PopeWatch: Trump

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From the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:



Just a day before EWTN plans to air an exclusive interview with Presidential candidate Donald Trump, the company’s board of directors and CEO announced that the media outlet was officially endorsing the presidential candidate for the papacy.

The is the first time in the network’s 35-year history that company heads officially endorsed someone for the pontificate.

Known for its often daring, cutting-edge, and addictive television programming, EWTN once again shocked the world as “The World Over” host Raymond Arroyo uttered the words “and I approve this message,” before cutting away to a Bob and Penny Lord rerun.

“Trump reveals in the interview the reason he switched his position on the life issue and when he planned to switch it again,” EWTN board member Ronald Thompson told the press shortly after Arroyo’s hard-hitting interview. “He talks about religious liberty, and speaks to women’s concerns about his candidacy and how to grope women without committing a sin. He also spoke about his prayer life, whether he had a favorite saint or demon, and much more.”

“Honestly, this is the most relaxed I’ve ever seen him on camera,” said Arroyo. “He kept mentioning how much the interview reminded him of one of those high school mock interviews he used to participate in for his daughter. It was a nice complement.”

Though there has not yet been an official statement from the Vatican about the endorsement, one anonymous bishop close to Francis told EOTT that the Pontiff was saddened by the news, as that he was seen tearfully packing boxes for what looked like a final “move.”

“It’s really tough to watch,” the anonymous bishop told EOTT. “EWTN is very powerful. What they say goes, and they feel that under a no nonsense Trump pontificate, Roe v. Wade will be overturned because Trump said it would happen and to believe him. Why would he say something like that if it wasn’t true?”


Go here to read the comments.  PopeWatch thanks God this is only a satire and that the Church does not have to deal with a politicized Pope, who tosses out insults at adversaries, who has an attitude towards marriage contrary to that of Christ and who attempts to enlist the Church on behalf of secular political issues.

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  1. It will be the first papal election in history where the choice is announced by a large puff of smoke and mirrors…..

  2. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2016

    Feeneyism is the missing link
    Image result for Photo of Fr.Leonard Feeney of Boston
    If we go back to the interpretation of extra ecclesiam nulla salus according to Fr.Leonard Feeney then pastorally Vatican Council II will have the hermeneutic of continuity.
    If all of them would accept the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus as it was interpreted by Fr. Leonard Feeney then Vatican Council II would pastorally be in harmony with Tradition.Yes we’ve finally found the missing link.What causes the hermeneutic of rupture ? When has Vatican Council II a hermeneutic of continuity?
    The whole Church rejects Feeneyism and so Vatican Council II is a break with Tradition.
    Feeneyism for me is not accepting any exceptions to the traditional interpretation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus(EENS) since there are no physically known exceptions in the present times.There cannot be any objective exception for us human beings, past or present.
    Hypothetical cases of the baptism of desire and being saved in invincible ignorance cannot be exceptions to EENS in Feeneyism.
    So a Feeneyite for me would read the text of Vatican Council II and not confuse LG 16, LG 8, UR 3, NA 2 as being objectively visible in 2016. So they would not be relevant, or an exception, to the dogma EENS as interpreted by Fr. Leonard Feeney of Boston or the 16th century missionaries.
    Vatican Council II has a continuity with the dogma EENS, the Syllabus of Errors, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the rest of Tradition.
    Feeneyism would accept the first part of the Letter of the Holy Office 1949 which supports Fr. Leonard Feeney and reject the second part which contradicts the first part.
    Feeneyism is the missing link.
    Feeneyite your interpretation of Vatican Council II and get back to the old ecclesiology.The Council is pro-Tradition. The teachings of the Catholic Church on salavtion are the same before and after Vatican Council II.
    There can only be an ecumenism of return in Vatican Council II. Since UR 3 etc are hypothetical and so do not contradict the traditional interpretation of EENS.
    All non Catholics with no exception need to be incorporated into the Church as members for salvation, to avoid Hell,since there are no known exceptions outside the Church. There cannot be an Anonymous Christian since there are no known exceptions to the dogma EENS ; there are no known cases of someone being saved outside the visible limits of the Catholic Church to contradict the traditional exclusivist ecclesiology.
    So if we attend the Novus Ordo Mass or the Traditional Latin Mass the ecclesiology of the Catholic Church is still the same.The new theology has been eliminated since it was based on there being known salvation outside the Church.Ratzinger-Rahner move over.
    With Feeneyism we have a rational way to interpret Vatican Council II.No more gymnastics. No more assuming there are visible people on earth who have died with the baptism of desire and without the baptism of water and they are relevant to the dogma on salvation.There are none.
    This puts the liberals on the defensive. Once Catholics know that Vatican Council II can be interpreted with Feeneyism there is now an alternative for them.One which they may not like.Also now the liberals have no citations from Vatican Council II to support their ‘progressivist’ interpretation.We now know that LG 16 is always, always hypothetical.It is always only a possibility and never a known reality.So the liberals cannot any more cite LG 16 as an exception to Feeneyite EENS. Wikipedia would have to correct the on line error.
    This means the SSPX and the traditionalists are in a smiling position.Canonically Vatican Council II should no more be a hurdle.The whole game plan has changed. The doctrinal scenario has changed.Vatican Council II is traditional and right up their tree.It is Ecclesia Dei and the CDF who need to affirm Vatican Council II in harmony with Tradition,and they’ll have to do it with Feeneyism.
    Times have changed.
    -Lionel Andrades

