PopeWatch: It’s Worse

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Regina magazine has a hair raising interview with Edward Pentin, National Catholic Register reporter:


Lastly, it’s important to point out that simply by matching facts with words coming from the Pope and his allies, it’s clear there is significant lying and deceit taking place, as well as calumnies and the besmirching of reputations of those labeled to be “on the right” just because they are publicly critical of Amoris Laetitia, or merely report on such criticism. It genuinely pains me to say all this, because as a Catholic journalist one doesn’t wish in any way to diminish the Petrine Office, but I feel I have an obligation to report the facts on what is happening. 


Go here to read the rest.  No matter how bad you have thought the situation is with the current powers that be at the Vatican, it’s worse.  God help us all.

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  1. The Pope and his cronies are as much heretics as Obama and his cronies are traitors. It really is that simple: the devil’s two-pronged approach at demoralizing and destroying us. But thank God the Dems lost. Now for Him to take care of Jorge Bergoglio and the rest at the Vatican. Oh for Raymond Burke to be Pope!

  2. What truly hurts is that our parish priest wears his cassock out of love for God and gives a testimony on God’s behalf. How many souls wouldn’t of asked him if he was a priest if he was dressed as a lay Catholic? The graces he has helped to distribute through hearing the stories from complete strangers all because he is wearing his cassock all the time.

    And the Pope has the audacity to call these Holy men effeminate?

  3. Father Bergoglio seems to be oblivious to the saints and angels in heaven, starting with the Immaculate Conception. How can one not believe in the Church Triumphant, and lie about the creed, the communion of saints?

  4. Jorge Bergoglio is not all there. He is a bitter old man, lashing out at any and all who disagree with him, a Captain Queeg of Vatican City, backed up by the slimy Cardinal Kasper and his cohorts.
    Catholics who love and abide by Catholic teaching as handed down through the centuries are Bergoglio’s strawberry thieves. Kasper, Wuerl and their buddies don’t care.
    Something will happen, soon. I don’t know what. God will not be mocked.

  5. Long, long ago, in a galaxy, far, far away, Jesuits who wore the cassock, were you to call them effeminate, would have called you out into the hallway in order to counsel you with a good swift charitable headlock, while awaiting your act of contrition.

    One of them, God love him, Fr. John L. Flynn, SJ, who passed away recently, was an outstanding football player, and I saw him play basketball once—well, effeminate, decidedly not.


    Another, the late Fr. Ed Callanan, SJ, actually left the USC football program where he was to be the next outstanding tailback, on a full-ride scholarship, to follow his calling to the priesthood.

    And now we have this fop of a Jesuit calling real men “effeminate.”

    I am convinced his brain cancer continues growing, more and more affecting his reasoning every day, and he is losing it.

  6. The best part of all this Papal exposure, by a mainstream Catholic publication, is that more people will realize what a truly bad man is Pope Francis who is clearly doing the work of the devil. Let us pray that he repent or be replaced very soon. The moral damage he is doing to the world at large, not just Catholics, is catastrophic. Here we have a supposed “holy man”, the head of the Catholic Church advocating sinful behavior. This is unprecedented. God must intervene.

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