As If They’d Have Him

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Garrison Keillor is still alive? was my initial reaction to this proclamation by former humorist Garrison Keillor that he is searching for another religion due to the number of Christians who voted for Trump:


So I’ve been shopping around for a new religion to see me through the next four years. Too many of my fellow Christians voted for selfishness and for degradation of the beautiful world God created. I guess they figured that by the time the planet was a smoky wasteland, they’d be nice and comfy in heaven, so wotthehell. Anyhow, I’m looking around for other options.


Go here to read the rest.  Too bad this is merely what passes for humor in the Washington Post.  If this were true Keillor might start a trend.  I can think of more than a few leftist Catholics I would trade for some staunch Orthodox Jewish converts.  I would almost be willing to start a rite for Mormon converts to the Faith.  Pro-life atheist converts would be an ornament to Catholicism.  Name some of the trades that you would care to suggest in the comboxes.



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  1. It was half a generation ago that I saw a most apposite article on him with the subtitle “Nasty Man”. I suspect he’s one of those people like Albert Gore or Mark Shea who start out agreeably enough and then just get worse every year. In my family, I’ve never seen the phenomenon among men and only seen it among women and only when alcohol or some very banal character flaw (e.g. indolence) was involved. I find Keillor puzzling, and his creativity puzzling in context.

  2. Hey!! I gave $3.00 to help save Tony Orlando’s home….Lol.


    This is beautiful.

    I ask any TAC contributor or supporter to please join me in a toast. Non-alcoholic beverages count of course. Please raise a pint of your favorite libation and say with deepest sincerity….So long Michelle and Himself Obama. So long and good bye.


    OK. I’ll take several Evangelical Christians for one Nancy Pelosi.
    Throw in a Joe Biden and I’ll take a hundred more Evangelicals.
    Good swap I’d say!

  3. SO Lame!
    I think he was a fairly deep thinker, but he lost the handle some time back.
    If you have listened to him lately his “musing” has really deteriorated and has been sometimes fit for the gutter…in an attempt to be cool and with it I think, which doesn’t suit him really.
    But it does encourage me that Donald says he is trying the Episcopal way. Maybe something in him is yearning a bit for tradition. His presentations of Lake Woebegone- in the old days of Garrison Keillor were great and maybe he will circle back around.
    As a seeker He will prob re-find a home in Jesus – the One Who healed the lame.
    He takes all of us if we keep searching.
    Many of the Brethren, and versions of the same, who are my friends are very very good Christians and in some ways more Catholic than they know.

  4. I used to listen to “Prairie Home Companion” back in the early and mid ’80s, when it was actually funny without being mean-spirited, and Keillor’s anecdotes of small-town Midwestern life rang true to me (having grown up in a small Midwestern town I knew many people like the denizens of Lake Wobegon). Some years later, at a garage sale, I picked up a copy of a book titled “We Are Still Married” — a collection of some of his essays and short stories (some, but not all, in the Lake Wobegon vein). In one of the essays, he said he had grown tired of being known as a humorist, and would “like to quit humor and write irritation for a while.” Which is pretty much what he did. Also, some of you may recall that around ’85 or ’86, he married a Danish woman who had been an exchange student at his high school (they reconnected at a class reunion) and moved to Denmark. He “retired” from PHC around the same time, but many NPR stations kept playing reruns of his old shows so some fans may not have noticed he was gone. By the early ’90s he had divorced the Danish lady, moved back to the States, and revived PHC, but by then his “humor” had become significantly more hard-edged and left-leaning and I couldn’t stand to listen to the show after that. I’m sure many of his former fans feel the same way.

  5. The Dane was co-incident with putting his common law out on the curb (and canning her from her job). I have a feeling he’s been rolling downhill ever since.

  6. “I used to listen to “Prairie Home Companion” back in the early and mid ’80s,”

    So did my bride and I Elaine. Keillor was always a leftie, but either he, or perhaps Margaret Moos his producer and mistress, had brains enough to keep it from influencing the entertainment much. He married the Danish gal in 1985. Either she or Reagan being re-elected, or the firing of Moos, changed him, but ever since then he has been increasingly a bitter leftist, and never shy about letting his audience in on that bleak fact.

  7. I call it “the Fundamentalist Shuffle”. Some Protestants will quit their Church and seek another because of some petty disagreement with their Pastor, maybe like, he speaks with dangling participles. Catholics usually require that the Priest commits something egregious before throwing in the towel. TR

  8. As for “players to be named later” joining the Catholic team: I used to think that Rush Limbaugh might convert, based on his enthusiastic praise for Pope Benedict XVI. In fact, it was during his show that I first heard the news of Pope Benedict’s election. However, I suspect that between his multiple marriages and Pope Francis, whatever enthusiasm Rush had for the Catholic Church has probably cooled considerably.

  9. The show had no history without Moos. She was a functionary of Minnesota Public Radio assigned to work on it from the beginning, though she wasn’t the producer initially. She’s still a public radio producer, but a contractor rather than a salaried employee (the Riverwalk jazz show is her baby). After Keillor discarded her, she managed to find a proper husband within a couple of years (to whom she is still married).

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