Cuba Libre

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Trump begins the process of reversing the Obama administration’s kiss up to the Gulag of the Caribbean.

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  1. I watched the speech. I have been happy since election night. I am even happier today. Astonishingly, Rubio was good, too.

    I also “caught” Sen. Leahy’s evil, ignorant response. I felt more stupider after he spoke. Now, we see why liberals need to be removed from the halls of power.

  2. I love it that an initiative from Barack Hussien Obama and Jorge Bergoglio has been overturned so publicly. Those two arrogant prideful wreckers of Western society need to have their noses rubbed in defeat. I couldn’t be happier.

    Here you go, Obama and Bergoglio!

  3. That is a good start but the US does business with other oppressive dictatorships, what about China, Saudi Arabia et al. There is merit to the argument this was done as a strike against BHO’s legacy.

  4. Trump has not been noted for his friendliness to China, to say the least. In regard to the Saudis, Trump will use them as long as he perceives an alliance to be in the service of America and not for a second longer. The domestic opponents of the Saudi monarchy are often worse than the current rulers. Believers in democracy are sparse on the ground on the Arabian Peninsula.

  5. I do not advocate war against anyone. I didn’t serve and I don’t lightly consider putting our armed forces in harm’s way. Now, to come off as hypocritical, there are plenty of reasons to take out the Communists in Cuba. Communism there has been a cancer throughout Latin America. My wife’s homeland of Colombia and the horrors of Venezuela are testament to that, not to mention the Sendero Luminoso of Peru. I think the Cuban forces would crumble like a stale Ritz cracker.

    I love Cuban food. If there were more of it around me I would weigh another 25 pounds.

    I cannot help but sympathize with the Cuban Americans. There is a chapel in Coral Gables, Ermita de La Caridad. On the wall behind the sanctuary is a pictoral history of Cuba, starting with Columbus planting the standards of Queen Isabel the Catholic and King Fernando. Given that their nation is a victim of communism, as was Poland, I cannot help but sympathize. Behind the chapel there is an inlet where people throw bouquets of flowers in memory of those who lost their lives in Cuba or fleeing it.

  6. what about China, Saudi Arabia et al.

    You want sanctions on China? About 1/4 of the world’s productive capacity is in China as is about 18% of the world’s population. In contrast to Cuba and North Korea, China’s a great deal more benevolent in its internal policies than it was 50 years ago. Constitutional government of any description was unknown in the Far East prior to about 1890. The list of Far Eastern countries which have had some sort of parliamentary government without interruption since 1973 has three names on it, of which two (Malaysia and Singapore) are governed by heretofore impregnable political machines. As for Saudi Arabia, the place has had its successes and failures over the last 90 years. Places in the Near East, North Africa, and Central Asia which have been tentatively successful in establishing electoral and deliberative institutions have done so with incremental adjustments which incorporate negotiation and power-sharing between various stakeholders. That’s a generation’s long process.

    Cuba is the most abused and retrograde country in the hemisphere and an enduring geopolitical enemy. There’s no reason to concede anything to them bar that Barack Obama’s an other directed man concerned with the status signals sent by academics and the like.

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