PopeWatch: Coprophagia

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The Pope comes up with another memorable phrase:



In a recent interview with Tertio, a Belgian Catholic weekly, Pope Francis likened news that is “wanting to communicate scandal … [and] ugly things” – even in cases where there is truth to a story – to the “sickness of coprophilia,” which the Oxford Living Dictionary defines as an “abnormal interest and pleasure in feces and defecatio



“A thing that can do great damage to the information media is disinformation: that is, faced with any situation, saying only a part of the truth, and not the rest,” the pope said, according to a transcript of the interview. “This is disinformation. Because you, to the listener or the observer, give only half the truth, and therefore it is not possible to make a serious judgment.

“Disinformation is probably the greatest damage that the media can do, as opinion is guided in one direction, neglecting the other part of the truth,” he added.


The pope also said that “people have a tendency towards the sickness of coprophagia,” which means that misinformation and scandalous stories “can do great harm.” Coprophagia is defined as “the eating of feces or dung.”




Go here to read the rest.  Well, welcome to the Club your Holiness.  Most conservatives have assumed for years that much of the product of the mainstream media bears a striking resemblance to male bovine waste.

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  1. “This is disinformation. Because you, to the listener or the observer, give only half the truth, and therefore it is not possible to make a serious judgment.”

    So then, answer the questions from the four cardinals since we seek the whole truth.

  2. Methinks the Pope has been reading too much Luther on the sly! (For those not in the know, Martin Luther was obsessed with feces all his adult life.) Not a sign of good mental health. No wonderS if Thomas More said he vomited s**t!

  3. When I first saw this a few days ago, I struggled with the fact that this had come from our pontiff.
    Even though he is correct in what he says, surely he could have found a different term with which to couch his criticism of the press. Then I remembered that he is latino, and thought, “Ah well – it’s just like a lot of the other crap he comes up with.”
    Then he comes out with things like, ” Don’t be a trendy priest or bishop – because the sheep will smell you out.” So apt in the Catholic Church generally, but very applicable in our own land of Godzone, with liberal bishops and some very heterodox priests.
    Sadly, we are headed for a major schism as Bp. Athanasius Schneider warns us – and as Our Lady has been warning us since Quito in the early 1600’s.
    Come Lord Jesus, and save your Church.

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