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The outrage over Trump telling the truth over Sweden continues to reverberate:




A Swedish detective who has triggered a row by blaming violent crime on migrants has gone one step further and accused politicians of turning a blind eye to the problem because of ‘political correctness’.Earlier this month Peter Springare, who has spent more than 40 years in the police, aired his anger on social media when he was told not to record the ethnicity of violent crime suspects.Springare, 61, who is based in the central city of Orebro, wrote: ‘Countries representing the weekly crimes: Iraq, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Somalia, Syria again, Somalia, unknown, unknown country, Sweden.  ‘Half of the suspects, we can’t be sure because they don’t have any valid papers. Which in itself usually means that they’re lying about your nationality and identity.’  Prosecutors launched an inquiry, suggesting he had incited racial hatred, but later dropped the charges.


Now Springare has told The Sunday Times: ‘The highest and most extreme violence – rapes and shooting – is dominated by criminal immigrants.  This is a different criminality that is tougher and rawer. It is not what we would call ordinary Swedish crime. This is a different animal.’  In his Facebook post Springare wrote: ‘I’m so f***ing tired. What I will write here below, is not politically correct. But I don’t care. What I’m going to promote you all taxpayers is prohibited to peddle for us state employees.’  He wrote: ‘Here we go; this I’ve handled Monday-Friday this week: rape, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, rape-assault and rape, extortion, blackmail, off of, assault, violence against police, threats to police, drug crime, drugs, crime, felony, attempted murder, Rape again, extortion again and ill-treatment.  ‘Suspected perpetrators; Ali Mohammed, mahmod, Mohammed, Mohammed Ali, again, again, again Christopher… what is it true. Yes a Swedish name snuck on the outskirts of a drug crime, Mohammed, Mahmod Ali, again and again.’  Springare said he was due to retire soon and therefore no longer feared the disciplinary proceedings which might be brought against a younger officer for disobeying their superiors and raising the issue.


Go here to read the rest.  Think about this:  most of the opinion leaders in the West prefer to see citizens of their own country murdered and raped rather than admit they are wrong about mass Islamic immigration, they will viciously attack those who point out this sad fact, and our Pope is clearly in this class of liars.


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As faithful readers of this blog know, I was a very reluctant, and late, supporter of Donald Trump in 2016.  I grudgingly


  1. We would say in The Bronx, “They got nothin’.” Liberals and their lying media propaganda apparatus only have infallible ignorance, lies, lies, lies, and lies. For them, the “truth” is that which advances the revolution. Any act, datum, fact, incident, statistic that does not advance the revolution is omitted or distorted. Keep that in mind, and it all makes sense.

  2. Prog-trash in Sweden and in the United States have a similar modus operandi. They have mascot groups and an implicit or explicit hierarchy of cool administered by the word-merchant sector. Acknowledgement of sociological truth concerning the Anointed’s mascot groups is ‘hate’, whereas any sort of casual insult is permitted contra the Benighted. Muslim immigrants in Sweden are potential clientele to the social work industry and useful instruments in marginalizing Sweden’s vernacular natives. Same deal with Latin immigration in the states. As yet, lawfare artists like Eric Holder and Thomas Perez do not have the legal tools to put the political opposition on trial (see Geert Wilders and Mark Steyn), but they’re academic shyster auxilliary is indubitably working on getting the right specious rubbish in circulation. Right now, civil judgments are being used in this country contra dissidents like Baronelle Stutzman. Lee Kwan Yew was a great one for destroying his opponents through bogus defamation suits. Now, what has the academy in this country to say about Baronelle Stutzman, and what has the establishment bar to say? Nothing. A hallmark of the age is that people who traffick in words and images for a living are intellectual and moral frauds.

  3. This protection of political correctness will eventually blow up in face of these liars. Sharia law should be imposed upon all liberals who would have the public believe that Trump is the problem. To see the fallout of Jihad in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Berkeley would be poetic, however the conservative’s would be blamed for it.

    A wake up call for Sweden deniers will come. When it does it will be sobering.
    Bloody sobering.

  4. Sweden was the most powerful nation in mid 17th century Europe. The Swedish Army smashed the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth. One of my great-grandfather emigrated from Sweden. What has become of that nation?
    Sweden had little history of fighting Islam, but Spain has and they aren’t far from being in Sweden’s situation.
    The Visegard countries are leaving the way in Europe against the Muslim invasion.

  5. Sweden was the most powerful nation in mid 17th century Europe.

    No, it was a regional power at the time. Spain and Portugal had a portfolio of overseas dependencies. Britain and the Netherlands were building one, as was France, to a degree. Russia was settling Siberia. Sweden had a population at that time less than that of the Netherlands, perhaps 20% that of Britain, and a small fraction of that of Spain, or of France or the Hapsburg lands.

