Mark Shea Celebrates March for Life

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While hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers are marching in Washington, Mark Shea delivers this:


Fascist Scapegoating.

Jefferson bought the entire Louisiana Purchase for two cents an acre. It was an incredible steal. Smartest decision in American history.

Trump is buying the complete cooperation of prolife Christians even more cheaply. For the cost of a few words from Mike Pence and KellyAnne Conway at the Prolife March in Washington, prolifers will henceforth reliably go to bat for every evil he wants to do. Torture? Fantastic! Scapegoating immigrants? We are on board! Destroying access to health care for the poor! Great!

Christian Trump supporters have completely bought a false soteriology that opposition to abortion taketh away the sins of the world.

Prove me wrong. I beg you.

Go here to read the comments.  Prove you wrong Mark?  Simple:

  1. The pro-life movement supports pro-life deeds, and we are already seeing them from this administration and the Republican Congress.
  2. Supporting an administration on one position does not mean supporting an administration on all positions.  You of course understand this because in the last election you were trying to drum up votes for Hillary Clinton.  You said that you did so while opposing her position on abortion.
  3. In a post that speaks of scapegoating you then proceed to apply to the entire pro-life cause positions which have nothing to do with abortion, and which they may or may not hold.  Unless mass mindreading is a blogging charism that I am unaware of, you are engaging in scapegoating.
  4. Let’s fess up Mark.  The fight against abortion simply is not important to you any more.  As you have traveled leftward in your political trajectory, you have developed a fierce hatred of Republicans and conservatives.  The fact that your newfound friends on the left are almost entirely pro-abortion is inconvenient for you.  Thus you spend your time slandering the pro-life movement and praying for the destruction of your adversaries on the right because they are not really pro-life unless they also sign on to the laundry list of leftist positions that are now near and dear to your heart.  You are entitled to your own political convictions in this fair land of freedom, but for the sake of intellectual honesty, please stop pretending that you give a damn about abortion.

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  1. If a brazen kidnapper was caught but wouldn’t tell cops where Shea’s granddaughter lay bleeding in a basement, he should be tortured for the address…Proverbs 20:30 ” Evil is driven out by bloody lashes and a scourging to the inmost being”…” a rod for the back of fools”. Twentieth century Bishops condemned torture at Vatican II and St.JPII copied their list in section 80 of Splendor of the Truth. Prior to Vatican II, the Church backed torture for centuries…that is they backed Pro.20:30. Modern clergy approach the OT cafeteria style…tithing=good…torture=bad. The trouble with tithing is that the catechism says to give according to one’s ability…and tithing was part of a covenant that promised health, affluence, victory in battle IF the Jews obeyed hundreds of laws. Job was an exception.

  2. Shea is desperately trying to be relevant. He is failing.
    Scrapping Obumblercare is not taking away health care from poor people. Stopping illegal immigration is not hatred of the poor.
    Shea has resorted to using leftist tactics to stay in the public square. He is irrelevant on that regard. Leftist bitching takes place in echo chambers.

  3. Personality strong dislike disorder.
    No matter what, Mark Shea must not be able to stomach President Donald Trump. I have seen this kind of reaction from people before to very strong D’s of DISC personality theory.
    Trump is definitely an over-the-top:

    Me being at least part D, I love Trump.. I’d love to work for him, even though it would be a 24/7 endeavor. Some people don’t trust DISC type D’s. Oh well. As they say, it takes all kinds. Hold on to your hat, Trump is just getting started. His type are interested in “results” 🙂

  4. The only thing that scares me more than Trump is the anti-Trump hysterics. Mark has gone against his word that where Trump does right, he would support Trump. This is clearly breaking that promise. Simcha and Mark, who explained why it was proper to march alongside zealously pro-choice forces last Saturday, are now saying nothing done by the WH for pro-life counts because Trump. What can you say?

  5. As they say on Family Feud: “good answer!” Donald McClarey.

    The plan for immigration laws affecting future possible legal immigrants to be reviewed and strengthened concerning anti-American ideologies does not amount to scapegoating.
    Also it is strange to accuse Christians of being bought and paid for by a pandering / power-sucking governemnt. What an example of projection.

  6. Hopefully, this will cost Mark some readers. If enough of them rebel maybe Mark will be freed up to do other things.

  7. The fundament of the priority of the Divine gift of life is no hard to understand. The flattening of all the mentioned issues must be willed or the intellect could not take it.

  8. Nate, that’s the problem. It’s actually bothersome that he continues to get high fives and thumbs up from Catholics who present him as a credible example of Catholic teaching. And some of those Catholics are in positions to suggest that Mark fairly represents how Catholics should act and think.

