PopeWatch: Reformation

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While the Pope is off in Sweden celebrating the Reformation, it is useful to look at an interview he gave last week:


The Holy Father’s latest interview appeared in the Italian Jesuit journal Civilta Cattolica. The Pope was interviewed by Father Ulf Jonsson, the editor of a Swedish Jesuit magazine, Signum.

Speaking about what Catholics should learn from Martin Luther, the Pope said: “Two words come to my mind: reform and Scripture.” He explained that Luther set out to reform “a complex situation” in the Church, but because of political considerations his effort caused “a state of separation, and not a process of reform of the whole Church.” Regarding Scripture, he said, “Luther took a great step in putting the Word of God into the hands of the people.”

Speaking more generally about ecumenical relations, the Pontiff said, “Personally, I believe that enthusiasm must shift toward common prayer and the works of mercy” rather than concentrating on theological discussions. “To do something together is a high and effective form of dialogue,” he said.

Responding to questions about the objections that were raised to a papal Mass in Sweden, the Pontiff said that he deliberately avoided scheduling a Mass on the same day as the ecumenical prayer service that he will lead, to “avoid confusing plans.” He added: “The ecumenical encounter is preserved in its profound significance according to a spirity of unity; that is my desire.”

The Pope brushed away complaints by some Catholics that his visit to Sweden, and his celebration of the Reformation, will suggest a surrender of Catholic claims. “You cannot be Catholic and sectarian,” he said. “We must strive to be together with others.” He denounced the idea that Catholics should seek to convince Lutherans about the truths of the Catholic faith. “Proselytism is a sinful attitude,” he insisted.

Go here to read the rest.  After this Pope, PopeWatch suggests that the Cardinals raise a Catholic to the Chair of Peter.


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  1. “avoid confusing plans.”

    That is rich.
    The good news.
    We have a beautiful God.
    His celebration and memorial of his death and resurrection is second only to receiving HIM, body blood soul and divinity.

    The confusion is that the leader of the Catholic Church fails to support this zenith of Truth in the presence of brothers and sisters who, regardless of excuses, do not partake of this miracle.

    That, in my opinion, is confusing.

    PF….The Great Enabler.

  2. . Puhleeese. His knowledge of Scripture is highly reminiscent of swiss cheese from your supermarket. His love of Scripture is so cafeteria that he ignores all that Christ said about Judas ( all dire ) and instead believes a sculpture in a church that has Christ carrying Judas with a slight smile on one half of Christ’s lips. Half the Bible is about God kicking butt as in the post Bible killing by God via the Romans of over 600,000 in Jerusalem in 70AD predicted by Christ in the New Testament…and in line with Exodus’ covenant….” punishing down to the third and fourth generation of those who hate Me.”
    If this Pope believes in 20% of the Bible, I’d faint. He claims that the fifth commandment condemns the death penalty despite God giving over 30 death penalties to the Jews in the same Pentateuch that gives the fifth commandment. He speed read the Bible in here and there spots and then saw somethings he liked and left the rest behind.

  3. Yes, PF clearly rejects parts of scripture. Add in the entire Book of acts to Bill’s list. He also seems to be embarrassed by the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Eucharist. His initial plans were to not even celebrate a Mass while in Sweden. Wouldn’t want to offend those Lutherans.

  4. The Pope is, first and foremost, a priest who “in Persona Christi” says “This is my Body. This is my Blood” and who transubstantiates the bread and wine into the Sacred Species, the Holy Eucharist, leaving only the appearances of bread and wine. The Sacred Species is not in the bread and wine. The Sacred Species is the bread and wine. The priest, “in Persona Christi” forgives sins, both Sacraments of the Catholic Church.
    As Supreme Pontiff, the Vicar of Christ on earth, the priest, who is now also the Pope must personify Jesus Christ for all people for all time. Apparently, Pope Francis hid his light under a basket in Sweden and abandoned Swedish Catholics much to the delight of the Lutherans who in charity ought to have insisted on the Pope saying the Mass for them. (Not very ecumenical of the Lutherans while Pope Francis threw his pearls before swine)
    Jesus said of Judas: “Better he had not been born.” Jesus said: “Anyone who scandalizes one of these innocent little ones deserves to put a millstone about his neck and drown himself in the river.” The Catholics in Sweden need to pray for Pope Francis. Holy Scripture condemns Pope Francis’ behavior there.

