PopeWatch: Conspiracy

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Sandro Magister discusses the conspiracy that was launched to make Pope Francis Pope:


There is however one key factor that meets the expectations of a historic turning point of the Church capable of making up for its emblematic lag of “two hundred years” with respect to the modern world that was denounced by Carlo Maria Martini, the cardinal who loved to call himself the “ante-pope,” meaning the anticipator of the one who was to come. And it is the factor of “time.” Which for Bergoglio is a synonym for “initiating processes.” The destination matters little to him, because what counts is the journey.

And in effect it is so. With Francis the Church has become an open construction site. Everything is in movement. Everything is fluid. There is no longer dogma that holds up. One can reexamine everything and act accordingly.

Martini was precisely the sharpest mind of that club of St. Gallen which engineered Bergoglio’s rise to the papacy. It took its name from the Swiss town in which the club met, and included the cardinals Walter Kasper, Karl Lehmann, Achille Silvestrini, Basil Hume, Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, Godfried Danneels. Of these only two, Kasper and Danneels, are still at the forefront, rewarded and treated with the highest regard by Pope Francis, in spite of the fact that they represent two national Churches in disarray, the German and the Belgian, and the latter even fell into discredit in 2010 for how he tried to cover up the sexual misdeeds of one of his protege bishops, whose victim was a young nephew of his.

Bergoglio never set foot in St. Gallen. It was the cardinals of the club who adopted him as their ideal candidate, and he adapted himself perfectly to their plan.

Everyone in Argentina remembers him very differently from how he later revealed himself to the world as pope. Taciturn, withdrawn, somber in expression, reserved even with crowds. Not once did he let slip a word or a gesture of disagreement with the reigning pontiffs, John Paul II and Benedict XVI. On the contrary. He praised in writing the encyclical “Veritatis Splendor,” very severe against the permissive “situational” ethics historically attributed to the Jesuits. He had no qualms over condemning Luther and Calvin as the worst enemies of the Church and of man. He attributed to the devil the deception of a law in favor of homosexual marriage.

But then he sent back home, “to avoid mixed messages,” the Catholics who had gathered outside of parliament for a prayer vigil against the imminent approval of that law. He knelt and had himself blessed in public by a Protestant pastor. He forged friendships with some of them, and also with a Jewish rabbi.

Above all he encouraged his priests not to deny communion to anyone, whether they be married, or cohabiting, or divorced and remarried. With no fuss and without making this decision public, the then-archbishop of Buenos Aires was already doing what the popes at the time prohibited, but he would later permit once he became pope.

In St. Gallen they knew and were taking note. And when Bergoglio was elected, the world learned to recognize him right from the first moment for what he really was. With no more veils.

Go here to read the rest.  In 2013 while many of the faithful assumed that Pope Francis was elected Pope through the working of the Holy Spirit, it seems that a conspiracy of cardinals may be more to blame.

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  1. Daniel’s interpretation might be revisited in the case of the former archbishop of Buenos​ Aires; Mene, Mene,Tekel, Upharsin.

    I don’t believe God’s Church will fall, not at all. Francis’ (kingdom is finished.)
    His pontificate is being”weighed in the balance,” and my guess is that it will be found wanting.

    The use of the Sacred vessels was an abomination before God, in King Belshazzar’s case. And today? Holy Communion?

    My hunch is that Pope Francis will not have many years at the Chair.

  2. Seriously? Why do you post this dribble? How much hear-say can be packed into one article? Apparently, quite a bit.

    This is exactly why I no longer trust “Catholic” media. They have become wretched hives of villainy and scumbaggery.

  3. We will somehow soldier on without you Andrew. By the way, hear-say is a legal term. Hear-say is not excluded from legal proceedings because it is unreliable, but because it is not subject to cross examination. Outside of courts we all rely heavily on hear-say each and every day. Ignoring bad news does not make it go away but rather makes the person doing so blind.

  4. This is further proof that not only the smoke of Satan is present but the fire. In the mind of God this must be a purification process about which we understand little. Let us pray for perseverance.

  5. I’ve stopped trying to figure out why a defender of the Faith that should be of par-excellence caliber, is content to ignore a request for clarification on communion for those living in less than favorable conditions. Instead, I’m trying my best to pray for his discernment on listening to the Holy Spirit.
    His soul is immortal as ours, yet his responsibility to defend the Faith and faithful is enormous. A shepherd must be diligent in leading his flock away from wolves and poisoned watering holes. To invite a pig to speak at the Vatican is poisoning the water; https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/experts-blast-vaticans-scandalous-decision-to-host-pro-abort-population-bom

    Who is the Good Shepherd and his mouthpiece?

    I’d say Jesus and Cardinal Burke.

    Francis is lacking in good judgement Andy. But hey…Catholics voted in the likes of Obama. The faithful have been drinking the poison for years.

  6. Revision.

    Last sentence should read; “Some of the faithful have been drinking the poison for years.”

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