

  9. “This was the best pro-Trump speech given by anyone whom I have yet heard. Thank you for posting this. PS, I still dislike Trump and think he is a buffoon, a blowhard and a demagogue. Sed Dei voluntas fiat.”

    Pray, tell. Where do you get politicians who are not buffoons, blowhards, or demagogues? We seem to have hit the mother load of them at all levels, including dog catcher, here in the US.

  10. “Kyle Miller” yet another Mook operative trying to spike this site? Naw, couldn’t be.

    Just a remarkable recitation of the anti-Trump talking points. Sheer coincidence.

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