Breitbart on Abortion

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Mark Shea, fresh from his losing crusade to make pro-abort Hillary Clinton President of the United States, is now attacking pro-lifers who have no problem with President Elect Trump naming former Breitbart CEO Stephen Bannon as his Chief Advisor.  Go here to read Shea’s attack.  Leaving aside the fact that there is no evidence that Bannon is a racist or an anti-Semite, Breitbart has always been firmly pro-life.  Go here and take a look at the Breitbart articles on abortion.  I can understand of course why Mark ignores this.  As his support for Clinton indicates, the fight against abortion is now low on his priority list.

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Keeping a Promise

As faithful readers of this blog know, I was a very reluctant, and late, supporter of Donald Trump in 2016.  I grudgingly


  1. Lesser Evil. Those who are arguing for the new pro-life approach spend more time with the distractions of other separate moral questions, than actually dealing with the thunderous moral question in question, Here is the list of things they think we should be so fearful of, the counter-weights ( they think) to concern about abortion:

    Trump Promised to deny shelter to refugees fleeing war torn Syria
    · Said he would register Muslims in America
    · Threatened the 1st amendment (loosening up libel laws)
    · Threatened the 14th amendment (stop and frisk)
    · Advocated for the use of torture
    · Promised to pull out of the Paris climate agreement
    · Promised to end funding to sanctuary cities
    · Promised to deport millions of undocumented immigrants.

    These other issues are not continuously and grievously occurring. These are political ideas that are being discussed.
    I ask Mark and other alternative universe Catholics, does any one of these promises or threats , or all of them together, add up to the real ( not promised or threatened) murder of a child… or of a sick old person…,

  2. “As his support for Clinton indicates, the fight against abortion is now low on his priority list.”

    As a true Social Justice Warrior, Mark has now made opposing intrinsic evils optional while making leftist, prudential political decisions morally binding.

  3. . Jared Kushner, Jew, is Ivanka’s husband from a wealthy real estate family of Jews. Trump would vanish Bannon if he thought he was anti semitical….as Christie may…may have vanished because he prosecuted Jared’s father years ago on campaign donations.

  4. If Trump were invited to be the guest speaker at Notre Dame’s 2016 graduating class commencement address, I would expect we would hear nothing but venom coming from Mr. Mark Shea. God forbid an elderly shaman spinning his prayer can be arrested on Norte Dame property while the new President prepares to speak…Mark might have a nervous breakdown. The social injustice of it all. 🙂

  5. Another case of a leftist projecting his own sins onto the other side. Mark Shea proudly supported Hitlary, the proud recipient of the Margaret “Abortion is the solution to the Negro problem” Sanger award. Also, you can bet he won’t oppose the purported nominee to run the DNC, Keith Ellison, a Muslim with ties to the virulently anti-semitic CAIR and ISNA.

  6. Here’s what cracks me up. He goes on and on about “being totally whole life.” Ok, let’s grant his argument a moment.
    Where exactly in the world is a society that’s principled around “whole life” like he describes? Would Belgium be a good example? And yet do we find any proof that they are, in fact, completely pro-life? Doesn’t look like it.
    Yet he’s the one who often mocks others for living by theory and not reality. With his skill at projection, if the blogging thing doesn’t work out for him, it seems like Mark can always get a job at a movie theater.

  7. From the Shea article justifying his support for Clinton:

    “I would actually feel bound by my conscience to do so, precisely *because* of my Catholic–prolife–faith.”

    It is unfair – perhaps “intellectually dishonest” to borrow a phrase from McClarey’s defense of Rush Limbaugh – to say that abortion is low on Shea’s priorities. He may be wrong but that’s not the same as not caring.

  8. I can’t decide. Is Mark who dishonest or stupid?
    Repeat after me: “false equivalency.” In what bizarre reality is one or any of the trivialities anzalyne listed (for us) equivalent to murdering in their mothers’ wombs 50 million innocent, unborn babies?
    Mac, I love you, man! Without you I wouldn’t know a pundit could be so totally wrong with such a perfect degree of consistency.

  9. I know this thread is not about this, but it is a thought I want to say 🙂 about the People’s concern about who Trump might appoint to his Cabinet, kitchen or otherwise: President Obama appointed Czars.

  10. “I would actually feel bound by my conscience to do so, precisely *because* of my Catholic–prolife–faith.”

    If one is concerned about the almost million abortions a year in this country, at a minimum we should expect that person not to be championing the candidate for President who fanatically supports abortion:

    What would we think about a self-proclaimed abolitionist who supported a pro-slavery candidate for President in 1860, or a Jew in 1932 Germany who voted for the Nazis?

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