Now That Everyone Cares About Pederasty …

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From Crisis Magazine, Mr. Ruse makes a point I’ve been trying to make– but, of course, does it better:

In the current controversy, it is important to make a distinction that even Milo failed to make, a distinction that homosexuals and the media, including the conservative media, refuse to make, too. What Milo described was not pedophilia, which is sexual contact with pre-pubescent children. What he described was pederasty, which is an ancient and current practice among homosexuals where an older man will teach a young boy about the world and also sodomize him. Pedophila is always against the law. Pederasty is, too, but only when it involves a boy under the age of consent; 16 in the United States but, shockingly, 14 or 15 in most of the European Union.

The left wants you to know that what Milo describes was pedophilia because it lets them off the hook for what it is, pederasty, which is common among them and also disgusting.

The whole thing is worth reading.  It’s Crisis, of course it’s worth reading….

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  1. “Everyone” cares about pederasty when the pederast is a conservative or is a fallen Catholic cleric. Otherwise, they are celebrated.

    “Everyone”: is the lunatic left and the lying, liberal (redundnat) media.

  2. The attempted removal of the stigma associated with pedophilia by word smiths is known as “minor attracted people.” Grotesque.

    The lowering of the age of consent in children will be the final straw that flattens the camel’s back. A revisit to the old west law and nooses fitted to criminals that rape children should be front and center in all Town Hall meetings. Any attempt to lower consent laws should be viewed as attempts to child endangerment.

    Pederasty? Hang them, the adult male, until dead. Sodomites are devils.

  3. “Justice” Ruth Bader Ginsburg who promised to go to Australia if Trump became president, wrote in her book a decade ago, that INFORMED SEXUAL CONSENT be legalized for fourteen year old children who cannot vote, drive, be employed or sign a legal contract, but that was for girls to fill the abortion mills. Ginsburg would decide against a young man holding his virginity and chastity intact. Ginsburg is possessed by the devil and her insanity is showing. Addiction to sodomy is NOT a civil right. All addiction violates free will and the sovereignty of the human being, body and soul. Addiction violates the innate human rights that become our civil rights enumerated in our Unanimous Declaration of Independence and guarded in our Constitution. The civil rights of our constitutional Posterity prohibit the addiction of our future generations to be enslaved to addiction, sex slavery and physical abuse of every evil. The pederast, the pedophile, the rapist, they are all the same. These sexual criminals blame their victims with “he wanted it” or “she wanted it”. Twenty minutes alone on international waters where law does not exist with the victim and the victim’s parents.
    Our children and our constitutional Posterity will not be victimized. I pray that God delivers us from evil.

  4. The lowering of the age of consent in children will be the final straw that flattens the camel’s back.
    I do not think so. We have “freedom of religion” in this country, and I think soon, the more…observant….Muslims will push for polygamy. Certain old style Latter Day Saints practice it, and we have the reality TV show Sister Wives. The prophet married an 8 year old, and may have consumed the marriage around her 9 or 10th year, or so I understand. We have immigrants who are coming in, and not leaving their beliefs in “the old country” where they belong. FGM and slavery are on the rise, as is sex slective abortion. Authorities are reluctant to say anything due to political correctness.
    I think there is plenty of worse to come yet before Our Lady has Her victory.

  5. What’s at least vaguely amusing about MY is that he generates paroxysms of rage from the portside but, looked at dispassionately, is rather a snare for the rest of us. (When I ask myself if I can recall an ‘out’ homosexual who had such a following as a provacateur among the consumers of starboard opinion literature, the name which comes to mind is … David Brock). The upside of down here for him is that he might find a trade more elevated than the performance art he’s been engaged in the last several years.

    I suspect the next item on the agenda for the gay lobby is effective legalization of sodomy between adult males and adolescents through the avenue of prosecutorial discretion and arbitrary judicial rulings.

