Trump Picks Gorsuch

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Ours is the job of interpreting the Constitution. And that document isn’t some inkblot on which litigants may project their hopes and dreams for a new and perfected tort law, but
a carefully drafted text judges are charged with applying according to its original public meaning.

Judge Neil Gorsuch, concurring opinion, STEPHAN CORDOVA, Plaintiff – Appellant v. CITY OF ALBUQUERQUE, et al, Defendants-Appellees

President Trump hit a homerun with his choice of Neil Gorsuch, currently an appellate judge on the US Tenth Circuit.  Universally recognized as brilliant, he writes in a clear and concise manner that makes his decisions understandable by laymen who have not wasted three years of their life in law school.  Currently 49 years old, when he was appointed by President Bush to the 10th Circuit he was approved by the Senate unanimously.

 He is an originalist who believes that the text of the Constitution must be interpreted as the words were commonly understood at the time the portions of the Constitution were adopted.  He is noted as a friend of religious liberty and, in his extra-judicial writings, as a defender of innocent human life.  The quote above and the quote below indicate that he understands the role that our courts should play in our Republic:

“American liberals have become addicted to the courtroom, relying on judges and lawyers rather than elected leaders and the ballot box, as the primary means of effecting their social agenda on everything from gay marriage to assisted suicide to the use of vouchers for private-school education,” he wrote. “This overweening addiction to the courtroom as the place to debate social policy is bad for the country and bad for the judiciary.”

This is a smart move by Trump.  If the Democrats in the Senate attempt to filibuster such an obviously qualified candidate, it will justify the Republicans amending the filibuster rules, which can be done by majority vote, so that a filibuster can not apply to Supreme Court justices.  The Democrats already amended the filibuster in 2013 in regard to other judicial nominees, so the precedent has already been set.  Well played Mr. Trump, well played!

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  1. Words must have some commonly held meaning, or else it’s tyranny. In too many courtrooms, with too many judges, it’s tyranny. Judge Gorsuch is exactly what this country needs.

  2. The Democrats are preparing to reap what they sowed in 2013. (filibuster) Good.

    This is phenomenal.
    The start to this year is in high gear and full throttle. The grassroots push to defend Planned Parenthood and hold President Trump to his word is coming fast.
    Last night, over 2,800 Americans sat in on a webcast featuring the Country’s top Pro-Life activist and leaders. I listened with great optimism as the possibilities of knocking out over 43% of Worse than Murder Inc. income is becoming more of a reality, however we need souls on the front line…..So I beg you, please consider standing on the corner with us a week from Saturday.

    Medicad funding for abortion provided thru Obamacare act, allocates over $400 million per year to PP. If we help put the pressure on by public square testimony demanding that PP be defunded, we could knock their annual revenue down substantially.
    Currently 1.3 billion in revenue.
    Fee’s for services = 30%
    Donations = 27%
    Taxpayers = 43%

    The money that formerly would of been used to fund PP would be re-distributed to community health center’s that are not in the business of killing children.

    Worse than Murder Inc. can have it’s head crushed into the ground by the heel of those who make up the body of Christ.

    Will you help?

  3. The filibuster rules are godawful and need to disappear completely in all circumstance. On indicator of the essential uselessness of Addision Mitchell McConnell is that his devotion to them was ‘absolute’.

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