My Feeling Precisely

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Hattip to LarryD at Acts of the Apostasy.

I can say the Our Father without strangers attempting to hold my hands, thank you very much.

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PopeWatch: Trolling

PopeWatch suspects the Pope is just trolling us now:   Vatican City, Feb 14, 2019 / 05:41 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Francis


  1. I salute you who have to put up with that nonsense at Mass.

    The Mass of the Ages has none of that, but, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea either.

  2. pf

    same here….our priest is centered on Christ.
    Not man.

    The general rubrics of the Roman Missal is void of the Protestant practice mentioned.
    At least the last time I checked it was.
    Who knows now-a-days?

    Something else you won’t see happening from our pews is the mimicking of the priests hand and arm gestures as he recites; “For the Kingdom, the Power and Glory be yours now and forever.” You will notice our hands clasped together with fingers pointing heavenward. Something that Pope Francis ridiculed an altar server for a couple of years ago; “What’s a matter..are your hands stuck together?”

    I do recall Fr. Larry Richards ( on EWTN radio)
    telling a listener that the early Church did raise their hands as a practice, however, it is not a norm today.

    Interestingly, some of the German Cardinals bare a striking resemblance to Dr. Zaius.

  3. There are a couple of Byzantine-rite churches about a 40 minute drive from you (in Joliet). There’s another in Lockport, Ill. about 45 minutes away. Nearest Maronite Church is in Lombard, Illinois, about 67 minutes away.

  4. I heard fr Larry Richards talk about it being important to do what congregation does where you are celebrating mass that day because unity. I wonder which more important unity with local, or unity with Church through the rubrics

  5. Quick as lightening, the practice of holding hands came in. For a couple of years, it was a norm that I just refused to participate in. Now, as suddenly, folks holding hands find themselves twos and threes.

    I don’t know what changed but I am glad to not be harassed about it.

  6. . It’s cultural not right or wrong nor masculine/ feminine. Christ was far more touchy feely than us cold temperature folk when He let John at the last supper lean into his chest or when He said this to a male host in Luke 7:45: ” Thou gavest me no kiss; but she, since she came in, hath not ceased to kiss my feet.”. I’m not inclined to it at Mass but I do not refuse if the person next to me tries it. If a female were excessively beautiful facially ( my weakness) like the slimmed down Melissa O’Neil of Dark Matter ( half Irish, half Chinese…stunning), I if alone wouldn’t sit near her in a pew for several reasons including being distractive of the Our Father if she signalled me to hold her hand….since Aquinas, who chased a woman out of his room with a torch,wisely noted…”Joy is higher than pleasure but pleasure is stronger than joy.” Wherefore Aquinas didn’t dialogue with the lady of the night that his family sent to him, but he carried a torch not for her but toward her….big difference.

  7. It is one of the main reasons I feel a physical repulsion when invited by otherwise well-meaning Catholics to attend “services” at the local Novus Ordo celebration. I do so, but it is like eating nails.

    That, and the horrendous music. Just yesterday the local classical music station played a flawlessly executed rendition with 4 voices of Mozart’s short motet, “Ave Verum Corpus”. I had to stop what I was doing and listen. I could hear a pin drop. We exchanged this, for “Let There Be Peace on Earth”?

    One plus: when I attend a N.O. service, it tells me what I could be dealing with EVERY Sunday.

  8. I want to echo David Spaulding. What he describes has been the experience in my small Cajun town.
    I clearly remember when everyone (it seemed) was holding hands, even I joined in. But, without any direction from the priests, people just …. stopped. Sure there are a few people here and there who do; and there are even a few nearby parishes where it might be the norm, but not to the degree that it once was.
    Thank goodness.

  9. Those hands that are being thrust at you either to be held or to be shaken are the same hands that, in a few minutes, will be thrust out to receive Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from, probably, a Eucharistic minister.

  10. Yes. By mouth and kneeling on the communion rail. Our church has been restored from the awful post Vatican II highjacking, to the pre-V II condition.
    Beautiful and rich in relics of many Saints respectfully located in their reliquaries surrounding the altar. The statues returned and with them the honor due to the Sacred.

    I do love our faith community and the holiness that attracts our young men and women to feel called to religious life. This matters! The surroundings matter and God who willfully subjects himself to be present in the Eucharist and housed in the tabernacle is front and center in our old traditional Church.

    To think for a moment that we have a pontiff who is discouraging these forms of revival, TLM to be exact, it’s unbelievable.

    Our vocations to religious life are soaring from our little community, Cedar Michigan, and it is due to Christ being honored 24/7 in our Adoration chapel. This is the key! Jesus does the rest! Adore him and he will turn the priest from facing the community to facing Himself, and when that happens watch out! Watch the graces flow. Watch the young men yearn to learn Latin and become Holy. Watch and listen to the young girls who sing as if angelic.
    Chaste and happy, not feeling discriminated against for not being allowed to be altar servers. Watch for the coming of Christ!
    The new Springtime nears.

