PopeWatch: Malta

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Tolerance for me but not for thee seems to be the order of the day for the heterodox in the Church who now think they hold the whiphand.  Malta is a prime example according to Edward Pentin at The National Catholic Register:


The Archbishop of Malta has confirmed to the Register that he told the country’s seminarians earlier this month that if any of them do not agree with Pope Francis, “the seminary gate is open,” implying they are free to leave.
Archbishop Charles Scicluna’s remarks are the latest in what Church sources in Malta say is a heavy-handed crackdown on any ecclesiastic unwilling to subscribe to the Maltese bishops’ interpretation of the apostolic exhortation, Amoris Laetitia — an interpretation the bishops say is identical to the Holy Father’s.
Last month, Archbishop Scicluna and Bishop Mario Grech of Gozo — the episcopate’s only two bishops — released “Criteria” on interpreting Chapter 8 of the Pope’s apostolic exhortation on the family in which they appeared to assert the primacy of conscience over the objective moral truth.
The guidelines allowed some remarried divorcees to receive Holy Communion after a period of discernment, with an informed and enlightened conscience, and if they are “at peace with God.”
Their interpretation caused an international outcry among theologians, canonists and others who argued that it contradicted previous papal teaching, as well as breached canon law and the catechism. Archbishop Scicluna has defended the guidelines, saying they “adhered to Amoris Laetitia” and also “followed the interpretation that the Pope approved.”
Since the Criteria were published Jan. 13, a number of clergy sources in Malta have contacted the Register alleging the bishops won’t tolerate any clergy having a different interpretation of Amoris Laetitia than the one presented in the Criteria among the clergy.
According to the sources, three priests are allegedly intimidating anyone who does not agree with the Criteria. The three had been opponents of the previous bishop, Archbishop Paul Cremona, but have now become the present bishops’ allies. One of them reputedly attacks any priest who shares critical stories on the Internet.
“This group of priests, with a few others, have been hogging the conversation for decades,” said a Maltese priest on condition of anonymity. “No one else seems to be allowed to contribute to the debate and they have done untold damage to bridge-building since they brook no opposition.”



Go here to read the rest.  Scratch most heterodox Catholics and there is a Grand Inquisitor itching to get out.

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  1. “What if a priest’s conscience won’t allow him to aid in the profanation of the Eucharist?”

    For progressives, some consciences are more equal than others.

  2. “According to the sources, three priests….” Name these priests! If it is true, name them. They should be happy to stand by this activity. If they are ashamed of it, why? I’m sick and tired of not naming the guilty. Call them out publicly and maybe they will repent, if not everyone will know who they are and who they stand with.

  3. Regarding progressives, if it were not for HUGE double standards, they would have no standards.

    Off topic, but relative to the island Malta. In 869 AD, Muslim Arabs captured Malta.

  4. “Scratch most heterodox Catholics and there is a Grand Inquisitor trying to get out.”

    Would seem so.

    Primacy of Conscience….. Opening the doorway. Since the “seminary gate is open,” I would walk out of there and join an order who appreciates objected moral truth. Who will know for certain what beasts will come through the doorway of primacy of Conscience in the future? In “good,” conscience women priesthood?
    Good conscience could bring about the first fast Communion drive thru’s. After all, we are good Catholics striving for efficiency and since the majority of us commute and daily Communion is important, why not? Maybe have Mystic Monk coffee available for those who wish to save time, so they can get Jesus and a latte.

    When would this end?

    The doorway created by this reasoning could invite beasts that otherwise would of never entered.

    The seminary gate is open!
    Then get the hell out of that seminary if your superior is the Archbishop of Malta.

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