I Guess They’ve Heard About Us

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A classic scene from the film Twelve O’clock High:   General Savage, played by Gregory Peck, is briefing his 918th Bomb Group.  He announces to them that Intelligence  has reported that the Germans have been taking fighter units from the East Front and stationing them in Germany.  Savage pauses, smiles, and says to the laughter and cheers of his men, “I guess they’ve heard about the 918th!”.


From Mahound’s Paradise:


 In the last two days these events have transpired:

1. The Pope and his close allies have started to promote the narrative that opposition to the agenda of Amoris Laetitia is part of a vast right-wing conspiracy. The conspiracy involves American bloggers, English and Italian journalists, dusty Catholic periodicals, the leading Catholic media company, cyberattacks by quasi-anonymous “trolls” and those who spread “fake news.” They’re all part of the “right-wing propaganda machine.”



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  News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:   WASHINGTON, D.C.—Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is busy celebrating her victory over the


  1. Unfreaking believable. The Libs at theVatican are coordinating with the DNC/Hillary Incorporated Lapdog press/usual suspects of the freedom/truth haters at large.

  2. First, where previously have we heard/seen such propaganda? I remember. In the 1990’s, Crooked Hillary used similar calumnies to distract the lying media (I repeat myself) and idiotic liberals (redundant) from Slick Willie’s rapes, lies, scandals, etc.

    Second, they call it a “vast right-wing conspiracy.” I call it faithfulness to millennial Teachings and Objective Truth of Holy Mother Church.
    There is no right and left. There is Truth and untruth.

  3. This is all good. Hopefully, the MSM seeking a fresh story, will pick up on all of this, i.e, how the poor Pope is under siege from some of the same folks who elected Trump. This should be helped especially if priests are forced by the Pope to preach on climate change as Drudge has reported.

  4. Michael Dowd, does this not mean:
    Bless me father for I confess to have started the lawn mower?
    Bless me father for I ate cabbage, contributing to the methane problem?
    I once had a coal stove?
    I don’t like prius?
    I drove my pickup to the store twice this week?

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