Eating a Bug Open Thread

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The usual open thread rules apply.  Be concise, be charitable and, above all, be amusing.

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  1. Lol.
    “Good enough for a snake.”-Dr. Wong.
    Truer words have never been spoken.

    Dr.Wrong mentioned a possible good will moment by Trump supporting Obama’s pick for Supreme Court. Honestly? The good Doctor may want to invest in a truck load of honey-crisp crickets because his suggestion is worse than his polling predictions.

    CNN and snakes. A reflection of the liberal class.

  2. Take your meds. It is possible to buy bugs to put on chocolate cookies. My kids did this in a local entomyogy class for kids. Very tolerable. It is likely possible to go to Chinatown and purchase something as well, but I’m not entirely sure about Chinese cuisine. In Japan, I ate these crickets that were coated with a kind of teriyaki BBQ sauce. It wasn’t too bad.
    Now, if Dr. Wong had wanted to do something truly impressive: Japanese “nato”-basically slimy, rotten, soy beans. Roughly 50% of the Japanese population can’t stand it. 100% will try to convince the unsuspecting “gaijin” it is the most Japanese thing to eat, and will watch you carefully to see if you can get it within arms length of your nose. With enough mustard and a lot of sake, it can be accomplished.

  3. I disagree that the e-mails were not a policy issue… what could be a more basic policy than to protect national secrets.

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