  5. If one of the Pope major task is evangelization (Matthew 28:19) and he has to be among sinners (as Christ did) then he is in mortal combat with Satan right now. So shouldn’t we be praying that he should prevail and not lose his soul in the process?

  6. Truth requires all of us to take a stand at some point. On the whole, if you believe protestantism, you consider Catholicism false. If you don’t believe protestantism is false, then you don’t really believe Catholicism is true.
    Plus– — there are clear differences in moral teaching within the LWF from one Synod to another

  7. Mary DeVoe, this Pontiff would want to have you thrown out on your ear if you told him any of that. I find him to be annoying and antagonizing. To go to Sweden, where the Lutheran Church is dying, to celebrate the deeds of Luther, is an act of heresy as far as I am concerned. The dufuses who nominated and elected Bergoglio to the See of Peter need to be thrown out of the Church along with Bergoglio. Let them start their own Church…get out of the one I go to.

  8. Everyone knows by now the massive changes of Bergoglio “the reformer” on the CDW (Divine Worship). Pell and Burke fired 10/28/16, and in their place some of the most worthless people installed. Rainer Maria Woelki, Abp of Cologne, now on the CDW, they are openly in favor of homosexual unions/marriage. May 20, 2012, New Ways Ministry reported favorably on Woelki’s view, “The Church should view long-term faithful homosexual relationships as they do heterosexual ones.” Card. John Atcherley Dew of New Zealand has made similar statements (cf. New Ways Ministry’s own views). They are “in” now at the CDW.

    By contrast Card. Bagnasco, who actually has been the focus of death threats because of his views on homosexual promiscuity. Pell and Burke would be of a similar point of view: out.

    But Francis the Reformer is moving on many fronts. Eponymous Flower brought to my attention the pending fate, possibly, of Mariawald, the only Trappist monastery left in all of Germany, even the relatively Catholic Bavarian South:

    I have some connection with Germany and Belgium, was born in Heidelburg, and am a Deutscheophile to a limited degree. Dom Vollmer of Mariawald appears to have seen the handwriting on the walls, and resigned. Why?

    But Maria Wald Abbey is under the diocese of Aachen, which just had a Franken-bishop appointed Sept 23rd (2016), Helmut Dieser. The previous bishop, Archbp. Heinrich Mussinghoff, was a friend of Catholic tradition and a 1994 JP2 appointee. He supported fully Vollmer’s leadership. The new man is an associate of Bp. Stephan Ackermann of Trier (who was his principal consecrator), and Ackermann is a Card. Reinhard-Marx-man all the way (=his Principal consecrator). Dieser is a solid Francis-progressive that views the Latin Mass and its adherents as an aberration in the Church, and wants to stamp them out.
    Dom Vollmer was astute an observer to place his abbey under another arch-abbey’s affiliation (Maria Wald was a sole foundation), because he may be able to stave off a situation like what happened to the Franciscan of Mary Immaculate. It was an extreme step, placing the abbey under a Dutch Trappist abbey (which also is struggling: I know it only has 10 Trappist members left) that is not traditional: only time will tell if it will work out. But staying under Aachen’s new progressive episcopal leadership was not an option, obviously. I will find out more from my daughter who lives nearby in Germany soon.

    But Francis is on the march everywhere.

  9. “Proselytism is a sinful attitude.”
    Pope Francis

    “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”
    Matthew 28:19

    Who needs the devil when we have Bergoglio.

