PopeWatch: Leaving on a Jet Plane

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From the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:


Roman Curia officials pulled out all the stops this year to celebrate the 4th anniversary of Pope Francis’ accession to the Throne of St. Peter after scrounging together a few hundred Euro to surprise him with an unforgettable one-way ticket to his native Buenos Aires.

“He’s been working so hard lately, we thought he could use an extended, indefinite getaway,” said Msgr. Giuseppe Bernardo, an attaché attached to the Papal Household. “Plus it’s a 14-hour flight…ample time for several meandering in-flight press scrums.”

“He’s going to love this!” honorary prelate Anotonio Vada said, trying to contain his excitement. “We even had his boarding pass printed on poster-board like those giant ceremonial checks diocesan bishops are so fond of.”


At press time, the Curia was preparing to clean the universal Church while the boss was away.

“He left behind a pretty big mess,” an unnamed Cardinal prefect whispered.  “This may take a century or more.  Some of the stains might never come out.”



Go here to read the comments.  PopeWatch called the Vatican but after being put on hold for an hour listening to the below tune, PopeWatch decided to hang up, fearing this was a form of torture:


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  1. “Up Up and Away in my beautiful Balloon,” would be appropriate. Carbon footprint would be much less and He would see much more of the world.

    Prayers for his soul and ours as reality grounds us.

  2. “He’s going to love this!” honorary prelate Antonio Vada said, trying to contain his excitement.” Oh thank goodness! When I first read that line, I thought it said “excrement!”

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