PopeWatch: Humanae Vitae Bye, Bye?

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Rumors are swirling about this:


Rumors are circulating that Pope Francis has set up a secret commission to “re-examine” the Church’s teaching against the evil of contraception. Let’s hope they prove false.

Such a commission under Francis’ leadership would likely undermine and even corrupt the Church’s beautiful teaching on the meaning and purpose of conjugal relations. 

We saw exactly this sort of undermining happen during the Synods on the Family. The pope’s final document, the ambiguous Amoris Laetitia, has been used to undermine the indissolubility of marriage, to approve of adulterous relationships, to give Holy Communion to adulterers and fornicators, and to elevate conscience above the laws of God as reflected in the perennial teachings of the Church. 

Earlier this month veteran Italian Vaticanist Marco Tosatti blogged about “unconfirmed reports from good sources” that Francis “is on the verge of appointing – or even might have already formed – a secret commission to examine and potentially study changes to the Church’s position on the issue of contraception.”

“We have so far no official confirmation of the existence and composition of this entity; but a request for confirmation, or for denial, which was put forward to the competent authorities, has so far not been answered – which could be a signal in itself – in the sense that, if the report was completely unfounded, it wouldn’t take much to say so,” Tosatti wrote on May 11. 

Tosatti’s claim of a secret commission has, of this writing, still not been confirmed or denied by Vatican officials. 

Six days later, in a May 17 article, OnePeterFive’s Maike Hickson reported that she was able to confirm Tosatti’s claim of a secret commission by a “well-informed source in Rome” who was, however,  unable to “give specific names of the members of that commission.”

My huge fear is that such a commission with Francis at the helm can only arrive at the conclusion, contrary to Catholic faith, that “pastoral accompaniment” of people in “concrete situations” means allowing them to “discern” the use of contraceptives in “serious” cases according to a “well-informed conscience.”

I hope I’m dead wrong. But my fear that the commission would reach such a conclusion is based on what Pope Francis has already said on various occasions about the matter of contraception. Here are a few samples of what he has said that make me so worried:


Go here to read the rest.  Would anyone be surprised by this?  Giving in to contraception seems to have been the beginning of the end of the mainline Protestant churches.  Here is how it will be done.  Such a commission would resoundingly reaffirm Humanae Vitae  with a footnote calling for a pastoral approach for couples using contraceptives which effectively makes Humanae Vitae so much waste paper.  We have seen this show before.

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  1. Well, if Paul VI didn’t change the teaching, despite the recommendations of his commission (and probably his own personal desires), the Holy Ghost will not allow Francis to do it either.

  2. Paul VI did change the teaching. HV put the procreative and unitive ends of the conjugal act on equal footing. Prior to that, the procreative end was primary.

  3. If so, that P Frank has now set his gunsights on Humanae Vitae, it is the same breathless destructions and deconstruction he inaugurated with the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, the Vatican commissions, and the many bishops he has appointed of questionable quality.

    By the way, the latest that was brought to my attention if “Bp.” William Wack (what’s in a name) of Pensacola-Tallahassee, seen here sporting his rainbow prayer shawl, and later on his pink LGBT alliance chasuable:
    One thing about Frankenchurch, it is decidedly “in your face.”

  4. I doubt Pope Francis will flatly contradict Humane Vitae. What we will get is an Amoris Laetitia treatment with the “good stuff” found in the footnotes. Pope Francis motto is “Read my footnotes”.

  5. It is likely to be a wink and nod at the many priests who have done this since the 1950s or even before. Thew same genuflection to the world that allowed kings to have their concubines as well as wives.

  6. On recalls the Winnipeg Statement on HV, issued by the Canadian bishops in 1968, which “recognized that “a certain number of Catholics”, in spite of being bound by the encyclical, find it “either extremely difficult or even impossible to make their own all elements of this doctrine”. These “should not be considered, or consider themselves, shut off from the body of the faithful. But they should remember that their good faith will be dependent on a sincere self-examination to determine the true motives and grounds for such suspension of assent and on continued effort to understand and deepen their knowledge of the teaching of the Church.” It added that “the confessor or counsellor must show sympathetic understanding and reverence for the sincere good faith of those who fail in their effort to accept some point of the encyclical.”

  7. After 20 years of being in love with what the Church Teaches, never hearing anything from the parish pulpit, all I can say is…
    Thank God, it means the end is near.

  8. If this manifests itself as being true, then the gloves are truly off, and the probability grows that we’re headed toward an open schism in fact, beyond the one that arguably already exists in effect. Dubia Cardinals, call your office; there’s a rogue Pope in the house.

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