Debbie Reynolds: Requiescat In Pace

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Legendary actress Debbie Reynolds has died of a stroke one day after the death of her daughter Carrie Fisher.  It is said that she wished to be with her daughter, and I can deeply empathize with that sorrowful sentiment of a parent longing for a dead child.  May the mercy of God enfold them both.

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  1. Ufff. RIP you dear talented lady.
    At least it is a mercy to be excused from attending her daughter’s funeral. God rest them both. Heartfelt prayers for the surviving family members.

  2. It’s mildly silly, but… my husband and I are both planning to stay up until midnight for New Year’s.
    I want to see this year die.
    Too much death, too much sorrow; both the famous folks, and those whose names or even demographics we don’t even know.

  3. Foxfire, that is nonsense. People die everyday. Five million died in the Congo war that nobody outside of Africa knew or cared about. Most of the celebrity deaths were due to drugs and quite predictable. Nobody gets out of this world alive.

    And this is besides the more immediate deaths that a lot of people are dealing with.
    But hey, by all means let’s assume that nobody on earth is dealing with anything but freaking celebrity deaths, and then let’s ignore that this is a post on a woman whose daughter died right before Christmas, and put in some cheap junk about the eternal fighting in the Congo and nobody getting out of the world alive.
    Because that’s not worthy of at the very least mockery.

  5. Phillip-
    it beats crying, especially if most of the friends and family who died this year you didn’t even get to bury because even if you could afford to travel to the funeral, you aren’t medically allowed to.
    I’ll stick with staying up to watch the year die.

  6. Foxfier.

    Dear woman.
    My condolences.
    If you will allow me to pray for your friends and family I would. Our Lady’s feast day tomorrow is suitable, and as for health, I will offer my Rosary in the AM for you and yours.

    Peace Foxfier.
    And a much better year coming for you and family I pray.

  7. Foxfier.

    At end of our TLM this morning Fr. Libby mentioned that a plenary indulgence was available for singing Come Holy Spirit as long as the faithful also fulfills the ordinary conditions.

    I did, and it was for your deceased friends and family, along with the Glorious Mysteries of the rosary.

    This year will be a better one dear Foxfier.

  8. Debbie Reynolds was a great lady who really cared and loved her children no matter what and her daughter Carrie cracked me up on her last appearance on the Steven Colbert show. Good people. God Bless.

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