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I promised you a wild finish in this oddest of all election years and I believe the FBI has furnished it!  What does it mean for the rest of the next nine campaigning days before election day?

  1.  Negative Coverage-Most of the media has been on a crusade against Trump.  However, now Hillary will be receiving a larger share of the negative coverage than she is used to.  Most of the media has underplayed, or simply spiked, negative Clinton coverage this campaign.  This is not an option now, especially with the Anthony Weiner involvement, since salaciousness in the media is the one thing that regularly trumps ideology.
  2. Stink Bomb Coming-I assume that the Clinton campaign has one or more negative stories about Trump they were reserving for next Friday.  I expect them to be rolled out next Monday instead to distract from the reopened FBI investigation.
  3. Anonymous Sources Say-Expect to hear details about the ongoing investigation from anonymous FBI agents and Department of Justice officials.  I expect these accounts to differ radically.
  4. Republicans Coming Home-This should gain Trump at least another ten percent of the Republican vote, say a solid three point gain, and more of the independents he was already winning, say two to three points.
  5. Sanders Brats-This latest news confirms the worst of what Sanders supporters thought about Clinton, and I expect one or two points of them to switch to the Green candidate.
  6. Republicans for Clinton-I think this shoots that movement in the head.  Subtract another point.
  7. She’s a Crook-  It is one thing to suspect the candidate you are grudgingly voting for is a crook.  It is another thing to have them under criminal investigation.  Most Democrats would vote for Satan if he had a D after his name, but not all.  One to three point loss.
  8. Time to Cocoon-This whole business increases the stink of what has already been a skunk fest of an election.  I predict relatively low voter turnout which I suspect benefits Trump.

I doubt that this is the last of the events to impact this election.  WikiLeaks is still there, and I am sure there is a ninety-plus former school teacher willing to totter forward and tell how that nasty little Donnie Trump goosed her in 1955.  However, this is a major event and it came just when Trump needed it.  I think it puts Trump and Clinton back close to parity, and in a change year that helps the non status quo candidate.


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Donald R. McClarey

Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. Agreed that HRC has another skud missile to launch. The popcorn in our house is running out.

    Hillary may loose the supporters that live on the fringe, but never the mindless progressives and militant feminist. They are Satan Card Carrying Members and see nothing wrong with cheating, killing or abusing powers that were intended to serve the people.

    They will gladly throw themselves into a lake of fire if the Hildebeast wanted it so.

    Keep praying folks!
    The garbage barge known as Clinton is taking on water. She just might sink.

  2. Please God, she’ll need to return the coronation gown (or is it a pants suit?).
    If there were any justice in the Justice Department, next would be a televised perp walk for Crooked Hillary. However, we know there is no Justice in the justice department.
    One question: will Slick Willie need to pay off Lynch again?
    Philip has it correct, as usual. I have come to think of Hillary-worshippers (despicable and imbecilic) as 21st century “Know-Nothings.” But, that insults 19th century “Know-Nothings.”
    They could parade out 500 women claiming that Trump “abused” them.
    They could stage a terror attack. Although, Crooked Hillary’s Arab bosses don’t allow her to name it what it is.
    They could stage a mass shooting so she could wave the bloody shirt and say Trump and I (NRA member, law-abiding gun owner) are guilty for the massacre.

    They could stage a black, career criminal shooting by white PO.
    They could find crushing political corruption crisis wherein a GOP village dog catcher accepted a bribe of a 50 lb. bag of dog chow for a dog license.
    Most, likely corrupt. incompetent Hillary’s numerous, professional liar brigades will censor it or spin it so that Crooked Hillary is being persecuted by the evil GOP in Congress. Spin it. The GOP is worse than Putin; they’re trying to influence an American coronation.
    You saw it first here.

  3. I think most people’s minds are decided by now. Rabid abortionists and sodomites will vote for Hillary Clinton. Zealous Trumpeteers will vote for Donald Trump. One small minority will vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein because they want their abortion and sodomy without the publicly putrid smelling notoriety that association with Clinton brings (they don’t mind the stink; they just don’t want their names attached to it). A yet smaller minority who actually search for candidates whose platforms support the Judeo-Christian tradition will vote for Darrell Castle or Evan McMullin. But the real bottom line is that barring some miracle, only Clinton or Trump will win, and Clinton is definitely worse than Trump.
    This newest saga in the email scandal? I don’t think it will make much of a difference. And one person’s guess as to who wins is as good as the next.

  4. If a women says “I am not a crook” it is an declared imperative that we must believe her?

    Dante would put mere crooks at a much higher level than her kind.

