Potty Wars-2017

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Last year the Obama administration attempted to coerce public schools into allowing mentally ill people who believe they are, or should be, the opposite sex from what their DNA says that they are, to use the bathrooms of the opposite sex.   The Trump administration reversed this yesterday leaving it to local and state governments to decide.  From the way this was reported in the mainstream media one might have thought that the world was coming to an end.  Of all the very mad policies embraced by the left none are madder than the belief that sex is an artificial construct and that people, at their whim, may adopt the sex that they prefer, biology be hanged.  This absurdity has become a core article of faith for the left, and that explains the fury with which common sense is met in this area by those on the port side of our politics.  This has little to do with that sad handful of the population who are mislabeled “transgender” and everything to do with the leftist war against reality.


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  1. it seems that “Kaitlyn” Jenner is upset with President Trump. boo-hooo . . .

    The Congress didn’t vote for it. The Ninth Circus didn’t invent the Constitutional right for it. So, your former Chairman Obama dictated it. Then, threatened to cut-off US education funds from school districts that did not OBEY.

    FYI, liberals comparing girls’ locker rooms to (whites-only) drinking fountains is total nonsense.

    Thank God for small mercies. Each day, we are reminded that evil idiots have got to act like evil idiots.

  2. The crime of assault is a violation of peaceable assembly. Striking fear and anxiety into the hearts of minor un-emancipated children, a captive audience of the state, is the crime of assault. Victimizing minor children who have no recourse to a safe place in their privacy is kidnapping by the state.
    It is said that Kennedy put a man on the moon. Obama put a man in a woman’s toilet.
    The law Obama made using Title IX makes the state liable, criminally liable, for every crime committed against every citizen under Obama’s dictate.

  3. T. Shaw: Public schools act “in loco parentis” in the place of parents through power of attorney. Tax money belongs to the taxpayers even as the tax money is administered by the administration. Therefore denying any “FEDERAL” money to the states for education is embezzlement by the state.

  4. I have always thought that “Life of Brian” clip to be among the best antidotes to this insanity. Last year, I saw an article about a “man” giving birth. The woman who thought she was a man was planning to have her breasts removed when she found out that she was pregnant. The author of the article never got around to asking why, if this woman thought she was a man, was she having vaginal sex? “Mental illness” is right.

  5. Those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad. The issues they champion are a sign of madness. Transgenderism??? My computer spell-checker does not recognize it as a valid word; yet the Democrats pander to the notion as if it were an actual minority to champion while ignoring the serious mental illness involved. Anyone, including medical practitioners who mutilate people, and God forbid, children, ought to be locked up. What ever happened to Primum Non Nocere ~Bill

  6. That Monty Python clip is gold. I wander if God laughs or weeps at how stupidly we sometimes govern ourselves. The image of a child playing with a knife because he (or she ?) thinks it’s a toy comes to my mind. I’m sure God wants to clubber the idiot who gave the child the knife in the first place. I know I do.

  7. Fake news, fake concern about minority groups of persons- who are exploited by the people who claim to care while leading young people down the mentally deranging rabbit hole of Alice’s Wonderland.
    Real needs of real children trying to find their way in this world.

  8. Ezabelle.

    I wish it was only a knife in your example, analogy.
    The concern I have is that this attempt to normalize sexual and gender disorder as being a freedom of sexual and gender identities for all to applaud.
    This false sense of individual freedom is more lethal than guns or knifes.
    This freedom of expression is nothing short of eternal slavery.
    Boys into the boys room.
    Girls to their respective washrooms.
    Is that too much to ask of our disordered neighbors?

  9. “Is that too much to ask of our disordered neighbours?” Not at all Philip.
    I’m interested to know how many public schools actually implemented this ridiculous policy, and how many complaints they had from parents who opposed this. I’m also interested to know if there were any reported assaults on female students by so-called “transgender” pervert students who took advantage of this policy to prey on female classmates?

    Did Obama not realise he put innocent students at risk of harm with stupid law?

  10. Ezabelle: Obama had complete and total contempt for his constituents. Obama readily refused to represent his constituents and self-impeached himself everyday in the Oval Office. Obama’s tantrums are a sign of his disenfranchisement.. What treaty did Obama sign onto without Congress, the voice of the people? Acting alone, Obama has as much power as you, a private citizen does, Anzlyne.

  11. Yes Mary agreed. My husband used to comment that Obama had no motivation whilst in office other than to always be the cool guy. It showed through his chumminess with Hollywood and the “It” crowd- dropping the mic, schmoozing Ellen, hi-fiving Michael Jordan. And I guess allowing girly-boys to use female toilets kept him in good standing with the rainbow crowd. All to be the “cool” President.

    But you are so right Mary, he had no intention to represent his constituents or do the will of ordinary Americans. And it went deliberately unnoticed by most of the media.

  12. Yes Mary agreed. My husband used to comment that Obama had no motivation whilst in office other than to always be the cool guy.

    Hadn’t thought of it that way. I’d wager that’s true.

    Whatever his objects were, it did no bloody good for Democratic office-holders down ballot, who were decimated under his misadministration. I’ll bet you there’s quite a load of subterranean disgust among working politicians in the Democratic Party (something the media won’t report on either).

  13. The absurdities and overreach of the Lil king was a stink that wafted over Hillary Clinton and permeated her pantsuit, mind and heart.
    This is plain to see, however the liberials can not face Truth because they don’t like Truth.
    They are agents of debauchery.
    Toilet wars, slaughter of the innocent’s and sexual deviant behavior ….these are the prideful degenerates that think they are “cool too,” yet are they? They think themselves wise, but their actions show how debased and miserable they are.
    Ashes on Wednesday to remind ourselves of our sinfulness, our destiny, our mission.
    I am to love the sinner.
    I am to love my neighbor.
    May God grant us the strength to witness the last four things as we allow our ashes to stay on our foreheads for the entire day.
    God help and bless Donald Trump, our President. An advocate for our children.
    A man who is not afraid to shake up the creepy left.

  14. Thinking science can turn a male into a female is the zenith of pretense or the bottom of an immoral barrel. Now that we’re at the bottom, time to rise with an actual man in the White House and not some empty-headed Puppet.

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