Catholics Vote for Trump: Patheos Hardest Hit

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The poll, published by CNN, shows 23 percent of Americans who voted this election season identified themselves as Catholic, while 27 percent said they were Protestant, 24 percent “Other Christian,” 15 percent “No Religion,” and three percent “Jewish.” Of the Catholics who voted, 52 percent voted for Trump and 45 percent voted for Clinton.

Go here to read the rest.  Have our co-religionists finally discovered that the Democrat party is the party of abortion and rabid anti-Catholicism?  Naw, that’s crazy talk!

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Keeping a Promise

As faithful readers of this blog know, I was a very reluctant, and late, supporter of Donald Trump in 2016.  I grudgingly


  1. I’m less interested in the laity’s vote, and far more interested in how the hierarchy voted, but I don’t imagine we will ever know.

  2. Fr. Jonathan Morris! Useless. Worse than useless, detrimental. The answer to what Catholics want- religious freedom, ok. He says limited government?What’s he talking about? Nothing about abortion, assisted suicide, family & marriage, gender lunacy….His example of a friend who is pro-life with 5 kids I thought was invented. How would someone like that have any confusion about who to vote for? But then I had to recall so many pro-life Catholics who denounced Trump, Ross Douthat, Brian Burch & CatholicVote, the Manhattan Declaration crowd, etc.

  3. One of the more disturbing trends leading up this election is watching orthodox Catholics try to attribute virtues to Trump he does not possess. Supporting him as the lesser evil than Hillary is one thing. But singing his praises outright despite the fact is not only a sexual predator by his own admission (more like bragging but I digress), was singing the praise of Planned Parenthood and waffling about whether or not they should be defunded, and calumnious crack pot conspiracy theories (going birther on Ted Cruz and linking his father to Lee Harvey Oswald) is not an act worthy of an orthodox Catholic by any stretch.

    Oh, and let’s not forget Raymond Arroyo’s softball interview with Trump letting the “it’s just locker room banter” go by without nary a challenge. Just one more thing Catholics should be ashamed of.

  4. The Republican Party is the party of God and Country. It is the party of the working man and woman. It is a party where all good Catholics need to be.

    But how about Trump that loudmouth, scamp, womanizer and possible crook? He is the Prodigal Son come home to do the right thing and save his father’s estate from his small minded and self serving brother (Big Business, Wall Street, Cultural Marxism).

  5. A bigger shame Greg, and as you know I have been unsparing in my critiques of Trump, was the attempt this election cycle by many “Catholic” blogs on Patheos to normalize casting ballots for the abortion fanatic Hillary Clinton. I am glad that their effort came up short.

  6. Donald, I’m not going to defend the Patheticos paltrons endorsing Hillary outright or by implication. That’s a disgrace in its own right. Even there, they would at least admit Hillary was a reprobate whereas what I am talking about are orthodox Catholics portraying Trump as somehow virtuous. As much as I despise people like Mark Shea, I would to say found Arroyo’s not following up Trump’s “locker room banter” excuse with at least pointing out it sounded like something much worse even more disturbing given Arroyo’s stature.

  7. Complete candor in regard to Trump Greg will be my guiding star over the coming years. I have considerable misgivings about him but I am curious about what he will do as President. I hope I am pleasantly surprised, but I am also prepared for my fears to be confirmed.

  8. Nothing Raymond Arroyo did could be “far worse” than telling the truth that Hitlary had to be stopped, even if it meant voting for Trump. For the last time, Trump was a very flawed candidate. However, nothing compares to getting a chance to rollback Roe. We all have uncertainty over what Trump will actually do as President but, once again, we all were certain what Hitlary would do. God Bless Raymond Arroyo if he had any hand in bringing home the Catholic vote.

  9. Trump was the imperative. Crooked Hillary would have packed the Court and eventually would result in outlawing the Church because of its “stand” on same-sex marriage, etc. Jill Stein knew it: corrupt, incompetent Hillary could have started WWIII with Russia. It’s what she and Bill do.

    Trump was a democrat when he was pro-abortion, was a sex predator and whatever other detraction that so-called Catholics throw.
    Millions of Americans voted Trump because they have been trodden under foot by lib billionaires, open borders radicals, anti-free market socialists, high tax Ali Babas. The hate-red-state-America crowd had been ruining America since Reagan left office. Red state Americans voted for their survival and against the evil.

