Thy Mercy on Thy People Lord

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All Souls Day is a good time to start a post where we can pray for our dead:

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

I ask Lord that the souls of Larry McClarey, Donald D. McClarey, Mary McClarey, Raymond McClarey, Thelma McClarey, Ralph McClarey, Chuck McClarey, Roscoe McClarey, Betty Taylor, Chris Bissey, Rowena Barry, Nanny Barry, Alice Moore, Dyke Moore, and some poor soul known only to You, may even now be enjoying the Beatific Vision.  May we all share in the joy of those who see You face to face.

List the souls you wish to pray for in the comboxes.

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  1. Frank J. Nachazel- Joan O.Taylor Nachazel – Ruth La Pointe – Howard King – Honorable Judge Ormand Danford- Jim Nachazel-Pete Nachazel-and all the souls that have passed away that I’ve been associated with in the two homes that I’ve been blessed to serve in the past sixteen years. To them all… everlasting peace.

  2. Thanks Bill.
    For yours and as you offered, to all of the intentions on this thread.
    Family…a concept much larger than those gathering at the Thanksgiving table.

  3. I believe they loved me better than I loved them. And, that is a lesson I remember every day as I say my prayers.
    Each night, I pray for, my lovely and wonderful Mother and Father – my brother Peter – my saintly friend “Uncle Richie” – Aunt Margaret and Uncle Bob – Nana – Aunt Peggy – Aunt Nancy – Cousin Margaret – Cousin Eileen – Cousin Jim – Lawrence Charles McClarey – old friends: Joe, Russ and Gerhardt – Cousin Richie – Uncle Lou – Uncle John – Uncle Joe – Uncle George – Aunt Mary – Aunt Mary, Grandma – Aunt Nell – Aunt Rose – Aunt Helen – Uncle Tom – Uncle George – Aunt Evelyn – Uncle Ray – Aunt Sally – Uncle Jimmy – two grandfathers who I never met – the war dead too numerous to name. And, there are more I could pray for. It’s mostly chronological beginning with the recent and with some family grouping. Each of them blessed me with their life and love. Each of them meant a great deal to me.
    Spiritual Work of Mercy: pray for the living and the dead.

  4. Dad, Uncle Jim, Grandma & Grandpap Washinski, Grandma & Papa McLuckie, my great grandparents, two of whom I knew, Frank & Rose Genduso, the deceased members of the Zabrowski & Beall families, I’ll think of more. Our three babies who never saw the light of day, only one of which we could bury, I think are not in Purgatory but I am mentioning them

  5. For all my relatives and my husbands’s relatives gone before us. For those departed who have no one else to pray for them. For Tatoo Bill. For Buster Armbuster, George Moe, Tim Cocusa, Santilli, Kilcline, Col Reed who died in Naval and USAF air accidents. For aborted babies. For KIA. For persecuted Christians througout the world who have died because of their faith.

  6. For all the diehard Cubs fans of the past century who departed this life in steadfast hope of their favorite team’s eventual resurrection… including my grandfather, Thomas Adams, and my parents, John and Alice Krewer. I hope you had the best seats in the house tonight….

  7. Joanne Harris mary Hoffman modest Engel Elise savage Robert savage James savage John savage jack savage Charles Goodman Bertha Goodman Joseph engel

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