Mentally Handicapped Man Tortured By Four Monsters

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Unbelievable, even by Chicago standards:


Chicago Police detectives are questioning four African-Americans suspected of torturing a white mentally disabled man on videotape while someone yelled “F— Trump!” and “F— white people!,” a police spokesman confirmed Wednesday.

“The video is reprehensible,” said Anthony Guglielmi, the police spokesman.

The white victim lives in northwest suburban Crystal Lake, Guglielmi said.

Detectives think the young man, who appeared to be in his late teens or early 20s, met some acquaintances in northwest suburban Streamwood and they drove him to Chicago in a stolen vehicle, Guglielmi said.

The victim is believed to have been held hostage and tortured in an apartment in the 3400 block of West Lexington on the West Side, Guglielmi said.


Go here to read the rest.  Jesus Wept.

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  1. Chicago’s political class is not concerned with law enforcement. They’re concerned with striking poses on race relations. The police know this and are hanging out at the doughnut shop to avoid the sort of incidents which lead to you being shivved by politicians.

  2. Nothing shocks me, however this is probably the worst I’ve ever seen teenagers treat someone and be so ignorant to post it on Facebook. The level of ignorance with these black kids is appalling. Hopefully ALL ARE CHARGED WITH HATE CRIMES INCLUDING TORTURE, FALSE ARREST, KIDNAPPING AND AS MANY APPLY UNDER THE LAW AS ADULTS, NOT AS CHILDREN. OUT OF AT LEAST 4 INDIVIDUALS, NOT A SINGLE ONE ATTEMPTED TO STOP ANY OF THIS. CALLING HIM A BITCH ASS NIGGER.. WOW, I CANT SEE WHY HOW AND WHY THEYVE MURDERED 760 OF THIER OWN. DISGUSTING SAVAGES. May Chicago rot in hell.

  3. Hate crimes?

    Back up a second.
    Hate crimes are; Publicly reading scripture, Defending Truth, Acknowledging disordered behavior in Homosexuality, Transgender and Lesbian lifestyle choices.
    Voting for Pro-Life politicians, Voting aginist euthanasia platforms, Refusing to bake a cake for a gay marriage, Refusing to adopt common core in your children’s public school systems…Need I go on?

    These folks above are only expressing their black lives…And THEY matter. To heck with the disabled white boy. He was fair game in today’s morality. A Trump voter, the monsters called him.

    The videographer, puffing on her smoke, is giddy at the brutality being demonstrated in front of her face. Hells bells…Isis has nothing on these terrorist. Isis could take notes…learn from these Farrakhan brothers.

    Jesus wept indeed.

  4. As Donald says at the end, “Jesus wept.” But when He comes again this time on that Great White Horse clothed in a robe dipped in blood (Revelation 19), He ain’t a’gonna be weeping.
    I have nothing profound to say. My heart goes out to the man tortured,and my rage to the racists who did this and the liberals who aid and abet this.

  5. Racists exist ! Wire racist shot those black people in S C. It was wall -to-wall coverage in the press!! Black and white politicians everywhere. Clinton jumped all over that story. Now… the difference is that you will not see ANY black politicians or Obama decry this. Obama will not comment. He might even pardon them!! Before trial! Common sense demands we ask ” WHY have things developped this way ? Anti white is PC now.

  6. I will pray for this today at Mass, There are no words to describe the horror and ain the young man suffered only because he is white.

  7. This behaviour is unacceptable and criminal no matter what colour of skin the abusers are. Racism exists and is not confined to one colour and the current political climate is not helping. Pray for peace and love

  8. …”Unbelievable, even by Chicago standards”…

    No, this is what happens when Christian values (brought and kept through Christian Religion and Christian liturgy), are obliterated whatever the excuse (laicism, socialism, progresism, “englightment”, sex among teens…)

    We gladly forget that in most (if not all) of the cultures and religions, including Jews and Greeks this kind of inhuman behaviour is and was normal.