  9. I AM COMPLETELY surprised by Shea’s stand!! What was the January 21st March as opposed to the March for Life? Who was REALLY bought and paid for with a pink hat!! Give President Trump a chance!! A FEW words from our VP!!?? What anniversary is this march celebrating?? 44 years?? and this is the first…the FIRST and highest representative from the Nation’s Administration? Torture? Oh yea, bring it on if it works to get information to SAVE a nation!! Immigration halt? Oh yeah..if it saves the security of a nation…. Destroying healthcare?? Oh MY GOSH, Shea…have you your own healthcare so Obamacare doesn’t effect you?? I have friends whose company divided itself up just so it didn’t have to provide obamacare and now they scrounge for healthcare which for the husband and male children is it OVER $1,100/month and covers mammograms and pap smears for all…male and female members of the family WHAT?? Maybe…JUST humor me here, Shea,…Maybe just maybe President Trump is REALLY trying to make things better…….You have to have SURGERY first before you can get better!! Oh yeah, it will hurt, but in the long run maybe it will be better. But go ahead, Shea, with your big Catholic popularity, and keep openning your piehole about IMPORTANT issues that you evidently have a closed and blind mind to. YOU HAVE LOST THIS READER and all that I know.

  10. Philip beat me to the “punch.” Mark-who?

    FYI, Mark-who running around wearing vagina hats and throwing F-bombs does not advance a dishonest cause. His and Fr. Martin, S.J.’s real religion is liberalism not Catholicism.

    I’m convinced Mark-who isn’t sufficiently intelligent or self-aware that he constantly politicizes and subverts Church Teaching.

    My wife’s liberal sister posted on Facebook a video by Fr. Martin, S.J. (Society of Judas) exhorting the masses of morons to oppose the border wall. He is so arrogant (dismissive of his asinine audience?) as to only politicize and subvert one each OT Exodus sentence and one each NT St. Matthew (not written in any of the other three Gospels) sentence to say that the wall needs to be opposed because illegal invaders and infiltrating Muslim terrorists are the embodiments of Christ. I kid you NOT.

  11. Nate, know what I noticed in that piece from Mark? He said Trump didn’t mention Antisemitism in his Holocaust Remembrance speech. And? How many times over 8 years did Obama fail to mention things near and dear to the hearts of Christians and people like Mark scoffed saying such things were trivialities? Now, of course, it can only mean one thing!

    Everyone screaming about Trump stood idly by for eight years while Obama, the Democrats and their surrogates in the press/pop culture did the same. We don’t like a list published of illegal crimes? We had no problem with the press stepping over the bodies of hundreds of white people killed by police in order to find those blacks killed in order to whip up racial divisions. We had no problem with the press digging into any dirt possible and publishing it to derail an opponent of liberal agendas. Where was the outrage then?

    It makes me think of that line from A Man for All Seasons:

    “And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned ’round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country is planted thick with laws, from coast to coast, Man’s laws, not God’s! And if you cut them down, and you’re just the man to do it, do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes, I’d give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety’s sake!”

    For eight years the left either supported or, in Mark’s case, said increasingly little about all the trees of law and principles that were felled in order to make way for the progressive agenda. And now the devil of their worst nightmare is in office, and they’re looking for cover and finding none. I get the feeling they won’t turn the mirror on themselves to see who is to blame. In fact, I fear they’ll use it to lay the groundwork for even worse once Trump is out of the way.

  12. “This is (one reason) why I’m proud to be a supporter of the ACLU (and not the Catholic Church).”

    One of the comments on the post linked by Nate. On the few occasions when I read his blog, there are more similarly minded comments. More of the materialist Left and less true Catholicism. Pray for the man as he is moving towards love of the Kingdom of the World and less love of the Kingdom of God.

    And yes, mock his posts. This might help.

  13. I also notice that Mark is referring to our country as “Amerikkka.” Perhaps in the same spirit we should refer to his politics as “Marksism.”

  14. Phillip, Mark’s blog has become quite the haven for people who express their dislike of Catholicism. Was a time where Mark would have come down on someone like that, even if they were agreeing with his position. Was a time.

  15. Yes. Thus his continued slide into materialism. He sells out the supernatural message of the Gospel for the pottage of salvation by the State. He begins to worship Mammon. Not the Mammon of money but the Mammon of government power, central planning and the wisdom of human elites.

  16. Dave Griffey.

    Is there anything that could come from the diocesan authority, Bishop? Any action that could warn him of being in grave error..(? Cannon 915 for Catholic politicians who support abortion on demand.)

    Wondering aloud here.

  17. I don’t know. I’d think, but I also think Mark has referenced attempts by others to go to the Bishop. The thing about Mark is that he doesn’t say ‘The Church is wrong!’, he says there is only one way to be a Catholic, unless Mark says otherwise. So I don’t know how that would go.

  18. Thanks Dave.

    It would be a good for all if Mr Shea took a sabbatical away from man and Internet.
    A silent retreat of sorts. 🙂
    Extended version.

    Yes. Prayers for him.


    That is how Mark sees it. It’s common, especially on the left side of the aisle, to fire verbal nukes at people, only to have a meltdown if someone is so mean as to suggest they might be wrong. Mark says far worse than anything I’ve ever seen said to him, and that Mark put words in my mouth that I never said before banning me, which suggests Mark has entered that level of unreality so crucial to following a more progressive worldview. Also since, according to him, he continually gets assurances, support and even commission from various official outlets of the Church and Catholic sources suggests he won’t stop soon. Then again, the question is, should he? If what he does appears to be supported and affirmed by official outlets and representatives of the Church, why should he?