  5. ” I don’t think it will make much of a difference.”

    I think it already has LQC. Most people pay attention to politics as I pay attention to sports. It takes something huge in sports to attract my attention, like the Cubs in the world series. This is a huge development by any standard, and is likely to still be the dominating event as most people cast their ballots.

  6. This is a game changer, for the moment. I agree that Hillary won’t sit on the sidelines and that whatever surprise about Trump was in store for Friday, will likely get moved up. What is certainly true, though, is that Comey never would have done this unless he had something big dumped in his lap. Could you even imagine being the field agent on the Weiner investigation and you decided you had to go to the corrupt boss over a bombshell about Hillary? Comey never even gets approached by the field agent unless there is something really big that can’t be ignored, even by someone like Comey.

  7. No clue. The history of Argentina between 1943 and 1983 is the only thing that keeps me from hoping that the military will not put an end to this and put a board of accountants, actuaries, and engineers in charge of the federal government (while arresting everyone on Capitol Hill and K Street and about 2/3 of the appellate judges, law professors, and BigLaw partners and deporting them all to Patagonia).

  8. Expect some more mysterious tapes about Trump to surface, maybe using the “n” word. And if they don’t have one, they will make one: won’t be enough time to set the record straight.

  9. Sad to say, but many of the remaining undecided voters appear to be, by and large, Hamlets who will allow themselves to be swayed by an emotional response at the last minute.

    They are even seeking it. They thought they had it with they Trump “locker-room” tape. Now that feeling has passed and Jiminy Cricket keeps warning them. Still they are on the emotional rack, searching for a certain feeling. In fact they often say, “My gut feeling says…”*

    [* You mean, “I am waiting for a surge of endorphins, or estrogen, or testosterone, or maybe prosac, to make my decision for me.” You hear people at the proverbial water cooler here in San Fran always soliloquizing about their tortured voter’s conscience.]

    The Clintonistas know this, and have successfully orchestrated them for election cycle after election cycle. Yes, the “stink bomb” is coming, and will decide for them.

  10. Art, I love you, man. It probably will not the “military.” The brass hats (like the FBI) are more concerned with the next star, the pension, and the post-retirement job in the M/I complex, the media, or cabinet/politics. Plus, Obama has run out many patriots among the field grade officer corps. Ergo, I see no Eisenhower.
    The system is broken, corrupt, rigged else today Hillary would be in prison.
    When the election goes the wrong way, the republic could be saved in our dreams. Me: They can kill me, but they can’t eat me and they can’t take away my faith and my God-given liberty. It’s all good when one is willing to suffer the consequences. Most importantly, our kingdom is not of this World.

  11. James Neuchterlein, lapsed political science professor, offered in an article about 15 years ago that the ‘independent’ voter is the one who makes decisions for reasons like ‘she reminds me of my first wife’. Their open minds nestle in empty heads. Of course, I can introduce you to partisan Democrats for whom political discussion begins and ends with John Oliver clips and dippy memes.

    Dr. Zummo has been too quiet lately. I’m expecting him to post some late 18th century quotations about the dangers of a deficit of republican virtue. The whole society, top to bottom, seems to have succumbed to an epidemic of fecklessness. The clergy, academe, the political class, you name it. Then there’s much of the legal profession, who are a study in bad faith and pretension (which is regrettably common among those Glenn Reynolds calls ‘the administrative class’).

  12. This is one of the reasons, if not the primary reason, why the Democrats want Democrats, and especially those who might be inclined to vote Democrat, to vote early. They love “absentee” ballots and all vote-early mechanisms. Hurry up and get those votes cast and set, before you can change your mind.

  13. Whatever is next might be a surprise to many prognosticators. The anti- elite mood is actually a global mood I think.
    And then there is nationalism.

  14. These corrupt criminals (DOJ, FBI, Clinton, Inc., etc. destroyed hard drives with Bleach Bit and took hammers to at least13 electronic devices in order to protect themselves (i.e. Their lifestyles,) Killary, & Obama. It appears that there is now proof Obama had sent emails (classified) that Obama sent under a fake name to Killary’s personal email account/server setup.

    Tsk, tsk.

  15. I agree with Donald.

    The first stick bombs against Donald will be thrown on today’s morning talk shows. It will be all about Comey losing his mind, having cracked up under Republican pressure and threats to his life by rabid Trump supporters. It will be assumed by the talk show hosts that Hillary has already been found innocent of a Federal crime and that Comey has offered no new evidence that a crime has been committed. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone came forward saying that Comey is under the care of a psychiatrist and is heavily medicated with mind altering drugs.

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