PopeWatch: Latin American World

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Pope Francis just had an interview with El Pais, the largest leftist paper in Spain.  PopeWatch will be looking at the interview this week.  One answer gives us a clear indication of how the Pope came up with his crackpot economic ideas:



The trouble is that Latin America is suffering the effects —which I emphasized in Laudato Si— of an economic system that has the money god at its center, and that means policies that lead to a lot of exclusion. Which leads to a lot of suffering. It is obvious that Latin America today is the target of a strong attack from economic liberalism, the one I condemn in Evangelii Gaudium when I say that “this economy kills”. It kills with hunger, it kills with a lack of culture. Migration flows not just from Africa to Lampedusa or Lesbos. Migration also flows from Panama to the Mexican-U.S. border. People migrate in search of something, because liberal systems don’t give them job opportunities and foster criminality. In Latin America there is the problem of the drug cartels, drugs that are consumed in the United States and Europe. They make them for the rich countries here, and they lose their lives in the process. And there are those who do it willingly. In my homeland we have a term to describe them: cipayos. It is a classic, literary word that is included in our national poem. The cipayo is the one who sells his homeland to the foreign power who pays him the most. In the history of Argentina, for instance, there has always been a cipayo among the politicians. Or some political position worthy of cipayos. Always. So Latin America must re-arm itself with political groups that will recover the strength of the people. The biggest example for me is Paraguay after the war. The country lost the War of the Triple Alliance and was left almost entirely in the hands of women. And the Paraguayan woman felt that she had to rebuild the nation, defend her faith, defend her culture and defend her language, and she did it. The Paraguayan woman wasn’t a cipaya, she defended what was hers, and she repopulated the country. I think that she is the most glorious woman in the Americas. That is an example of someone who never gave up. Of heroism. In Buenos Aires there is a neighborhood on the banks of the Río de la Plata, where the streets bear the names of patriotic women, women who fought for independence, for their homeland. Women have better sense. Maybe I am exaggerating. Correct me if I am. But they have a stronger inclination towards defending their homeland because they are mothers. They are less cipayas. They are less at risk of being cipayas.


Go here to read the rest.  Pope Francis has fully imbibed the hatred of economic liberalism that has made his homeland an economic basket case.  He mixes this up with nationalism in a toxic brew that spells death for economic progress.  For Pope Francis the world is merely Latin America writ large.  PopeWatch thinks that the Pope would be happy if the average citizen of the US had his economic well being mirror that of the average Latin American.  Pope Francis not only does not have an answer to economic woes, he does not even know the questions to ask.

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  1. “And the Paraguayan woman felt that she had to rebuild the nation, defend her faith, defend her culture and defend her language, and she did it.”
    Sounds like they put Paraguay first. I thought our betters told us we weren’t supposed to think like that.

  2. The Pontiff is the example of why Argentina is a basket case. Canada has a similar size population and blows the doors off of Argentina. Poland has surpassed Argentina in economic output, without legalizing homosexual marriage and abortion as Argentina has.

  3. “Women who fought for independence…” But, I thought there has never been a just war. At least, that’s what Pope Chastisement said in a different context. It’s really hard to keep up with this guy.

  4. Harrumph, as if we didn’t need more evidence that the Pope isn’t impeccable. I detect a near occasion of gynolatry. The line is near, I can’t say if Pope Francis has crossed it.

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