  10. You’re assuming that Trump would nominate pro-life Justices; that the Democrats wouldn’t filibuster those nominees; that the Republicans would break the Democrat filibuster; the the Senate would confirm those nominees; and the nominees are in fact solidly pro-life and wouldn’t grow in office.
    It’s going to take a constitutional amendment to overturn Roe
    At Trump is still a Democrat.

  11. Even there, they would at least admit Hillary was a reprobate

    From what I’m seeing? No, at least some of them wouldn’t. People are talking about the woman who routinely engages in behavior that would have me investigated for assault, who destroys people– including women assaulted by her husband– and they call the other person ‘the bully.’
    The nasty audio on Trump, on the other hand, was most likely lockerroom baloney. If you buy that he does stuff like that, and nobody did anything up until now…right.
    Trump is still a Democrat, but every dang election half of the folks going for the Republican nomination are Democrats. He’s odd because, as Kresta was bemoaning yesterday, he doesn’t try to pretend to be a nice Christian. Normally Dems are either nice people (and want to make you be nice in exactly the same way, preferably while funding it), or they’re nasty people who use ‘nice’ to bludgeon you into doing what they want, with heavy sprinkles of Jesus’ name.
    Hillary we know would be worse than Obama– because she’d do the stuff he’s done, and she is competent. Evil– specifically, in the willingness to destroy humans, both the obvious and literal way in abortion, but the less obvious way of destroying lives if it is to her advantage, not even counting those dead from her poor security practices, and routinely putting people at risk because she hates and fears the military. She disarmed the military guards when she’d go to bases in war zones, for heaven’s sake. She put some of my friends at risk of death because she either thinks that her behavior is bad enough they’d be likely to put a bullet in her brain, or she thinks the tiny risk is worth exposing all of them to death.

  12. The filibuster can be done away with a simple majority vote. It is a matter of the Senate rules not the Constitution. Harry Reid has already demonstrated how this can be done. I think Trump will appoint pro-life justices. I doubt if he cares about abortion one way or another, and this is a cheap way for keeping support in Congress and around the country from social conservatives. As for what they do after they are on the court, Quien sabe? All we can do is appoint justices with good track records and strong characters and pray that is enough. I can easily see Trump putting Pence in charge of ramrodding judicial appointments through the Senate.

  13. I almost wish my kids were older, this election would be an incredible example of why it’s a sin to assume the worst about people without good evidence– while y’all here know that I’m one of those people who will go and find the proof, like Trump bragging about cheating on business in various manners (moral, not legal, cheating), it’s amazing how often stuff is less than rumor and gets treated as fact.
    But only against Trump.
    We have a chance that won’t take a miracle, or great suffering.
    I’ll take it.

  14. Donald–
    the “he doesn’t really care about the Justices, and it’s a great sop to go ‘see, see, did what I promised'” argument is one I didn’t hear until yesterday, and it makes sense.


    Just had a thought.
    Basically: Trump’s world-view is, at best, barbaric; Hillary’s is post-Christian. The Barbarian will do stuff, right out there in the open, and refuse to be ashamed of them– the post-Christian will use the ‘outdated morality’ of the Christian as a way to identify vulnerabilities in a target.
    They’ll both view the restrictions they don’t share with contempt, but in different ways. The Barbarian can come to respect the person holding to the restrictions if they’re held to strongly and the person still succeeds; the post-Christian will only respect them when it turns out the restriction was a clever weapon.

  15. HRC was for the infanticide of partial birth abortion. “I am going to pull this seven pound thing out of the vagina” said the doctor in the film. “Seven pound thing” “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created (not born) equal. “It is not that he is ignorant, but that he knows so much of what is not so.” author unknown
    HRC would create a vacuum filled by Sharia law under which no woman would get medical attention. This would balance Obamacare’s books.

  16. Arroyo had a certain amount of discussion time – should he have spent it talking about Trumps sins or talking about what he planned and hoped to do.?
    We know the bad old news but can’t dwell there… it was imperative to give hope a chance

  17. Liberty is to be reserved for a religious and moral people. It is unsuitable for any other. Our greatest concern is the breakdown of morals and the ridicule of virtue that has come to characterize society. Such a population cannot be at liberty. Set beasts free? No! Bring forth the muzzle and chains.
    Hillary would have further eroded the morals of our population and put the destruction of our free republic into overdrive. She would further institutionalize the religious persecution started by Obama.
    Let us hope that President Trump will bring us back from exile, like a modern Cyrus, and May the Grace of God Smile on Him in every Way.

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