Resquiescat in Pace: Mary Tyler Moore

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Mary Tyler Moore dead at 80?  Impossible! One of the favorite actresses of my youth, she was a master of comedy, perhaps not greatly appreciated for it because she made it look so easy.  To me she will always be associated with the years of my childhood in the sixties and seventies.  A reluctant icon of feminism, she was clear that she did not agree with radical feminists and that the most important role for any woman was that of mother.  A moderate liberal in her youth, she became politically conservative as she grew older.  Unlike many in her industry she did not seek to inflict her political opinions on her fans.  One of the treasured memories of her life was when she and her mother had a private audience with Pope John Paul II.  Like many comediennes and comedians, she had much sorrow in her life.  May she know the Joy Eternal in the world to come.

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  1. God be with her.

    She was a joy to watch on the Dick Vandyke show. They were a great pair.
    When I had a sick day from elementary school I recall watching them on the black and white tv. 7-up and chicken noodle soup on the night stand. May she rest in eternal peace.

  2. Ditto, LQC. Two well written shows which were funny and wholesome; a rarity these days Thankfully both series are available on cable and on DVD. In the College of Communications on Mondays we’d discuss the latest episode of The Mary Tyler Show with our advisor and often matched grads and undergrads with the characters of the WMJ-TV newsroom. The “Ted” in our group felt it was a real compliment.
    Mary Tyler Moore dealt with Juvenile Diabetes which is especially tough for any athlete or dancer. She lost her only child when he was 24.
    She attended Catholic grade and high school. I was heartened to read that in her later years she had an audience with JPII. RIP.

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