PopeWatch: Frogs

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I hope that the Pope is paying attention to what the Orthodox Metropolitan of Mosul is saying:


Security and the rule of law are what Christians most need in Iraq, but it seems no one wishes to offer them, says Metropolitan Nicodemus Dauod Matti Sharaf, the Orthodox Syriac Archbishop of Mosul.

Speaking to the Register last month in Erbil, Metropolitan Nicodemus, who was the last bishop to leave Mosul when ISIS invaded the city in 2014, had strong words for the West: he said, citing an example, that the developed world places the welfare of frogs ahead of Christians, that the West needs to wake up to the threat of Islamism, and blamed past U.S. leaders and their allies for ruining his country. He likes President Trump, saying: “Let’s try the crazy one because we tried the normal one, and he destroyed our lives.”  

The 40 year-old Orthodox prelate, who Britain banned in December despite being formally invited to meet Prince Charles, also shares his views on Islam and why he greatly values the example set by Hungary for the respect its leaders have shown for Christians.


Go here to read the rest.  Christians in the East have a legitimate complaint that their concerns, not to mention their very lives, have very little weight with Christians in the West, and sadly the Pope is in that category.  There may be no good solution for the hideous challenge of jihadism in the Middle East for Christians, other than mass evacuation to the West, but it is sickening to hear religious leaders in the West spout nonsense about Islam while Christians in the East are routinely martyred by followers of the Religion of Peace.  May God help Christians in the East and may He forgive Christians in the West for their all too frequent pusillanimous indifference to the fate of their brothers and sisters in Christ in the East.



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  1. Many good quoted from the Archbishop in that article. Here is another:

    said “Those people [ISIL supporters in
    Europe] are the same ones who came here many years ago. And we accepted them. We
    are the original people in this land. We accepted them, we opened the doors for them, and
    they push us to be minorities in our land, then refugees in our land. And this will be with
    you if you don’t wake up. If you don’t wake up please tell us because we have caravans
    [house trailers for refugees]. When we go back to our villages, we won’t sell those
    caravans, we’ll leave them for you when you become refugees from your [Western]
    country. Believe me, this will be”

  2. Pope Francis is unable to see or speak the truth. As a leader he has only negative effectiveness. Let us pray that he comes to his senses soon or resigns his job.

  3. The Vatican and the western hierarchy opposed the American intervention in Iraq after 9/11 probably because they knew that Islam is suffering from a revival of jihadism. They know that they need the help of Muslims but seem not to understand that even the “moderates” are indifferent to the fate of the eastern churches. Or maybe it is that after Vatican Ii they have fallen prey to the pessimism and lack of confidence in their civilization that we see in most European leaders and of course the American left, of which many of our prelates are a part.

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