PopeWatch: Pacifism

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Pope Francis gave his usual paean to pacifism in his message for World Peace Day.  In his message he made this statement:

Nor can we forget the eventful decade that ended with the fall of Communist regimes in Europe.  The Christian communities made their own contribution by their insistent prayer and courageous action.  Particularly influential were the ministry and teaching of Saint John Paul II.  Reflecting on the events of 1989 in his 1991 Encyclical Centesimus Annus, my predecessor highlighted the fact that momentous change in the lives of people, nations and states had come about “by means of peaceful protest, using only the weapons of truth and justice”.   This peaceful political transition was made possible in part “by the non-violent commitment of people who, while always refusing to yield to the force of power, succeeded time after time in finding effective ways of bearing witness to the truth”.  Pope John Paul went on to say: “May people learn to fight for justice without violence, renouncing class struggle in their internal disputes and war in international ones”. 


Go here to read the rest.  Thus the Pope airbrushes out of history the role of weaponry and military alliances in bringing about the fall of Communism, not to mention the bankruptcy of the Soviet Union in attempting to keep up with the US militarily.  The Pope of course makes this statement at a time when his policy of bringing huge numbers of muslim “refugees” into Europe is claiming new victims almost daily.  One does not have to wield a weapon in order to be morally responsible for the violence caused by those who do.





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  1. Related to this is the Strategy of Technology by Stefan T. Possony, Ph.D.; Jerry E. Pournelle, Ph.D.; and
    Francis X. Kane, Ph.D. (Col., USAF Ret.):
    It was in part a strong nuclear deterrent, the threat of the Strategic Defense Initiative and the bankruptcy of socialism that resulted in the demise of the USSR. It was Pope St John Paul II, AND President Ronald Reagan, AND Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher standing together against an evil enemy which was called evil.
    “Nor can we forget the eventful decade that ended with the fall of Communist regimes in Europe.”
    Jorge Bergoglio ought to melt down that commie crucifix he got from that tin pot Latin American dictator. Until he does, all his words mean nothing. Or maybe communism is bad only in Europe because white Europeans are bad, but Muslims and Hispanics are ok?

  2. “May people learn to fight for justice without violence, renouncing class struggle in their internal disputes and war in their international ones.”

    Good advice. The three priests who, when their advocate asked PF for an explanation as to Why they were being removed, were told.. apparently..that; “And I am the Pope. I do not have to give reasons.”

    Not privileged to all the information makes things uneven, however if this tone from PF is true, it must be interesting to preach pacifism while carrying a big stick.

  3. Let Pope Francis dismiss the Swiss Guard before commenting on defensive military, weaponry and just war. Pope Pius XII, the French underground resistance, the German resistance, the Italian resistance all fought for Truth and Justice. Pope Francis would eradicate their sacrifices, their bravery and their patriotism to label their actions armed violence. Let Pope Francis resign the Papacy and go live as a hermit. There is still time.

  4. No where does he state that “the fall of Communist regimes in Europe” was a good thing. It’s sort of implied but…..

  5. We all know what to expect from this Pontiff. History is not a strong point of his. Neither is getting along with people.

  6. Very informative link, Philip, thank you (re. catholiccitizens.org article and the dismissal of 3 Vatican dicastery priests, apparently for criticizing, even though privately, the Pope’s decision-making).

    My, my, Jorge Borgiagoglio.

  7. If the priests-being-dismissed story is true– is it really a surprise?
    I’m pretty sure one of the few things Don and I have agreed on about this Pope is that his near obsession with being humble is because of a weakness in the opposite direction.
    He’s going to fail sometimes.

  8. If Pope Francis thinks he is a master of peace he should begin in place where he might have some effect, i.e, his own backyard. Instead of making peace in the Catholic Church he has started a war. And it is a war with Christ Himself. Bad move Pope Francis.

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