It Would Take a Heart of Stone Not to Laugh

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Go here for a guaranteed smile to start the day.  (Strong language advisory.)

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PopeWatch: Trolling

PopeWatch suspects the Pope is just trolling us now:   Vatican City, Feb 14, 2019 / 05:41 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Francis


  1. Indeed, “it would take a heart of stone not to laugh” like a hyena.

    Guilty as charged!

    I habitually sit in the car listening to AM radio (Mark Simone and Rush L.) while the wife is shopping for crafts stuff. Yesterday, an older Long Island Jewish woman called MS and began the usual irrational anti-Trump rant. MS politely dragged her through the muck of her stupidity. I couldn’t stop laughing. People walking past the car must have thought I am nuts.

  2. “Now some of us, like yours truly, got bailed out by our backers…”

    Fascinating. As I understand it, “backing” a premeditated riot, which is what
    this was, is a crime, and if the rioters or their backers crossed state lines to
    do so, or communicated across state lines– by phone, email, etc.– then a
    federal crime was committed by these mysterious “backers”. So, with
    luck, 10 years for these people is just the beginning of the sweet justice that
    shall rain down on these hired thugs and their puppet-masters…

  3. In response to T.Shaw’s comment about Mark Simone and his trademark deftness in unveiling the daftness of leftist callers, he is (IMHO) the most penetrating, skillful—and hysterically funny. He strips away the layers of nutty reasoning until you see leftist idiocy in all its uncomfortable naked “glory”.

    The only other one who is able to do this in a repartee-type debate is the now-silenced Milo: so Simone, I hope, watches his back. You cant make the left look as venal and stupid as they are, or all the hypnotized young people will wake up.

  4. In the words of Saint Thomas More, patron saint of lawyers: “If he offends God, then let God arrest him.”
    God freely wills to create man with free will. God will not contradict Himself and therefore, God will not annihilate man. Man’s abuse of free will brought death into the world God created. Man dies according to his free will. (The condemned capital one murderer is executed through the power of attorney of his own free will. I can hear his screaming “I do not want to die.” The capital one murderer must live the life he has taken and his victim is dead.)
    “You shall not put your hand against an innocent man.” This would be the Eighth Commandment: “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” In a court of law this means that a person must tell the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, “so help me God.
    Faith is a gift from God. Religion is man’s response to the gift of Faith from God. Atheists reject the gift of Faith from God, through their God-given free will. Atheists must be tolerated as death bed converts. The principles of atheism violate the First Amendment: “or prohibit the free exercise thereof.” Principles must be judged. Person must be tolerated.
    Man must live in peace to tolerate his neighbor. Who is capable of judging how another man must live his life loving his “Creator”?
    If God can create all mankind through an act of His will, and with the power of God keep all things in existence, then who can countermand the laws of God? Who can countermand the laws of God without incurring death upon himself; death upon himself to the tenth generation?
    If God refuses to contradict Himself, then mankind, in refusing to countermand God’s laws brings God’s blessings down upon himself; God’s blessings down upon himself to the hundredth generation.
    God wills to forgive the jihadists, the abortionists, the liar. God’s blessings are not brought down upon their progeny, for all eternity upon all their future generations. Zero, nada, zilch, zip.
    Do the souls in hell laugh? Laughter is caused by the human condition, sometimes the absurd incongruity of juxtaposition. But laughter is always caused by the recognition of Truth. The souls in hell have rejected the Truth and therefore, there is nothing but wailing and the gnashing of teeth. No, there is no laughter in hell.
    The souls in hell are not remembered. So, some say that hell is empty, but the wailing and gnashing of teeth may be heard in the chill of the night, or is it Satan crunching on the remains of their free will?

  5. Mary De Voe.

    Your 10:29 post is poetry.
    Your insights are always welcome into the simple minded….( ? ) I do enjoy them. Your a gifted writer.
    The only laughter from Hell might be Lucifer’s. After all, the unfortunate ones are his toys…for all time.

  6. This is just like the SDS and the Weatherman in the 60s/70s only there’s better communication among themselves and with their uber wealthy puppet masters; the media gleefully reports on them and is for them. Nowadays it’s not just wacky professors but members of Congress and the courts and a former president who are fanning the flames. To the rioters not on the Soros payroll I say,”Get a job!”. Good to see that some will have long term employment making license plates in the big house.
    Any parent who brings a child to a riot should be charged with child endangerment along with destruction of property. It was a appalling to see 10 year olds lighting fires.

  7. Philip Nachazel: I had not counted on such much needed consolation. I appreciate your kind words very much. and oh, I do hope this comment is not sent elsewhere but where ever it goes, know that you are much loved and prayed for.

  8. This is the Liberal language of the Democrat–so sensitive and politically correct! I know people like this. There is something wrong with them.

  9. Cam: Peaceable assembly to petition Government for a redress of grievances is our First Amendment. Inciting to riot, riot and uprisings are unconstitutional and cause the individual to disenfranchise themselves to any and all degree according to their actions, up to and including exile and treason.

  10. Interesting. If the “backers” paid the bail, and ultimately pay the fine, I wonder if the thugs will report the payment as income on their returns? If not, the feds could pull an Al Capone on them. Ironic, wouldn’t it be?

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