    It is Christianity who brought the protection of the poor, the feeble, the sick; and created the culture that consider as normal (still more; a right) to protect and defend the most needed in its society.

    Now, we are discovering to our own peril what is to live without humanity and without God.

    I really doubt whether it is wothly to destroy our civilization whith no gain for someone (except for those (cultural marxists ) that are planning and implementing these measures)

  9. I tutored a rough black girl for three years one floor above a drug gang and sent her to Catholic school for that three years. Two years ago I mugged a black guy who Robbed my house of a lethal weapon on the NY harbor. I once taght public school with black teachers who were wonderful. One had her house robbed four times by blacks because they knew her schedule and her working husband’s schedule. There are wonderful blacks bt there are a substantial number of blacks who have zero relationship to God and His rigid laws about loving one spouse until death. No fathers….no morals for many. There are exceptions who choose God despite having no father. There are many whose violence results from the fornicative absent father.
    Poverty?…India has the lowest divorce rate in the world…Asia has the lowest murder rate…with poverty.

  10. It’s incidences like this one that confirm the Dylan Roofs of the world in their hatred for people different from themselves.
    To invert the usual liberal media meme.

  11. In reading the comments I am reminded that those good ole white boys whom these liberals hate are the ones who believe in a strong 2nd Amendment. They are not going to forever sit idily by while their disadvantaged kin are beaten and assaulted by hooligans and thugs. If the police won’t protect the innocent, then those good ole boys may decide to, and God help us when that day comes. We have had 8 years of Obama stoking the flames of racism. And you can’t do that for almost a decade without consequences. I pray that none of what I pessimisticly postulate comes to pass. I hope people keep their heads and wits about them. But when you’re kin folk are being beaten and tortured, that’s hard to do. Liberals have sown the whirl wind. God has a tendency due to man’s free will of letting man reap what he has sown.

  12. One of my favorite things about eight years of Obamagic is all this racial healing.

    In 48 hours, they’ll blame Trump.

    Nothing to see here.

    Move along.

    Of the 150(?) police officers KIA in 2016, 20 were killed in ambushes instigated by the BLM propaganda machine, aka the media.

    Move on! The national crises are evil opposition to transgender (once known as perverts) men in Ladies’ Rooms, white privilege, income inequality, capitalism, racism, homophobia, racist cops, xenophobia, populism, Americanism, anti-abortion terrorists, AGW deniers, the nuclear family, taxpayers, etc.

    If the lying, liberal (redundant) media reported all black and Islamist terror attacks like it does Dylan Roof and police shootings, there’d be no column space for propaganda promoting Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  13. Bonus: he was kidnapped because one of those four was his “friend” from school.
    Jose has a point– this is only outlandish because Christian values are so accepted, here.
    And they’re not, counter to what a lot of agnostics like to believe, a human default.

  14. This made News in Australia on multiple media outlets. Faces of the four were shamelessly plastered on TV. Racism tensions are running high in the US I understand. Probably fuelled by the current Narcissistic US President and the many celebrities jumping on the “Black lives Matter” bandwagon. Trump is the best thing that’s happened to the US in a long time.

    But at the end of the day these horrible actions do come down to the fact that these four are horrible human beings, raised with no Christian conscience and devoid of any decent Moral boundaries. It is a symptom of the a relative, dysfunctional society.

    This is a colourless problem with no religious or political affiliations.

    Pigs like these four exist in all corners of society.

    My heart goes out to this poor man, and pray he can forget the trauma caused by the shameful way he was treated at the hands of these monsters.

  15. Well now, I commented on this and have spent the morning and last night trying to assure people that there is no excuse for this, that qualifying it as something other than evil, or dismissing it as irrelevant next to the plague of cops killing minorities isn’t the appropriate response. And with that, I’ve had nothing but push back, from defending those who questioned if this is evil, to wondering if this really counts as torture. I thought saying that evil and hate and racism have no skin color wouldn’t be argued with.

    Nice to come by here for a breather.

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