Godspeed John Glenn

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  1. From Wikipedia:

    “A Freemason, Glenn was a member of Concord Lodge # 688, New Concord, Ohio, and DeMolay International, the Masonic youth organization, and was an ordained elder in the Presbyterian Church.”

  2. Today let us concentrate on his courage and service to this country. He was a Marine aviator who flew combat missions in both World War II and Korea and earned six Distinguished Flying Crosses, let alone the courage he demonstrated as a test pilot and an astronaut.

    “Though the great houses love us not, we own, to do them right,
    That the great houses, all save one, have borne them well in fight.
    Still Caius of Corioli, his triumphs and his wrongs,
    His vengeance and his mercy, live in our camp-fire songs.
    Beneath the yoke of Furius oft have Gaul and Tuscan bowed:
    And Rome may bear the pride of him of whom herself is proud.”

  3. The facts about his masonic affiliations, along with his membership in the party of death cannot be overlooked. The facts are what they are. Let us pray for his soul without giving undue adulation.

  4. Col Glenn was an American hero. When his space capsule was returning to earth the heat shielding was falling off; his wife was notified that he might not make it as there was a good chance the capsule with him inside would burn up. Some of the controls malfunctioned and he had to “fly” in manually. Glenn met his wife Annie in jr. high and it was a love match, and apparently a long and happy marriage despite the deployments and the demands of political life. My husband always quotes me that “WE went through NTPS (Naval Test Pilot School)”. I don’t remember claiming that; he did it on his own and I was and am immensely proud of him. But it was a stressful time with his long hours of study down at the hangar and test flying in an extremely competitive environment, a very busy toddler and a baby on the way. Thankfully the wives supported each other. The older Catholic aviators ( my husband was one) prayed for each other that they wouldn’t wash out or crash. There were 3 fatal crashes while we were there and one survivor with a new face – reminders to always be in a state of grace.

  5. This is where John Genn stood on political issues:
    He was a typical moderate left liberal. But I say again “moderate.” Of course I would never have voted for him. But I would always respect him as a hero. Even heroes can be politically wrong. So I hope that in God’s mercy he has made it to Heaven, or will make it after whatever time in Purgatory God may require. That is the best that I can wish for him.

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