  6. I can count on you to pick an argument, Art. The “regional” power brought Poland to its knees. Poland was no pushover. in 1610 Pol;and occupied Moscow. I’ll bet a dollar you will quote some other historical source to say it never happened.

    Go argue with someone else.

  7. I can count on you to pick an argument, Art.

    When you say something bizarre, you should expect it. Sweden is a country of modest dimensions and, in context, always has been. It has never in any era been one of Europe’s leading powers.

  8. I don’t really have a dog in this fight, but I thought this Wikipedia quote might
    expand upon what I believe Penguins Fan was getting at, re: Sweden, from its
    biography of Gustavus Adolphus…

    “Gustav II Adolf… was the King of Sweden from 1611 to 1632 and is credited
    as the founder of Sweden as a Great Power (Swedish: Stormaktsiden). He led
    Sweden to military supremacy during the Thirty Year’s War, helping to determine
    the political as well as the religious balance of power in Europe. …
    He is often regarded as one of the greatest military commanders of all time,
    with innovative use of combined arms. … Gustavus was poised to make himself
    a major European leader, but he was killed at the Battle of Lutzen in 1632… In
    an era characterized by almost endless warfare, he led his armies as King from
    1611 (at age 16) until his death in battle… — as Sweden rose from the status
    of a mere regional power to one of the great powers of Europe… Within only a
    few years of his accession, Sweden had become the largest nation in Europe
    after Russia, Spain, and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. …He was known
    by the epithets “The Golden King” and “The Lion of the North” by neighboring
    sovereigns. He made Sweden one of the great powers of Europe in part by
    reforming the administrative structure. … etc., …”.

    Again, I don’t have a dog in this whole “Was Sweden Ever a Great Power?”
    disagreement here, but I do think that Penguins Fan’s assertion has merit,
    and is by no means “bizarre”. Just my 2 cents…

    And back to the point of Mr. McClarey’s post, yes indeed, the Swedish leaders’
    fanatical commitment to PC-uber-alles is driving that nation into the ditch.
    It is my understanding that the government has started to decline to release
    unflattering statistics on rape and violent crime, so bad are the reports.

  9. Clinton, you are correct. I recall the Canadian military historian Gwynne Dyer writing that Gustav II Adolf created the first army that Alexander the Great would not have known how to command. In particular he invented the field artillery tactics that with modification are still in use today. Sweden managed to gobble up the entire Baltic including German Pomerania.

  10. Sweden was blessed, or cursed, with two kings of military genius: Gustavus Adolphus and Charles XII. Gustavus, who died in 1633 at the battle of Lutzen, was one of the great military innovators in history. Under him Sweden got involved in the Thirty Years War and until his death the Swedes were unbeatable. However, after his death the Swedes would have another 15 years of war with gains from the war not worth the pains they went through in the war. Ironically the great champion of Protestantism would be succeeded by his daughter Cristina who would give up the throne after she converted to Catholicism.

    Charles XII was the best tactician of his day, but his attempt to conquer Russia was purest folly and came to an end at Poltava, which marks the fall of the Swedish Empire and the rise of the Russian Empire. A fitting epitaph for Charles is “Last of the Vikings”.

  11. I don’t really have a dog in this fight, but I thought this Wikipedia quote might
    expand upon what I believe Penguins Fan was getting at, re: Sweden, from its
    biography of Gustavus Adolphus…

    You found a quotation by a Swedish chauvinist. They were a participant in the 30 years war. So was Bavaria. We’re talking about a country which had (per Angus Maddison) a productive capacity 1/5th that of Britain, 1/5th that of the United Netherlands and perhaps 2/5 that of the Hapsburg Netherlands and perhaps 1/6th of Spanish output. (Maddison provides no estimates for France). We do not usually refer to Canada or Spain as a ‘great power’ today.

  12. Let me wade into the Swedish/Polish controversy…Sweden was certainly a powerful regional military force for the 17th and beginning of the 18th century. The Poles and Swedes tangled in the Baltic region in the early 17th century and Gustavus learned new cavalry tactics from the Polish cavalry, which he put to use in the Thirty Years War.

    The Swedish invasion of the 1650’s and the temporary collapse of Polish resistance was the result of the debilitating impacts of the Cossack revolt and almost 50 years of off and on conflict with the Turks and Russians. It was also abetted by the unfortunate behavior of the Polish nobles to care more about their own interests rather than the country’s.

    By the time Charles XII came along the Poles were ruled by the Saxon Augustus and we’re a mere shell of their previous military might.

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