  6. Art Deco: B4UACT was a group of child psychiatrists who sued in court in Baltimore about a decade ago to legalize child-adult sex relations. A minor child who is un-emancipated has no informed sexual consent to give. How can the court legalize informed sexual consent when there is NONE coming from a minor child. The sex deviate must then ask the parents of the child for consent. There were a few cases in New Jersey where a child of seven years was abused by her father. Then the father handed her over to his 45 year old buddy who raped her. When prosecuted, the rapist said that the child wanted it…if she had informed sexual consent to give, but the child did not. Legalizing rape of innocent children, the raped child remains innocent, annihilates Justice for every citizen.
    Philip: It is the millstone that the rapist needs about his neck and a very deep river.

  7. Milo’s main following is not the “right,” so much as the folks who might someday become the right…assuming the folks on our side who seem to think the left’s manners are something to be copied don’t drive them off…

    Milo is in trouble because he effectively attacks the Left’s weaknesses, and does it in a way that them screaming “liar” won’t stick.
    Even if his politics were completely the other way around… False witness is wrong. He’s guilty of making an incredibly dark joke about the “upside” of having been assaulted as a 13-14 year old (on par with the “then we shall fight in the shade” for darkness) and having stricter morals in sexuality than most of popular culture. (since he thinks that the age of consent is ‘about right,’ while popular culture prizes “you’d never believe they’re legal” sorts.)

  8. It gets complicated because, like the article points out, pederasty is one of the socially approved sorts of sexual predation.
    Says a lot that they had to take a guy talking about a culture of much older men having sexual involvement with barely legal boys and then recut it to have something they could splash across multiple mainstream outlets to attack him. Guess after a few decades of that Playboy Bunny guy, the moral outrage meter is a bit damaged.

  9. Lowering the age of consent has been on the agenda of the LGBT crowd for quite a while. Being “out” is encouraged. The higher the visibility of homosexuals, the more “natural” and “normal” it becomes (even though the specifics of homosexual acts are rarely mentioned). Legalize homosexual marriage. Redefine “family”. Try younger and younger children as adults. Destroy children’s innocence by teaching sex education beginning in kindergarten. Design children’s clothes that are really adult styles only in small sizes.
    Remove all question of morality and boundaries from sexual acts – “It’s just an another sense to be satisfied like drinking a glass of water when you’re thirsty”. “The classical Greeks man boy liaisons were an accepted part of their culture.” So that makes it okay? The Lambda Association aka Man Boy Love was attempting to have the age of consent lowered to 12 for males in Australia.
    Bacha bazi Afghan dancing boys. B

  10. @ Mary De Voe and DJH.

    Mill stones, yes. Leaving it for the Creator to decide who and when is proper. When these atrocities are protected by law, than it must be a significant sign that we are close to a burnout. Break out the violins.

  11. Art Deco: In addition: Paul Shanley, a defrocked priest founded North American Man Boy Love Association, in the 70s (?). Twelve year old boys were taken to Canada, plied with expensive gifts and raped. Upon return to the US, the boys replied that it was OK giving uninformed consent to their sexual assault and battery.
    Philip: In no way did I intend that God ought to punish, God will punish. God’s Justice must be employed to extract human Justice. Any person whose civil rights are imperiled and or denied becomes a ward of the court, according to our Founding Principles. Any violation of our, America’s, Founding Principles is a crime. We, the people will have Truth and Justice and our constitutional Posterity will have freedom and…peace.

  12. Cam: It is almost hilarious that our courts want to legalize a lack of informed sexual consent for un-emancipated minor children who become wards of the court when their civil rights are endangered. Perhaps the courts can enact fiat laws to give uneducated persons degrees in engineering and astro-physics, maybe in the field of medicine the court can fiat cures and raise the dead, but the court cannot invent informed sexual consent for minor children. It seems to me, that many of our governmental personnel have adopted Sharia Law as Ginsburg and Clinton have to negate our Founding Principles and initiate informed sexual consent of nine year old brides.