  11. That, and the horrendous music.

    The pseudonymous Diogenes once asked, “Do you know anyone who likes this stuff other than div school twinks?” The diocese of Rochester commissioned a survey of musical tastes about a dozen years ago. The responses were as follows: 24% said ‘traditional music only’; 18% said ‘modern music only’; 29% said ‘mixed’; and 29% said they were indifferent or disliked music generally. I lived in the Diocese of Syracuse at the time, and cannot imagine that the balance of opinion would have been much different. Syracuse was free of Bp. Clark’s initiatives in parish governance (appointing some dame as ‘parish administrator’ and then having traveling sacramental capons appear and say Mass per her specs) and free of the lavender cabal in Bp. Clark’s chancery. OTOH, Bp. Moynihan was less gracious with the Latin Mass communities and standards of parish music were (best I could survey) lower.

    So, presupposing you had the same balance of opinion in Syracuse as you did in Rochester, what were you served? Well, the people who dislike music were generally accommodated with the 8:00 services. The people who wanted only modern music were treated to 11:00 masses for which the musical selections over a 4 or 5 week period were about 85% modern and 15% traditional. Everyone else got flipped the bird. I discovered one village parish about 50 miles outside of Syracuse for which the music was traditional by default. Masses which just had plainchant and polyphony were almost unknown and only seen (AFAIK) in and among Latin Mass communities.

  12. Having attended a Christmas concert at the Nation Shrine last Friday eve with an orchestra and 2 choirs, and then the Bishop’s installation service at St. Thomas More Cathedral on Tuesday with beautiful music, the papal nuncio, 3 cardinals, a dozen bishops from Roman and Byzantine rites, most of the diocese’s priests, deacons and seminarians the bar has been set pretty high. Today we were back at our cinder block church with folding chairs with Marian hymns sung acapella ugg.. We sing the Sanctus and Agnus Dei well though.
    I don’t care for the introduce yourselves to your neighbor before Mass and the Kiss of Peace. If I have a cold I wear gloves or keep my hands in my pockets, but I never freeze someone out if they have made an overture to me..

  13. Dear Lord in Heaven! Will you folks fit in with the worship in Heaven with people from all around the world who worship in a slight variation than you? You folks make greeting another Christian for whom Christ died almost a sin. I simply do not understand.

  14. Bill Bannon, it sounds like you would have difficulty even in a business setting shaking hands in a casual or introductory greeting if a woman is beautiful. Even though I want to be shocked by that, I know enough of human nature & weaknesses, to be glad you discipline your self in order to control your weakness in this area. I, as a female, often have difficulty with the dress of many women partaking part in the service because their clothes are so revealing. I am not attracted to the women in any way–I am offended by their lack of modesty and respect. To me, dressing immodestly and going to church makes the church service all about you–rather than the worshipping of God.

  15. “Will you folks fit in with the worship in Heaven with people from all around the world who worship in a slight variation than you?” – ‘The Christian Teacher’ (TCT)
    Well, so much for empathizing and not judging others’ sentiments by one’s own comfort zone. If TCT decides the protocols of the heavenly court and the company of the blessed, I will wait for ‘the next bus’ (cf. “The Great Divorce” of CS Lewis).

    Maybe to assist your comfort zone TCT, it would be best if Bannon and I not attend your party.

    (Sorry for speaking for Bannon, but I am comfortable with the likelihood that he isnt going to be trying to hold my hand while we are trying to experience according to our mode the Beatific Vision—–presuming I should somehow, given my quite checkered life, be so fortunate as to gain the lip of heaven. Sounds like a bonus to me.)

  16. And, Philip, thank you for describing the profound experience you have in your N.O. church. From your lips to God’s ear.

  17. Steve Phoenix.

    What’s profound is the sacrifices made by my fellow Catholics who travel over an hour to belong to our parish. We’re only 2 miles away, however my friends drive long distances to be a vibrant part of this faith community. Amazing!

    It’s God who’s glory we seek.
    We have many blessings at Holy Rosary.

  18. “Well, so much for empathizing and not judging others’ sentiments by one’s own comfort zone. If TCT decides the protocols of the heavenly court and the company of the blessed, I will wait for ‘the next bus’ (cf. “The Great Divorce” of CS Lewis).”

    My point exactly. God decides the protocols–not man.

  19. “Will you folks fit in with the worship in Heaven with people from all around the world who worship in a slight variation than you?” – ‘The Christian Teacher’ (TCT)
    Didn’t quite get the message the first time that God decides the protocols. Glad to hear it now.

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