Gold Star Families Spat Upon by Anti-Trump “Protestors”

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A Gold Star Family is a family that has suffered the pain of having a member of the family die in the military service of the nation.  During the election campaign we were told that Gold Star Families were above reproach when a Gold Star Family attacked Trump at the Democrat convention,  Over the weekend some anti-Trump rioters revealed what many on the Left really think of Gold Star Families, at least those who disagree with them politically:


Allahpundit at Hot Air tells us what happened next:


John touched on this yesterday as part of a longer round-up of “the Resistance” acting like dirtbags but it deserves an extra thread. Imagine the thought process involved in (a) setting out to accost people (b) at an event devoted to the military and their families, specifically, and (c) zeroing in on two women, knowing that chances were fair that they’ve lost loved ones to war. Which, in the case of Ryan Manion and Amy Looney, happened to be true.

Where was security?

We were an hour late to the event. First because we could not get around an angry mob in the street that was burning trash cans and smashing windows. When we finally got to the venue, a group of about 75 people separated us from the entrance. Amy and I stood there unsure of what to do. I finally said, let’s just walk. As we made our way through the crowd we were spit at and called some of the worst and most vile things I have ever heard come out of a person’s mouth. These people had such hatred in their eyes when they screamed at us. After leaving the event we walked outside and was first pushed by a man in a mask hiding his face, then told by 2 women that we ruined this country. They screamed this in our faces along as in the face of a little boy that could have been no older then 6. As the one woman screamed the other pushed up against me and colored all over my mom’s shawl I was wearing with permanent marker.

This was on Inauguration Day, when assorted degenerates were smashing windows and burning limos in parts of D.C., not during Saturday’s Women’s March. Mary Katharine Ham, who knows both women and has worked with the Travis Manion Foundation, went on CNN yesterday to ask the fateful question: How would this have played in the media if the ideological affiliations had been different?

“I don’t think this characterizes the march and the movement that we saw out here today,” she said. “I want to be careful about that because I think that that’s something people have unfairly done to conservative movements in the past and to Tea Partiers, where you pick one thing and you go: ‘Look at those awful people out there, their concerns should be dismissed.’”

“But this is part of the story, as is Madonna saying she thinks about blowing up the White House,” she said. “Those are not great things. If it were a conservative movement, we would hear a lot about it. If you don’t think that the left has some prejudices of its own that can lead it very astray like it did last night in that instance, then you’re wrong. And if you think that that’s not part of the reason many turned to Trump, then you’re also wrong.”

We missed out on some memorably stern lectures about the “climate of hate” on cable news this weekend just because this came from the left rather than the right.


Go here to read the rest.  The Left in this country is always predicting that the dark night of fascism is about to descend on this fair land of freedom, and then some of them act in a way that would get a thumbs up from the ghosts of Hitler’s storm troopers.

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  1. Has Mrs. Clinton denounced these supporters of hers yet? Sen. Schumer? DNC chair?

    We now see who the truly deplorable are.

  2. Despotism is two faced, it always comes in disguise, calling its opponents’ despots, while in control of information. It abhors reason and has no sense of humor.

    For goodness sake that’s not Trump, but the Left sure looks like it sometimes.

  3. Assault and battery are crimes. Inciting to riot and riot are crimes. Peace on earth to men of good will for the common good.
    After the War for Independence, the Tories, those loyal to King George II (they liked to be subjects to a monarchy) shot the farmers as they plowed their fields. The Tories victimized people for wanting freedom, truth and Justice. Wanting freedom, truth and Justice gets you spit upon.

  4. Mistreatment of Gold Star Families – shameful. Rioting, trespassing, destruction of property – the perpetrators should be arrested and prosecuted when laws are broken. Women’s March For Abortion -disgusting and vulgar. An insult to females. Secret service or FBI should pay Madonna a very public visit. Right of free speech and assembly does not mean one can threaten the president or trash/destroy property, public or private, with impunity. Law enforcement should react swiftly. The whole scenario reminds me of the 60s. The goal is anarchy. The puppet master and money bags is George Sorros (spell?)

  5. Pissed off?

    Peaceful protest coming up Feb.11th.

    Two great activist groups are joining together to keep the pressure on these pathetic spitting punks.

    Pro life Action League and Citizens for a Pro Life Society. This is during the Forty Days for Life campaign.

    Saturday join in and Defund Planned Parenthood in your neck of the woods.
    Please consider it!

    It’s better than getting mad at news like the above example, but believe me, I’m pissed off. I’m going to pray it off which is even better. Find a city near you…Please.

    It’s better to ask Heaven for help, than getting even with these parasitic worms that live in turtle blood…Oh wait..”Obama” worms. Official name calling. Anyway please consider the 11th. We pray our Rosaries and take a public stand.

    Witness while you can.
    You’ll never regret it. Even if your spat upon.

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