February 28, 2017: Trump Address to Congress

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It has been fascinating watching Trump develop as an orator.  A year ago I thought the only positive thing to say about him as a public speaker was his raw energy.  Tonight he delivered the best address to Congress since Reagan rode off into the sunset.  As to substance it was a mixed bag of good ideas and bad but a more coherent overall policy than I was expecting.  More analysis after Ash Wednesday.

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        (Language advisory as to the above video.)   News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:  


  1. An easier ride than Mrs May’s first speech to the Commons.

    According to Hansard, “Cheers and cries of ‘Hear, hear!’ from the Government benches; Opposition groans and cries of ‘Shame!’ and ‘Resign!’”

  2. I liked how Trump introduced Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement. The groan from the Democrats was audible. Then he proceeded to use examples of minorities and women who were victimized by murderous illegal immigrant thugs, pointing to some actual victims right in the audience. He shoved this whole thing right up the Democrats’ nether regions. The godless reprobate Democrats if they oppose VOICE then oppose doing anything about minorities victimized by illegal gangster immigrants. And if they support VOICE, then their mantra of “welcome undocumented immigrants” becomes nonsense. I love Democrats being placed in a box from which they cannot exit without making themselves as the damnable fools that they are.

  3. We watched all but the beginning and after a few minutes knew he was making the best speech in recent history. The Democrats are beside themselves and I think it is because they fear he will be as or more successful than Reagan or FDR. That could destroy the Democratic Party. For the past twenty-five years that party has based its appeal on ideological and theoretical suppositions which are simply not true. They have gone so far left under Obama to actually be democratic in name only. They should change their name to the Autocratic Party.

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