Shut Up, They Explained

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Kimberly Strassel for Prager University reveals the ongoing attempt by the left in this country to shut people up.  If Trump wins the election, and the polls are off, the left can thank their own brownshirt tactics in convincing many Americans that here, in the land of the free and the home of the brave, keeping one’s mouth shut is the better part of valor if one’s sentiments are not politically correct.  I blog under my own name.  Partially that is because it is part of my nature to stand up for what I believe in, but partially it is because I have been self-employed for thirty-one years.  In today’s climate, if I were not self-employed, I doubt if I would be blogging under my own name, if I were blogging at all.  My ancestor, Major Andrew McClary, did not die on Breed’s Hill in 1775 so that generations later Americans would live in fear of expressing their heart-felt sentiments.  We can do far better than this, and we owe it to our honored war dead to do so.



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  1. I use my own name here and on Facebook because I am an ornery soul. Intimidation tactics irritate me. (It is a prideful impulse that I work hard to contain.)

    Quite often, folks are surprised that I keep so much of my Facebook posts public. Really, the only ones I make private are ones that would identify my residence and the ones that include personal pictures. On occasion, I am looking for confined input that excludes interlopers but that is rare.

    I understand the impulse to hide what we think. We live in a world of ready access and that means ever increasing means for hurting others. There are seriously vindictive and mean people out there and they really don’t recognize that causing someone to lose their job over an internet post is both wrong and bad for society as a whole.

    I may regret my openness someday but I have such a viscerally negative reaction to being shouted down, silenced, cowed, that I can’t bring myself to do otherwise.

  2. For maximum irony… youtube tried to censor pragerU (or rather, I think people tried to use youtube’s system to censor them)

    But more than 15 videos are “restricted” on YouTube, a development PragerU announced this month. This means the clips don’t show up for those who have turned on filtering—say, a parent shielding their children from explicit videos. A YouTube spokesperson told us that the setting is optional and “based on algorithms that look at a number of factors, including community flagging on videos.” Yet it’s easy to imagine a flood of users reporting a political video—microagressed college students have a lot of free time—and limiting a viewpoint’s audience.

  3. God Bless you both, David and Mac.
    This is the essence of totalitarianism. – only thing they are not disappearing/murdering the opposition, YET.
    Orwell wrote an essay on the passing of Gandhi. In it he explained that Gandhi could not have succeeded against a regime (Stalin, Hitler, Hillary come to mind) where there was no freedom of assembly (and just as importantly association – fake Catholic groups subverting the Church) and no free press (the lying media is the statists’ ministry of truth – censors and vilifies opposition views). As such, the opposition can’t get out the “word” and has no chance to kick-start a mass movement. Also, feverishly working for totalitarianism are the ideologues that totally control public education and universities – 24/7 brainwashing young minds – a low to moderate IQ mind is a terrible thing to waste.
    Don’t forget, 19 November 2016 is National Ammunition Day – buy a hundred rounds of your favorite caliber.

  4. Your making your honorable ancestors very proud Mr.McClarey..very proud.
    It’s Patriots like you and your love for freedom and neighbor, that is providing decency in a culture bent on immortality and deceitfulness.

    Keep these finely tuned posts going.

  5. Oops…. immorality. However immortality is found in only two locales. Some in this day and age prefer the smoking section.. forever.
    Thanks for blowing the smoke away.
    The air is so much cleaner and the endless singing and praising of God is so worth this struggle in this valley.

    btw. Thanks for not putting me on “moderation,” due in part to my numerous grammatical errors. 🙂

  6. Before I employed a pseudonym, the Red Guard (they are both in the Catholic Church and out) would regularly find out about me and contact my employer about my views and asking the CEO if they wanted to risk employing such a dangerous person. “DId they know the public relations impact it would have?”
    I finally was mysteriously let go from one position, because employing a person with such views on social networks are, well, “problematic and a distraction to our mission”.
    It would be wonderful to be completely autonomous and independent, but I have to think about Mrs. Phoenix and my brother who is my dependent, and “be smart”. Yes, one must “shut up” as they explain.

  7. Thanks Donald for all you do to make the truth visible and understandable to all of us.

    I wonder, have you lost any clients because of your courageous actions?

  8. Vatican Gold?

    Oh…. I remember now.
    Vatican Gold! aka..holy smoke.
    Boy. That was in the seventies man.
    Good stuff. ?

  9. Steve, I use a pseudonym b/c my surname is rare. I’m easily found and I hate dragging off bodies from the front lawn. Plus, the village PD wouldn’t understand.
    More importantly, the warden ordered me to use the alias.
    I’d prefer Vatican ammo. And, it appears that they’re giving the gold to those on the other (in charity, I didn’t type “wrong”) side of Church teachings.

  10. If Hillary is elected, forget the 19th…, shop when the stores open on the 9th. Barry will remember how ammo and gun sales soared after each of his elections and he may be emboldened to curtail supplies by executive order. In fact executive orders may be released fast and furious, since Madame President being of the same philosophy won’t rescind them.
    I have friends who as children escaped from Communist Hungary and Cuba. Their failed and successful escape stories are to be remembered. Life before and after the Revolutions. One friend’s mother is still living. Her mind is still sharp. She tell us about her freedom fighting husband and of the Castros’ “transition” of Cuba and how slippery the slope is becoming in this country.

  11. TAC is the best! A variety of thought provoking and thoughtful posts. Some posts are just plain humorous , entertaining or prayerful. TAC attracts commentators from all over the world and from all walks of life. The comments are from so many angles of thought that they are never dull.
    Donald R. McClarey, obviously you are man of superior intelligence and talents. Thank you for taking your time in creating and maintaining this blog. In a time of strife world wide, in the Church and our USA, The-American-Catholic is much needed.

    “The person has no value except that he is a member of the Communist Party” Karl Marx.
    The sovereign person is endowed with innate and unalienable human rights that define the person’s civil rights. The person is irreplaceable. The person is self-determined.
    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,….”
    Amendment IX: The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage other retained by the people. …THE UNANIMOUS DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE and THE CONSTITUTION.
    Original thinkers glory in the reality of man’s existence as a sovereign person made in the image and likeness of God; in the image and likeness of “their Creator”.
    Pay your taxes. Shut up or you will be sorry for a very long time. What has changed freedom to communism?

  13. Timmo Kaine makes the argument crystal clear why one can’t vote Democrat. Tim Kaine: “The Catholic Church Will Change Its Same-Sex Marriage Stance Or It Will be Banned From The U.S.”

  14. CAM: Right. I’m on a continual ammo buying spree. Already have a boat load of .223 FMJ., 30 cal., 12 ga 00 buck. Also, amassed some extra hootch. The Clinton gang will tax alcohol and tobacco to the skies to pay for rationed health care. And, when the entire corrupt house of cards crashes, it will be barter material.
    Also to your point, a fellow I worked with (RIP – 1992) escaped Cuba soon after Castro seized everything. His history was harrowing and awe-inspiring. Not a few of those who helped him get out risked their lives. His family owned a small coffee wholesale firm one day, the next day the Castro gang owned it. We all know how that has worked out.

  15. The person has the freedom “to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” Our First Amendment. “Shut up and pay your taxes” is taxation without representation.

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