  20. I was having to question a possible witness to a crime in “Johnson Place”, here is my Hometown where I later retired from the Police Department. Now, Johnson Pl is a large sub-division made up of homes for the extremely rich. A place where in-home elevators and indoor pools come standard. So, I’m asking this guy if he might have seen anything different. To which he responded, “Well sir, they sure got some fancy garbage there !” TR.

  21. One of the comments on the post linked by Nate. On the few occasions when I read his blog, there are more similarly minded comments.

    Has anyone gone back and checked again? Here’s a random sampling of quotes, I won’t spoil contexts but each quote is from a DIFFERENT poster, no two are from the same person.
    * “The population is being numbed; atrocities are in the future.”
    * “Anyway I myself have lost my faith in democratic governance period.”
    * “The only sin of Hitler was that he lost. That will not happen again.”
    * “Every crazy thing Obama was going to do – FEMA Camps, Martial Law, invalidating elections … us what Trump et al will do and gave started.”
    * “Sooner or later, it will be our turn, as Catholics. The bishops and the pope have already had disapproving words to say about Trump’s immigration policy, and if I remember right, at least two bishops spoke out against his pet “pro-life” nonprofit’s grotesque, thinly-veiled campaign ad. It’ll be the Church or Caesar. America First, remember?”

    Ready for the punchline? On October 13th of last year, Shea posted this:
    Dinesh D’Souza, the adulterous Boy Who Cried Wolf in the false prophecy called 2016: Obama’s America foretold all this to a salivating audience of credulous sucker while he was betraying his wife. Now, of course, relying on the fact that the fathomless pride of his audience means never having to admit error, D’Souza is back, leading the Boys Who Cry Wolf with more dire prophecies of the horrors that await us in Hillary’s America.

    Well Shea isn’t adulterous so we can give him that. But otherwise I guess we know now that it’s only fear-mongering when the Right does it. When the Left does it it’s justified warnings.

    That is how Mark sees it. It’s common, especially on the left side of the aisle, to fire verbal nukes at people, only to have a meltdown if someone is so mean as to suggest they might be wrong. Mark says far worse than anything I’ve ever seen said to him, and that Mark put words in my mouth that I never said before banning me, which suggests Mark has entered that level of unreality so crucial to following a more progressive worldview.

    Spot on, Dave. I believe the term de juor is “crybully” or as my daddy used to say, “they can dish it out but can’t take it.” It was perfectly captured by South Park here:

    It’s interesting to watch someone who has been so hard on Protestants in the past (i.e. pretty much saying we’re all that’s wrong with the world) then go to the mat for Muslims. Here are posts that were put up just TODAY.

    Oh and the tags he is using on some of these posts?
    * Life in the Banana Republic of Trump’s Amerikkka
    *Racism is a sin
    *The Least of These
    *The Thing That Used to be the Prolife Movement

    And of course will there be ANY acknowledgment about the actual executive order? Nope. A man who harps on seeking out what the church REALLY says can’t be bothered to see what the law really says. For a bonus game, watch this:

    And see how many of Obama’s actions named in that video Shea called out. I think maybe 1. But Shea is welcome to come here and prove me wrong. Unlike his site where nobody’s welcome to prove him wrong.

  22. Re: Nate, et al. Why not stop donating to National Catholic Register and EWTN until Mark Shea is removed?

  23. Michael Dowd.
    Good point.

    I feel sad however, for the sheep who are lead astray by the wolf man Shea. They are going to need Nat, et al, to calmly corral them back to the fold. His big mouth may attract many flies causing him to choke on his own words…Until then we pray for his return to the Faith.

  24. The progressive left reminds me of HAL9000.

    Michael Dowd: Mark Shea was let go by the National Catholic Register a while back. His name no longer appears on their list of bloggers.

  25. GregB.

    HAL 9000…. Progressive Left?

    the opening sequence of 2001, bone in hand and screaming at the top of their fuzzy heads….these ARE the progressive Left. ?

  26. Philip: The progressive left act like they are foolproof and incapable of error. Their mission is too important to allow anyone to jeopardize it. HAL did go on a rampage against the crew.

  27. It seems Screwtape has taken to advising Wormwood on what to do to counteract effective blogger/apologists:

    One very promising avenue as of late is to divert the apologist – or for that matter, any Catholic who has effectively forced their false beliefs upon others – into a strong, even obsessive attention to mere politics and matters of government. This has recently been rather spectacularly successful. If we can achieve the result of getting these apologists to write more about politics, by far, than about what they call “the faith” then we have succeeded beyond our wildest hopes and aspirations.

    Beyond this matter of relative output, they even tend to start thinking that everyone who disagrees with them on political matters, is a sort of “enemy”: rather than us and our Brave Leader being their true enemy. They forget that they are more often than not fighting against their own fellow “Christians” within the dreadful and pathetic so-called “Body of Christ.”

    This can happen (another great break for us!) in any part of the political spectrum. “Political correctness” and a smug intellectual snobbery, or on the opposite side: extreme, paranoid semi-conspiratorialism and self-righteousness, are the fashions and fads of the day and conquer all.

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