  13. Milo let the cat out of the bag. Pederasty is unremarkable in gay subcultures, as are patron-protege relationships with large age gaps. Remember one of the most recent Mayors of Portland? The gay lobby wants this, but they cannot get it through statutory legislation. They might just get it if judges routinely toss statutory sodomy prosecutions and if prosecutors stop bringing them. The traffick in pornography was made effectively lawful through these methods.

  14. The push about transgendered children in public schools fits right with the scheme- convincing children and adults alike that disordered thinking is not disordered- following that old playbook from Kinsey

  15. Anzlyne: Thank you for paying attention and reading. Now, you must share the truth about original innocence, the natural man, and his being scandalized by individuals addicted to lust, the violation of free will in man and freedom in the community. “We, the people…” are a community of persons…” Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen in his GLORY OF BEING AN AMERICAN. Thank you again, Anzlyne. Mary De Voe

  16. Art Deco: In addition: Paul Shanley, a defrocked priest founded North American Man Boy Love Association, in the 70s (?). T

    Shanley was not defrocked until 2004. That was an aspect of the scandal. Cdl. Law and others in the chancery knew perfectly well ca. 1990 that Shanley was a gross sexual transgressor and the internal memoranda indicate that Law and others were biting their nails over the prospect that he’d conclude his sojourn in Southern California and return to Boston. The utter cravenness of Law in that circumstances is baffling. NAMBLA’s a very shadowy organization which guards it’s membership rolls. Shanley’s known to have spoken to a meeting of pedophiles in December 1978. I do not think he’s ever been known to be a member of NAMBLA.

  17. “a boy under the age of consent; 16 in the United States but, shockingly, 14 or 15 in most of the European Union.”

    Most European countries followed the Roman law, with the age of consent and the age of marriage being 12 for girls and 14 for boys. Impuberty remained an impediment, however.

    Most countries raised it in the 20th century, some under the influence of the 1917 Code of Canon Law which fixed the age at 14 for girls and 16 for boys.

    The Age of Marriage Act 1929 (applying in Scotland, England & Wales but not in Northern Ireland) made void any marriage between persons either of whom was under the age of sixteen.

  18. Feb 27 There is no informed sexual consent without the grace of God. The marital act is a covenant because of the grace of God. There is no actual informed consent to sin and crime without the grace of God because God does not allow grace to commit sin and crime. Sodomy denies this: the human soul, rational, immortal and created in original innocence. Sodomy and addiction to sodomy is a violation of one’s innocence and free will. Sins against “Nature and Nature’s God” are violations of God’s Commandments and our Founding Principles. At the junction of “Nature”, our civil rights to bodily integrity, and “Nature’s God” our unalienable rights to transcendent, metaphysical integrity that encompasses our immortal desire for God and the civil right to pursue our Happiness; divine Providence provides The Catholic Church and the institution of the sovereign state through the sovereign person of Jesus Christ and the sovereign personhood of every human being, every one, created equal in original innocence and endowed with the grace of God.
    A darkened intellect cannot give full informed consent without the light of Christ, the grace of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, divine Providence.
    The free will choice to avoid the guidance of the Holy Spirit and commit evil according to the measure and gravity of the sin and crime is the basis for the Sacrament of Penance and that of the criminal being tried in a court of law. The free will choice to avoid God is the choice to go to hell. God will not force any sovereign person to heaven.
    Therefore, informed sexual consent does not exist for sodomy. God does not force His grace and Providence on any sovereign person.
    Therefore the pederast inflicts his violation of his own free will, his own innocent soul, existing in darkness, and crime on minor un-emancipated children, all future generations of our Constitutional Posterity, all future generation of “We, the people”, “We”, who are protected by The Preamble of our Constitution “to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”…so help me God.
    Paul Shanley would not have been defrocked if he were innocent of violating “the laws of Nature and Nature’s God.”

  19. Statutory rape held a two years in Federal prison sentence, automatically, for any adult male having sexual intercourse with a female under the age of 18 years. That was when I was growing up in the 50’s. The name “jailbait” carried an ominous threat to all males. That too, was when women and girls could walk the street unafraid. This is who the state must be.

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