  10. Posted over at Women Priests explains same sex marriage.
    “Let us make man in our own image, in the likeness of ourselves….” (Gen.1: 26) …in the image and likeness of The Trinity, the Person of the Father, the Person of the Son and the Person of the Holy Spirit.
    God created man in the image of Himself,
    In the image of God, He created him,
    Male and female He created them. (Gen.1: 27)
    “It is my delight to be among the sons of men” Jesus Christ said. The Father created The Blessed Virgin Mary to be the Mother of His Son, Jesus Christ. The Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ, was created in original innocence as were our first parents, Adam and Eve, in the likeness of God and in sovereign personhood with a rational, immortal, human soul and free will.
    The Mother of God, The Blessed Virgin Mary was created by God at the request of His Son, Jesus Christ before the fall of Adam and Eve. Every human soul is created by God at the request of man in procreation. The fall of Adam and Eve leaves all generations of mankind with concupiscence, the Original Sin of our first parents.
    The Immaculate Conception is the creation of Mary’s soul, Virgin and Mother, at the request of The Son of God, before the Original Sin of Adam and Eve. Mary is the Woman who will crush Satan’s head. There is nothing Satan can do to implicate Mary in the Sin of Adam. Lucifer said: “I will not serve”. Mary asks nothing but to do the will of God in humility. There is no defect in Mary’s Virginity that the devil can manipulate to have any leverage over her sovereignty. Satan can bang his head on the brimstone and fire walls of hell, but to no avail. Mary, The Mother of God is preserved from the Original Sin of Adam and Eve. Mary vanquishes Satan in time and in eternity. Mary is the lone human being so created, a woman.
    In pride, (I know not why) some sovereign persons who are created equal to every other sovereign person, who, as males treat women as less than themselves. They treat women as somebody to be owned. It is as though they assume the female’s informed consent to become their wife without the woman giving her informed consent to become their wife; indiscriminately treating all women as their wife, without the one sovereign person who has informed consent to become their wife. Persons addicted to sodomy and slavishly wallowing in their concupiscence, have no informed consent to give, for they have disenfranchised themselves of their sovereign free will to be addicted to sodomy. Consenting adults will first have to prove to the Supreme Court that they have informed consent to give to sodomy before any judgement may be forthcoming to legalize the addiction to sodomy. In the same manner, the transgendered or gendered identity individual has forfeit his informed consent to give to any testimony to truth and contract through truth after giving his sovereign personhood into indentured slavery to concupiscence, the Original Sin of Adam and Eve.
    All persons are created equal in Original Innocence. Their moral and legal innocence are the standard of Justice for the state, until such time that they reject their innocence for the indulgence in concupiscence through their free will and rational soul. Created equal, some sovereign persons maintain their original innocence and some sovereign persons must pursue their original innocence through the freedom of “the pursuit of Happiness”. This is the state upholding man to his true dignity.
    “We, the people” have Mary the sinless Virgin to uphold man to his true dignity.

    God, “their Creator” brought the woman to the man and gave her in marriage to the man with instructions to “increase and multiply”. The first marriage was between our first parents with The Blessed Trinity of Persons, The Supreme Sovereign Being, God, as witness. The Blessed Virgin Mary, having been created at the desire of His Son, and representing the whole human race, mankind, was witness. Two witnesses establish a judicial fact.
    God gave Adam his name: Adam. Adam named his wife Eve. Our first parents, in free will chose to follow the serpent: “I will not serve”
    The Blessed Virgin Mary, in free will, chose to remain a virgin, as the handmaid of the Lord. God favored Mary’s choice.
    God promised to send His Son to redeem mankind. God condemned the serpent for entertaining the devil. God promised the serpent that his head will be crushed by the Virgin.
    God cannot contradict Himself. God cannot be and not be. The atheist cannot be and God not be. God keeps His promise.

  11. penguins Fan. Bergoglio has self excommunicate himself and those of his ilk. If I get thrown out on my ear, at least I will know that I have an ear. Thanks for the comment and God bless you and yours.

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