Debate in the Age of Francis

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Law professor Stephen Bainbridge brings to our attention the one sided nature of debate within the Catholic Church in this pontificate:


There’s going to be a third meeting at Catholic University on “the relationship of Catholicism to libertarianism.” As with the others, there are no libertarians (or, indeed, anyone remotely right of center) on the docket. Instead:

There will be three major talks. The first, by Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego, will examine three faces of erroneous autonomy in the current political climate, and author Thomas Frank will give a presentation of the political landscape from a liberal, and populist, perspective. Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston will speak about the dignity of work, and Trumka will give concluding remarks.

McElroy is a progressive unlikely to articulate libertarian or conservative views. Thomas Frank, of course, is a darling of the progressive movement and sharp critic of capitalism. And the Trumka in question is Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO.

One would have hoped that CUA would have included representative voices of pro-capitalist Catholic social thought thinkers such as Michael Novak, Fr. Robert Sirico, or, for that matter, yours truly.

Go here to read the rest.  Debates are so much easier to win if one constructs strawmen and debates only them, rather than live advocates of another point of view.


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  1. Trunks is a disgusting human being. He lives off of the wages of people so actually work and he is an angry hard left bombastic blowhard. How do I know? He is from the Pittsburgh area and his brain is in a time warp. He thinks he is Walter P. Reuther.
    I would rather watch Sponge Bob than listen to Trumka, whose rank and file elected Trump.

  2. The thing is, this one sided debating style long proceeds this disastrous pontificate. So, it is to some degree unfair to pin this all on Pope Francis.


    Another thing is, the “good” bishops like Chaput, Lori,, Gomez et. al. pull crap like this all the time when it comes to capital punishment and immigration. But yet the same people who rightly criticize the McElroys and the O’Malleys don’t have guts to call out Chaput et. al. by name. And until they do, what real right do they have to be taken seriously?

  3. It’s reflective of the slovenly mediocrity that’s the mode in higher education today. Take their subsidies away, institute federal and state law replacing the baccalaureate degree with a series of concentrated degree and certificate programs (1-4 academic years for academic and the arts; 1 calendar year for most vocational subjects), pass state laws restricting the ambo of state arts-and-sciences faculties to a discrete set of nominated subjects, and close the state teacher-training, social work, and library schools. Punish them.

  4. This is how liberal progressives debate. They encourage being ignored and blocked. They set up this system of division where one side does not listen to the other. Then they wonder why there is so much hate. Civil war may well happen because of such antics – demonize the enemy and the enemy will become the demon who tears you apart.

  5. A visiting Psychiatrist from another culture would diagnose all liberals as schizophrenic since the phenomena of “Word Salad” is one of the main clues when diagnosing. Like liberals, schizophrenics babble on and on and on, without saying anything.
    Eventually, the progressives will institute a Poll to prove that God does not exist. And then, they will babble on and on and on and on…….

  6. It just occurred to me ! With many of our more spastic liberal politicians, we could term their babble as “Weird Salad” !
    I just kill myself !

  7. For all you Sponge Bob fans, and frustrated Political Scientists, I think I can sum up the entire Progressive Movement’s strategy. They don’t have Bibles, so they found the section in the dictionary outlining “Hobson’s Choice” and ran with it.

  8. “Why do you anarchists hate roads so much, Dorothy ?” Ummm, because they all lead to Rome ?

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