Schadenfreude: Stephen Colbert

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Ah, Stephen Colbert on election night.  He bemoans the fact that Americans are so obsessed with politics.  Let that sink in.  Colbert made his career by playing a caricature of a right wing television blowhard to the delight of his left-wing audience.  It is the liberalism that he has championed throughout his career that has permeated society with noxious attempts to enforce ideological conformity.  One can imagine the different tune he would have been singing if Clinton had trounced Trump.  If an unexamined life is a tragedy, “funny man” Colbert’s life is a grim tale indeed.

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  1. Your being too nice Donald, but your dead on.
    A champion of Liberalism indeed.
    Who’s laughing now?

    How many late night jockies scrambling for the scrap’s of Liberal elite $ have bashed the Holy Catholic Church and what she stands for..and for so long?

    Who is trying to build the Church and who is trying to destroy her?

    This is a battlefield and the likes of Colbert do not hesitate to help the enemy.

  2. The Left would be nothing if not for its hypocrisy. Colbert is the embodiment of the Left as, at different points, he is actually for everything, at different points, he says he’s against. Just look at last nights protests. Could you even imagine if disgruntled conservatives took to the streets after Obama’s first victory? The outcry would be vehement. Apparently, these people don’t realize this country transitions power through elections. However, the Left is nothing but supportive of these mobs, including burning Trump in effigy.

  3. Father of Seven.

    The part of his, and as a whole their, hypocrisy that hurts so much is the use of God when it’s convenient. I wonder if Colbert’s grandmother, God rest her soul, when she voted for Kennedy would of done so if abortion on demand was a platform Kennedy supported. Of course she wouldn’t…why? The time was different one might say. Response…what changed?

    Not God.
    He didn’t amend the ten commandments, except to Love God with all your heart mind body and soul, and love neighbor as yourself, a reflection of the commandments.

    What changed was fashion.
    Grampa and Grandma don’t get it because women we’re oppressed back then. Enter the thought and word presses. They crank up the language and modify their behaviour’s to satisfy their appetit regardless of the course.

    Advance through the valley to 2016.

    Gender free bathrooms.
    Taxpayer funded abortions.
    Steven Colbert singing My Country Tis if Thee, yet in reality he is not hugging a Republican.
    He is calling for unity… (?)
    Having cashed in on his fame and fortune by being quippy and witty he has served his master.

    For Steven and all of us, the day will come when we meet our master face to face.

    The song continues…”let freedom ring.”
    Let the church bells ring 60 million times for the freedom denied our unborn, executed for any reason. What would Grandma say?
    She raised a Catholic or a katholic family… and the beautiful names Stevens mother named them.
    The great Saints. Steven? Stoned for the proclamation of seeing God and giving witness. Steven Colbert. You should be so grateful to follow him. You have the audience.
    If you have the faith, you should speak The Truth on your program.

    Abortion Kills human lives.

    God is not amused.

    If your liberal supporters “stone” you by having you blacklisted, then now you’ve reached greatness. Now you can bask in the knowledge of your that gives glory to God.

    Grandmother couldn’t be prouder.
    Saint Steven, pray for us.

  4. As a memorial to our unborn brothers and sisters….some solemn day in the not to distant future…every Christian Church will sound one bell PER second for each aborted child that occurred since Roe v Wade.

    The bell truly would need at least 2 seconds per chime, but at one per second it would take 694 days of continuous ringing or 1.9 years.

    1440 minutes in a day-
    86,400 seconds per day-
    694 days X 86,400 = 59,961,600 est.deaths

    Almost two years of continuous bells ringing would be deafening to say the least, and that’s at 1 second per chime. Double the second and it’s almost four years of non stop Church bells.

    What’s the point?

    It would be a reminder to generations to come of the black days of Abortion on demand in the Land of the Free. A segment of history that is shameful, and great grandparents years from this future event, would tell their great grandchildren of the times the bells never stopped ringing.

    Just a thought from a simple care giver.

  5. It’s as if he’s missing the obvious. As a man who has made his living as a pundit (even if they have tried to insist they’re only comedians, we all know better), and yet we are the problem for being too political. Does he not understand the backlash against this upper class elite who think they are on one plane and us little people are on the other?

  6. Colbert’s performing career took precedent in his life. Like Bill Maher, some incredibly stupid TV executives thought he was funny and put him on television. Colbert is nauseating. He should be working somewhere where he says “Do you want fries with that?”

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