  3. Bwaaaahahahahahaha!
    I am humor impaired, but truly this is priceless:
    “PopeWatch thanks God this is only a satire and that the Church does not have to deal with a politicized Pope, who tosses out insults at adversaries, who has an attitude towards marriage contrary to that of Christ and who attempts to enlist the Church on behalf of secular political issues.”

  4. The World Over interview with Trump was more of a joke than this satire article. If Mother Angelica was still alive and had control over that network, that interview would have never happened. I couldn’t see her standing for the her top journalist softballing a sleazeball sexual predator like Donald Trump.

  5. Now now, Greg Mockeridge, remember not to indulge in calumny. Mrs. Clinton surely had her opportunity to be pelted by softballs from Raymond Arroyo too. He’s just like that, he gives the interviewee an opportunity to put forward the interviewee’s best case. If Mrs. Clinton turned down her invitation and passed up her chance to defend her abortion stance and her pal’s “Catholic Spring” machinations, that’s her shame. It’s up to listeners to properly form their consciences and decide.

    P.S. I remember the days when Dems considered Jerry Brown papabile.

  6. Where am I indulging in calumny? Whether or not Hillary had an opportunity to go on The World Over or not is irrelevant. Part of allowing someone to put forth their best case is challenging that case. Arroyo let Trump repeat the lame “locker room banter” excuse for what was clearly not only an admission of, bragging about, sexual assault. Arroyo could have also challenged the authenticity of Trump’s pro-life commitment by asking him why he praised Planned Parenthood in primary debates and was at best non-comittal about defunding PP. This is after the facts of them harvestand selling baby parts were well-known. The interview was a disgrace unworthy of any decent media outlet, especially a Catholic media outlet. Mother Angelica must be spinning like a jet turbine right now!

  7. Not only is Hillary a serial criminal and fatal failure (numerous State Dept. debacles), her VP said (seen on the net has to be true) the Church will be banned if it doesn’t change its “stance” on same-sex marriage.
    Gospel reference for the election. Paraphrased. Don’t scream about the speck in Trump’s eye and ignore the telephone poles sticking out of Hillary’s evil eyes.
    How in good conscience can a Catholic vote for a corrupt, incompetent tyrant and serial-criminal?
    Repent. Confess. Do penance. Amend one’s life. President Trump was a Democrat when he may have been a “sleaze-ball . . . ” However, he has seen the light and has repented, . . . Hillary is Hillary. She will never repent, . . . .

    Here ends my Spiritual Work of Mercy for Halloween. This election it’s Trick or Trump!

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